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Motivation Buddy

So I'm a newcomer to this website, and I'm hoping to find other people like me who can help me on my journey to becoming a person who actually gets things done. I know, I personally, am motivated best by others, but at this moment I don't have anyone in my life who is any better off than I am, therefore they aren't very good motivators. Any replies are welcome!!!

Hello etw

Hi, glad you found PA. It's really the best thing for beating down procrastination, having a whole community around to support you. I'm enjoying having very little to do right now, and so I'm getting caught up on the forums.

I was thinking... a few people on the forums have been talking about cosponsorship, and the title of your friend made me think that's what you were asking about. Starting timorrow, I'm going to start checking in again every morning and make it a habit for this summer. Would you be interested in cosponsorship on the CI board and/or just in the chatbox. I'd like to see if anyone is interested to try it out on a low-commitment basis. I just think it would help me out a lot... I don't want to waste this summer. I want to use it to accomplish the things I've always wanted to and get out more. Are you or anyone else interested in just trying this?

Hi ktgato64

I feel just as you do "I want to use it to accomplish the things I've always wanted to and get out more"

June is my January 1 and I have began setting goals for the summer.  I will be spending alot of time here over the summer working towards my goals and making summer 09 the best summer yet. 

I am like you I do not want to waste the summer. I am not sure of the ins and outs of cosponsorship nor have I ever done step work before but I too think that having someone with a common interest, not "wasting this summer" would help me out as well. I would take me to another level of recovery as well. So if you would like to team up for the summer and see where it goes, I would like that as well.



sounds great

Ok. Smile I'm thinking I might have seen from the daily CIs that you're a teacher. Is that right? If so, then that's cool since you get the whole summer off. I'm going to be a senior in high school, so I don't have many huge home projects or work-type things I want to accomplish. But my parents are really tired of me being lazy in the summer, and I'm tired of it too. I'm not going to have a job or anything, but I do have to be sort of "the adult" for my 13 year old brother since both my parents work. I think it'd be good for both of us if we did more outside stuff and projects. Well, that's enough blabbing my whole life story.  

I don't really know that much about the ins-and-outs of cosponsorship either, so maybe we should both think about how we want to organize this and post back. Should we make a new thread for this since it was originally someone's intro?

I'm happy to find someone with a similar goal who's willing to work together. I think it could be really helpful for me too. Hope to hear from you. Laughing


A seperate thread for this would be best. I will set it up in the am. Since we are both full of hopes for our up and coming summer break I will title it Summer 2009. Look forward to working with you this summer.


Jump in! The water's great

Echoing jo, you're in the right place!  Hope to see you o the daily check-in forums or in chat - we keep each other and ourselves motivated using these and some other tools you can read about on the site. keep coming back!

re: motivation buddy

Yep, Yep, that's what we're all about here.   Read the articles and start posting!


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