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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Let's make some joyful noise today!


Recycler CI 6pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I love the threadstarter, Jo! :) Thanks! :)

Did a few things at the condo, before going to the gym this morning. While it meant I didn't do my full work-out, at least I got there! I did stretches, ab crunches, showered & got ready for work. I needed that shower! ;)

Didn't have many interruptions this morning, so felt good about what I got done on various projects.

Did errand during lunchtime + went to activity + ate lunch with friends.

Still plugged along in afternoon. Took last-minute instructions from boss, communicated & distributed them, and placed strategically so can confirm first thing in the morning. I think this is nailed down, but will do an in-person consult in morning.

Came straight home. Next: do one more segment of painting or fix dinner? I look forward to updating my CI, with whichever one it is! ;)

7:10pm. Wow, doing my CI energized me. I completed 99% of the first coat of paint on the small bedroom. Yay! There is still a 10-mnute Touch Up to do. Then on the weekend I need to buy the second gallon of paint to do the Top Coat :)

I also fixed and ate dinner. This is better than my original temptation of spending $10-15 at a restaurant. heh heh heh ;)

Next: Email a friend, surf Internet a bit, then go to sleep ;)

Have a great night! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 2:20 CI

OK, so far today I've gone to my statistics class, read 2 papers for afternoon class, done dishes, dealt with some emails, and started preparation for Harambee this afternoon.

Here's what I need to do this afternoon:

Scheduled: class 3:15-5:45, Harambee 5:45-8, drop off computer 8-8:45

Tasks: Finish Harambee prep, write 1.5 pages of computational biology lab, do 2 problems from statistics homework

OK, I'm having a hard time focusing now, but I'm going to quickly take a few minutes and finish Harambee prep, then I'll work on stats until class. 

kromer 10:00 CI

OK, I finished harambee prep, did 1 stats problem, went to Harambee, dropped off computer, came home, called my parents, now I need to get some work done.

I'm tired, but I'm going to get as much done as a can. I'm going to work on stats for about 30 min, and try to get another problem or 2 done. Then, I'll clean up my room and kitchen a bit (should take less than 30 min). Then, I'll work on the computational biology lab. I don't think I have the energy to do 1.5 pages tonight, but I know that I can work on it for 30 min

isabo 1pm

How do I feel today?  How do I feel today?  Okay....not sad, not angry.  Butt still hurts, but not the act of sitting down or getting up.  I realized yesterday that I did a part of my taxes wrong, I am so glad I haven't phoned them in yet!  COrrecting the problem won't take too long, but I haven't started yet. 

Tada list

worked(Riley came and got the paper this am, good dog that he is :) ) finished loading dishwasher, ran it.  Had breakfast took meds.  Made ds's lunch.  Seperated paperwork into appropriate piles.  Brought cc to dh, went grocery shopping, dropped movies off.  Now on here! 

Ds needs to be picked up in an hour, so in that time I will order papers and transfer numbers.

Be back in a bit...

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

ByGodsGrace todays CI and thoughts

Journal, thoughts for today… Hope there is no limit on CI post length, Iknow mine always get too long!

I love how God works through people to get His message to us! There is a theme in what I have been led to read and Clements Mantra and many others thoughts and struggles….

Today I am in an uncomfortable place and choose God… I have known God for 12 years this month, I got born again at a friend’s kitchen table at 1am and my life has never been the same, I love that He saved me with a drink and a cigarette in my hand and not in a church, it reminds me that He will meet us wherever and however we are ready. He has helped me overcome MANY things and changed my life radically and amazingly. But I have kept my deepest hurts to myself – avoided the pain and discomfort, deep down in my soul, a lifetime of not feeling good enough, a root of shame….perfectionism and anxiety. Even though I have known the power of God to heal me and others, and knowing God loves me and wants to heal me – I just didn’t quite know how to open up and let Him deal with this area fully because though I knew better in my head at times, in my heart I believed at the root the problem is just ME. I have often wondered how I could find ways to even avoid God, the One I knew could fix it if I let Him… but I did.

I am just beginning this process of healing and recovery here, but I know this is it, the enemy has already lost because I am in the fight now. I have always been easy prey because I defeated myself so easily, I did all the work!

I know God led me to find this site to give me understanding of the real problem – it is not ME – but how I have learned to deal with years of pain. I was fine with understanding that I used alcohol or drugs or relationships as addictions to escape pain and by Gods Grace overcame those things, but somehow the idea of avoiding things and situations seemed just like a character flaw to me. Oh, I knew I was a perfectionist… that causes procrastination, but I still listed that as something else wrong in me… I mean I am a hard worker, so something is just WRONG with ME, if I just work harder, wasn’t so…(insert negative thought here!).  I don’t have it all figured out, but I know my eyes have been opened to the fact that I can fight this and get my eyes of myself finally as the problem (or the solution).

I already know the power of God and that I can do all things through Christ and now I know the problem and have the tools to relearn how to work and live and not avoid things. I have always had great compassion for others struggles and yet none for myself. Now I can stop avoiding and really start leaning on God and use the tools here to walk it out and learn to walk in love toward myself in this area finally.

I know I will have many hard days and I haven’t even touched on much of the hard stuff yet, just daily work issues… but progress not perfection! I will never go back!

I didn’t mean to write a book here, I guess I just felt like I needed to use the CI as a journal today! I haven’t done an official introduction yet I guess, because I could go on and on and figured if I waited until I felt I got that right I would never start doing the work here on the site, so I just jumped in and started in and everyone has made me feel so welcome and I am so grateful to God for all of you. 

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 70:4-5 (NIV)

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who long for your saving help always say, "The LORD is great!" For I am weak and in need; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; LORD, do not delay.”  As I seek you in this uncomfortable place, help me to not avoid it, but keep my eyes on You and face it with Your grace and power.

My music today:  Casting Crowns, worship mix  

My to do list:  MIT: Refigure invoices and expenses and submit so I can pay rent!Laundry

dd school

check mail

schedule dd dentist appt

Read Bible/Pray


Daily CI

Review PA steps to deal with hard task

Job1 text proof, Email Job 1, respond to questions

Job4 call about any final revisions

Job 4 revisions, email

Open emails from job2 (major anxiety

Job2 order summary, text wksht, rsvp list

Email Job2Job2 invoice receipt of payment (ADD Pymt DUE)

HARD TASK… breakdown into steps… RENT/JOB1 UPDATED INVOICE

      Look at online check acct balance

      Figure total needed to make rent

      Total expenses, supplies Job1

       Update previous invoice after changes and invite increase

dd school 2:30p

church 7pm  (too late, but I did get MIT thing done after working up to it all day...)

things I overscheduled or to improve on today J

Email Job3 invoice (and schedule) Prepare to ask for deposit earlier if needed after above

Respond to t email

Hoo boy, what a day today.

Hoo boy, what a day today. Under the gun on a few things.

Today I will:

-write the messages and traits DONE

-write up the group notes WILL DO THAT TONIGHT

-outline the Brown q WILL WORK ON IT TONIGHT

9:30 check-in Babarino

The staff meeting was long and very energy draining. Ususally I would have found it really hard to be productive after a staff meeting. But because I had this check-in I was able to get back on task afterward.

Staff meeting(done)
Dates for wpv(done)
Follow up for read
Follow up for ve
Follow up pq(in progress)
Follow up uniform(in progress)
Follow up Mt(in progress)

Eye checkup(done as modified)

GeorgeSmiley 8:15 AM

So far today:

Showered, dressed, then took No. 2 son to his mother's to feed the cat while she's gone, then took him to school (because it was too much to get to the very early bus and still get all that finished).

Came back home and ate breakfast

Took a look at my task list. It's much more manageable since I reconfigured my lists yesterday to get back in alignment with the ideas in Linehan's "Total Workday Control". And I don't feel overwhelmed. 

Built in a timeslot and a recurring daily task to look at my master list DAILY to make sure certain tasks and projects don't get lost in the cracks. 

Had an epiphany: When I give real planning the brush off, I make my problems worse. "I don't have time to plan," I tell myself, but the truth is I don't have time to NOT plan. 

And a second epiphany: Many of my task management problems arise when I try to make too much automatic. It's the manual act of managing things that's important to helping me focus. [I may elaborate on this in a separate post elsewhere here if I can find the time.]

Today's MITs:

~Research data on Project D; write Project D

~Write Project P-5

~Write Project M-3

~Research project W-M

I'll be in the chatbox as usual.

The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

CL another day, same mantra

looks like i'm going to need that mantra again today:

seek god in your uncomfortable place, dont just look for an exit. (from _Fingerprints of God_)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Journey 8:15

Ah, off to an early start this morning.   I'm feeling sleepy today because I stayed up too late watching 'No Country for Old Men'.   A strange movie but Tommy Lee Jones really has that backwoods Texas accent down pat.   

I've been to the gym, had breakfast, and started on my todo list for the day. 

Off to check my calendar and read email and finish today's planning.  I think I have a lot of meetings today.  Pfft. 


Show up.  Do your work.  Go home.