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Working without the Chatbox?

Hi all!

For the past 1+ years, I've been using the chatbox, and have found it incredibly helpful for keeping myself on task.

However, the "procrastinators anonymous" window on my computer is a little bit conspicuous.  In the past, I've worked at home or in the library, so this hasn't been a concern. The week, I started working in a new lab. I'm anxious to make a good impression, and the chatbox has gotten a few weird looks/comments from my labmates.

I was wondering if any other chatbox users had this issue.

If so, do you have alternative strategies to keep yourself on task at work? (I feel comfortable using the checkin board every couple hours, just not chat)

Or, do you have a low-key way of explaining the purpose of the chatbox to co-workers? 

I did experience full

I did experience full disclosure at work on accident.  It was definitely a difficult situation for my former boss to see that I was on a site called Procrastinators Anonymous. I 'm sure it did not bode well, but I nervously tried to keep thet opic of discussion on the task at hand and not even discuss it.  Because it is frankly none of their business, unless it were eating into my workload.  How I motivate myself to do the work, is not really as important as if I do it.  But yeah, I can totally understand that feeling of not wanting to be discovered or labelled, because other people may not understand the issue.  So I think optimally I would not want to be seen at work using it.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) a lot of my work is at home frequently so I can use this site without much fear of being found out.


I have not experienced exposure at work so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it may be. I have thought about this myself, because the chatbox is really a workroom. The fellowship at its best. The chatbox is such a wonderful motivator that I would be loathe to give it up, and depending on the people I would explain as such. As you have a science background it would be great to have statistical evidence on how much more you get accomplished using this support system.

I have wondered if it was feasible to set up a similar workspace without the PA header, but it would still be a chatbox workroom.

asking for help to do the next right thing

working - chat etc

I had a similar accidental anonymity break - I was using my laptop for a projector presentation to a roomful of people in my field of work. When it came time to demonstrate something on the Internet, guess what my browser popped up: PA! Yikes squared.

I had my back turned to the screen and had completely forgotten it was my homepage until I heard people snickering. I tried to cover with a joke about "no fair trying to figure out which member is me" and quickly moved along, but it felt pretty bad.  Some people were writing down the url and I can only hope it was for their personal benefit.  In fact I was afraid to share here about the experience at the time for fear someone lurking on the site would recognize the story and then know my PA name. 

Hopefully it's been awhile back now so they've given up - or already spotted me!  Needless to say, PA is a now my second-tab homepage, not the first one that pops up when I open my browser.

re: working - chat

i'm impressed w/your response.  professional and light-hearted (very witty, actually) at the same time.  i'll bet a lot of people in work place are procrastinators too....  

Ag! PA in presentation

I know that must have been awkward, but pretty funny  :D  

Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

chat box...

Hi Kromer, a few times I've tried opening so many tabs in firefox that the full name of each can't be seen. So regular e-mail in one, chatbox in another, various others. Of course each tab doesn't even have to be in use, but the more tabs, the narrower each one is. Then I can go back and forth between tabs without chat visible all the time.

re: chatbox

Yes, I stopped using the chatbox when I'm in the office.   Although it's helpful to me, it looks like goofing off to anyone who walks by, so I went back to updating the daily checkin when I'm in the office.  

I also started keeping a journal and I usually start the day by writing my intentions for the day in that journal, and I often use the journal to talk myself through tasks when I don't feel comfortable using the chatbox.   


Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina