Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 13 February 2009

A hay stack is made of single straws.

Many drops fill a bucket.

Even the smallest effort is better than not doing anything.

Being CI @ 16:02 Friday (PST)

As I came into the house today, I started walking back and forth,
lost in thoughts and was not getting anything done. I love the CI,
because I can sit down, write down tasks and concentrate on them one
at a time.

Journey, I love your quote of Johnathan Wheeler  "Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." 

1)Meditate: calm my mind and bring it back to the present moment,
not the one that I had with the beautiful lady yesterday.

2)Get clothes ready to go out.


Recycler CI 6:15pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Great threadstarter, chickadee! Thanks! :) Inspirational, (and also, like Sammy, part of my brain was interpreting: Giant Muffin, Yummm!!!! hee hee! :)

It's so great to get to CI from home :) Ahhh! I'm still writing the same stuff; but there's less pressure to hurry up :)

This morning, I did my routine at the gym, and it was good :)

At work I got my MITs done this morning.

I did 2 paperwork chores at lunchtime, including one I had procrastinated on since last May ((sigh)) lol. (I think we are once again perceiving why I am qualified for this group! ;) lol

In the afternoon, I made parallel progress on 11 special event plannings simultaneously. I went slow & paced myself, to keep track of which event I was working on.

I prepared my project list for Monday; partly for my own benefit, and also so I can show it in my meeting on Monday. We're having an increased focus on Special Events this year, so I'm using my form to keep everyone abreast of how far along we are in planning each event.

After work, I was assertive and initiated a conversation with someone who needed to talk to me. I had tried calling and couldn't get through, so I saw them in person; which went ok. Three months from now after this is over, I will need to do a review with my sponsor.

Next: do a couple Weekend Prep activities before going to my 12-step meeting.

Tomorrow I'll probably get up early; if the Saturday thread hasn't been started yet I'll try to do that; otherwise I will enjoying chiming in on someone else's post :)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Ag checking in 2:55pm

This day has totally gotten away from me from a structural perspective - i.e. no to-do list or committed plans - yet somehow is being productive anyway.  Probably related to a great Step 11 start-up this morning, and some postponed reading I finally started this morning. I'll share more on that here when I'm a little further into it.  It seems to have some great applications for us PA'ers.

Attempted sponsor call (but missed; will email sted). Had Mom call, healthy breakfast, visited with J, helped the exterminator get around the house, signed papers, accepted graciously being postponed by one of my key $ites, made progress on my travel scheduling, and contributed to a lengthy team conference call. Next up I need to email my sponsor, eat my procrastinated lunch, and be on time for a 3:35 massage (who but a compulsive procrastinator would be just as chronically late for a massage as for a dental appointment?Wink)

I am creating a new possibility for myself and my life: the possiblity of relentless velocity...that really inspires me!! So off I go...

Thought for the day Friday Feb. 13th


We have chosen to do something about the circumstances we found ourselves in, or we wouldn't be reading these words. We can stop for a moment and reflect on the many changes thus far. We are already on our way. We have taken a number of necessary steps. What an exciting adventure we have embarked upon! And we will be helped all along the way.


"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." - Johnathan Wheeler

Journey 11:45 late checkin but a good morning

Hey there PAls.

I'm very late checking in, and was actually late to work too because I had to get my car tags this morning.   As usual I put it off until the last day  :O

But all the car stuff is taken care of, and I've been to the gym, made my todolist and my schedule for the day.   I had a couple of people to see about stuff on New Project, so I did that as soon as I got in, as people have a tendency to drift out early on Fridays. 

Now I'm going to have quiet time, write in my journal, and clean off my messy desk.  My monitor is not making that g*dawful noise this morning but I think I'll move it out of the way anyway and try using just the laptop for a few days and see how it goes.  I can always move it back next week. 

See y'all in the chatbox



"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." - Johnathan Wheeler

GeorgeSmiley 8:05 AM

A brief Check in

I'll be going in about 25 minutes to a weekly breakfast I do. Then I'll be going to my Part-time job for several hours. I hope to be back in my home office by early-mid afternoon.

I had insomnia last night so I ended up getting out of bed around 3:30 or so and doing some cleaning up in my office. At least I made constructive use of my sleeplessness.

My inbox is almost empty and my desk is, too. Current projects are organized into folders so I can keep them corralled even as I work on them.

And I made a few minor changes in how I manage my Outlook task list.

So, more later...

Update, 5:45 PM

Got home from my PT job about 4:15 or so. Ate a very late lunch. 

Wrapped Mrs. GS Valentine's Day presents and wrote her card (I'd gotten both in plenty of time!!! amazing, for me!)

Hid them away to give her tomorrow.

We're both zonked (she's on her way home from work now) and I'm not sure I'm that hungry for dinner. Maybe we'll zone out in front of the TeeVee tonight and go to bed early.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Isabo 945am


Definitely the last few days I have been in a low cycle of sitting on the chair...I make to do lists, with babysteps in mind, and have yet to do them. 

DS had fever wed night, threw up, slept all of yesterday. Kept him home today, he feels better, but still hasn't moved off the couch - highly unusual in a five year old boy!  I will take him in for his Valentines Party, he put so much work into making the cards for his classmates.  Its only an hour, so it shouldn't unduly strain him.

I need to get things done this morning, in the next 2 1/2 hours, if I want to actually get him to his class at 12 45.

me shower

dd bath

make beds, straighten rooms, s'n's bathroom

ds bath

get dd dressed, lay out clothes for ds,

make pancakes for lunch( ds should eat at least two!) this chair and off I go....

isabo 1215pm ci


Well, everything done on list....kinda full from the pancakes :)  I made whole wheat, and the kids didn't say anything!!  In process of vacuuming stairs down to recroom, then make sure I have a list of things to buy at the bakery and garden market.

I will be back in a bit

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe 

isabo ci 300pm


my ds had a good time at his party - he is really tired now though :) 

need to unload dishwasher, load it, wipe off counters.  Need to bring one of the dogs to the vet for 340pm, her ear, which she has been scratching on and off for a couple of days, is now swollen and leaking - that hour and some she was in her kennel when we were away really must have irritated her.  Darn, $'s.  Ah well.  I will check in when back...

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


isabo ci 500pm


My 11 month old puppy has an ear infection. In both ears. I am knocking every piece of wood I see that this is the one and only one!!  165.00 cad.  Aside from that, I am happy that today was a fairly successful day, and I hope that tomorrow is too!  Morning will be some house upkeeping, after lunch my hubby and I get 6 hours with no children!  No idea what we are going to do, as it is too cold for walks, going to the beach, walking around downtown.  Don't want to shop, that is too easy, but no doubt we will go the mall. Maybe an adult movie - any recommendations??  And an adult meal with adult conversation, taking an adult length of time!  That will be nice!! anyway, till the morning!

Have a good night everyone!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


feel for isabo

i hope ds feels better!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Thanks, clement


So do I!!


kromer 8:30 CI

A bit of a late start this morning.

Right now, I need to quickly finish up 2 MITs from yesterday (figure out where I stand on rotation choice, take notes from mtg w/ DP), then take care of my budget, then make a plan for the day.

Also, today I'm going to try a little bit of a new strategy for working. I'm worried that the chatbox is becoming a bit of a procrastination tool for me, so I'm going to stay out of it except when I'm feeling lots of resistance. Also, today I'm going to try time-logging. 

kromer 9:25 CI

Need to leave for class in a few minutes. Briefly, my plan for the day is:

Scheduled: class 10-11, mtg w/ K 2:30-3, youth group 4:30-9:00

*Do Stra8 seq. analysis w/ THEME (working on now)
*Laundry (evening)
*Church minutes + mini-parish list (evening)
*Talk to M and J about project (postponed until Mon)
*Spend 1 hr refining model of Stra8/Dazl data, start brainstorming how it could be written up for project
*Email WG about rotation, RY and DH about attending lab mtgs

Other tasks:
*Clean bathroom
*Write algorithm summary
*Document scanning code for EYL
*Finish reading chpt. 4
*Turn in reg. form

Going to class now, then I'll head to DP's lab to send emails, start seq. analysis and work on refining model. 

Update 10:40--class got out early, I'm in DP's lab now. I'm going to send emails to the 3 profs...this is something that's making me nervous, so I'm going to chat through it. Then I'm going to start seq. analysis. 

Update 11:45--sent the emails,  started THEME running on seq. data. So I'm making good progress! It's almost time for lunch, and after lunch I'll work on my last 2 workday MITs (talking to M+J, working on model/brainstorming for project).

Right now, I'm going to figure out where to go to turn in my reg form, then I'll get out the material I need to work on model, then I'll go have lunch. 

Update 1:20--I figured out where to turn in my reg form, got out material I needed to work on model, had lunch, then it turned out there was a seminar so I went to that.
J. is not around today, and I'm feeling like I haven't really made enough project to have a productive mtg w/ M. (I think it makes more sense to talk to him early next week, when I have results from seq. analysis and have some modeling ideas and ideas about RAR data--however, I definitely need to ask him today about whether I'll have access to bldg over pres. day.

Right now, I'm going to work on modeling...I have almost exactly an hour before my 2:30 mtg, so I can definitely get this MIT done. I think a sensible plan is to spend about 30 min thinking about how I can frame my research questions as a clustering/dimensionality reduction problem, then go print out relevant class notes and start going through them. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about this, so I'm going to head to chatbox and chat through it. 

kromer 10:15 CI

Back from church late.

I have a little work to get through before bed...laundry, church minutes/directory, and cleaning bathroom (if I have time). All nice and mindless, which is about what I'm up for right now. Will try and be in bed by midnight. 

Sammy ci :: 3:15 am

That hay stack looks like a big muffin.... yummmmmmmmm....

I've been struggling tonight....not getting a whole lot done. Microbursting now. Check back later. Keep moving! 

Chick CI


o corresp

phone plumber about boiler leak

prepare r



5 hrs mtngs

c done

make decision about tomorrow

find two lost things


i need to give some thought to my backlog. It won;t go away by itself. It seems infinite but it is not.  This takes courage.