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Quotable Procrastinator

I've always rather liked the comment of Quentin Crisp about the extremely unclean state of his house:

"After the first four years, the dust didn't get any worse."

Not sure it's a help to post it, but I've always identified strongly with it (I'm not quite as bad as that, but I don't often get around to housework).

Almost true

It doesn't even take four years. I never used to dust. I hate dusting so I just didn't do it - now I just do a little tiny bit at a time - I've a duster in every room for when the urge strikes, LOL!

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Repeat of post I lost

:lol: I heard a variation on this (probably based on Crisp): "Housekeeping is easy if you're no coward: just leave it alone. After six months it won't get any worse."

that gave me a laugh!