Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

The First Entry Shmuel


My real life name is Shmuel, I am a man-26 and I live in Israel and am a terrible procrastinator. In addition I have ADHD, and am suffering from panic attacks and this has caused me much problems in my life.

I want to go to University next year to study drawing,writing and animation and bring the world of Fantasy and Creativity that lives in my head out-make it a reality and one in which I can support myself financialy.

To do this I have to stay on task, and I think Procrastinators Anonymous can help me with that goal.



You are doing great, Shmuel.  I am new to this site as well, have been here less than a month, and it is helping me get my life back on track so very much :-)   Here, I can be openly honest.  No holding back!  It is so liberating. 

Have a good day, and stay positive!



Welcome Shmuel!

Glad to have you, this fellowship has really helped me and I hope it helps you too!

welcome, Shmuel

We've all been beginners here, and it gets better for those who stick with it.  When I joined, I had 6 years' unpaid taxes, 6 months' unpaid bills, more than $1500/year in late fees/overdraft charges, and numerous terrifing paperwork piles, just to mention a few symptoms. Today my taxes and bills are current, my paperwork is manageable, my penalties were only $105 last quarter - lowest in 10 years - and I am available to my family through some big crises because I'm no longer stuck in my own backlog. It feels really good to be present in my own life. 

Hope you'll keep coming back and sharing with us. We all need each other here.

Hi Shmuel! Welcome here...I

Hi Shmuel!

Welcome here...I think you will find a lot of people here who are just like you. This is a fantastic support group.

I'm studying to be a graphic designer, which involves drawing, writing, and animation, too! I wish you luck in your studies. :-) 

Thanks Im glad to have so much support

wow I am overwhelmed

I never expected so much support. My main worry has been staying focused and on task. Unfortunatly today in addition to my distraction I had severe panic attacks and started to lose touch with reality.

I went for a walk and talked with my mom, so Im better now-But I figure that I have to be honest with myself and everyone else in a place like this.

Small Success-I finally finished the Flyer for the Anxiety support Group that I have been putting off for three weeks.So hey as far as Im concerned this place has payed off.

 Sammy are you studying independantly or at a university, and how do you organise your time??

For all who wrote in thank you it means so much to me.:)

Sammy to Shmuel

I attend a local community college. The class sizes are really small, so all my teachers know me by name. I told one of them about my procrastination problem, and she checks in with me to see how I'm doing on my homework a couple times a week when we pass in the hallways. I try to get most of my homework done during the day when my house is empty and quiet. Last semester I didn't manage my time very well...I'm doing better this semester, but I still struggle with procrastination every day.

I have ADD, but over the years I've been learning how to control it. I'm still taking medication, and find it hard to concentrate when I forget to take it. Have you been finding this website helpful? 

Welcome Shmuel

You will find support here


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Shmuel chatbox

come back we don't bite 

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Thanks Im glad peopole are so accepting of me

Dont worry I haven't  disappeared just been very busy.

Friday I was supposed to pack up my friends house cook 3 dishes and get packed and travel to T.A. so I was so busy doing that I hadnt' had the chance to come back to the site. This was the dinner party  granted most dinner parties dont have Conga lines but hey I like my friends they walk off the beaten path.

Yesterday and today have been a nightmare My makeup-class is coming to an end and the final photoshoot for my work portfolio is in roughly two weeks this induced a severe panic attack which I only partially managed to walk off.

But friends gave me some good advice about not comparing myself to other peopole and a bottle of wine finished off the rest of the problem.

Than I went and torched my house (by accident I swear) I was cooking didnt pay attention to the stove(Got distracted by the TV) and I had a giant pyre in the kitchen.

Once I noticed something was burning ::jawdrop:: I managed to put it out,

But man, that was the scariest 5 minutes I have had since someone threatened me with a knife.

I have spent the rest of the day, scrubbing the kitchen, repairing the fire damage, my hands are covered in Soot.

Anyone have any idea what gets rid of black soot from wooden cabinets window sills and ceramic tiles??

Been running around today- its Final I have the Anxiety Support Group Flyer printed, agreed upon with the commitee, theyll print up a bunch of copies and than I hang it out, and who knows if anybody calls in but hey, I have procrastinated over this for 3 moths if not more, and its' done!!!!!!

Not perfect to my mind but everything can always be tweaked and improved. Still its done I've locked the presees and gotten it out:):)::):):):):):)

And I got it printed out and finished on only the second time I used the ChatBox at Procrastinators Anonymous-Sammy I hope that answers your questiouns as to how effective I find this Website.

The ChatBox helped me finish a project on the very first attempt I tried it when I had procrastinated for 3 months on completing the same project before using the ChatBox.

I have since told several peopole about this website all with ADD so I hope they join soon. Apparently I have an exam for a goverment sponsored course on graphic design next week, they want to check my hebrew, math and english skills-Should be easy.

Well this post is way too long but I just wanted to thank everyone who dropped by to write in.And Agnus your'e story is very inspiring no matte how bad things look we can still overcome them, thats what I take from your story.


Good luck with everything, Shmuel!

Hi Shmuel!

I'm glad you are safe after the bizarre kitchen incident!

Take care of yourself, and let us know how things go! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)