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Suggestion for How to post Book Ending

Hi everyone,
I was just thinking, rather than have our personal bookending trail off after the discussion of what bookending is, we can establish the convention of having a user create a new forum topic under the Check-ins or "Book-ending" Forum. Then that thread will just be about their own posts. So, I could visit Normy's forum, and pro can visit mine, etc. to respond and encourage We can have our own threads be ongoing too. So that any new book-ending is under our "Gwen D's Book-ending" topic, or something like that. Then we can keep the main Forum topic about the high-level discussion. What do you think?

separate thread for each bookender

That's a good idea. I think Normy meant to do that, but couldn't figure out how to start a new thread. I posted navigation info here:

You're right

I'll start a new thread when I do a new bookend :)