Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

this is the first step, isn't it...

it is 1130 pm Sat night, Jan10, 2009

Can yo believe, I am procrastinating going to bed?  Course, I have to finish my glass of wine....

I sit here, and look aroung at my messy living room, and think of my dirty kitchen, and all the laundry to be done....

my husband angry because dinner was late because I was on this stupid thing for too long...the kids asking me for clean underwear and pants (which is folded and sitting in laundry baskets in my room)

the garland around the living room window that needs to be taken down, which leads to the question of where am I gonna put it?  Need a clean tote - all the Christmas totes are full, or in my spare room with Xmas odds and ends, waiting to be sorted...My spare room is a subject all by itself...

I read somewhere in this site, Just Keep Starting

I wish it were that easy, but I feel so bogged down, and I get so tired just doing what absolutely needs to be done...

I will try to post in tomorrow, to state what I am going to do and then let you know if I have done it....if I can...

I need to do something, I feel like I am being buried.... 




 welcome, Isabo. You are definately in the right place: Iam only able to cope with my procrastinative nature one day at a time. Coming in here, especially signing into the chatbox to work from has really helped me. I can only speak from my experience, but when I have been in places where I my primary focus is on working at home, I can feel very isolated: the comradery of the chatbox helps me to get up and doing, even if it is only in 2 minute stints. Amazingly, I get a lot done in those 2 minutes! 

I also found that helped me begin to stop chastising myself for not being on top of housework stuff. I have been able to turn many of my habits around by taking their suggestions. 

In any case, keep coming, back: you are not alone. 


"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

thanks e

thanks e for your thoughts...I hope to be able to join a meeting and actually talk(type) to y'all.

I am so happy to have found this site, and, frnakly, am quite suprised how much I have to say.  I feel quite isolated too, there doesn't seem to be much point to getting up and getting dressed when I won't be going anywhere or seeing anyone.  Just dropping off K at school and then picking him up again.  THere doesn't seem to be much point to cleaning when everything just gets dirty again, to making up the bed when you are going to be back in it in a few hours.  I honestly don't know what drives my mother-in-law, she cleans and putters all day long, always dressed nicely and putting on lipstick when she goes out...

I just needed to check in today, I know I am not in the best of places right now, and it feels good to vent, and know that I am being heard.  Otherwise I have been keeping it in and yelling, yelling at the kids, getting in a worse and worse mood til my husband comes home, and then shutting down, letting him deal with the kids.....I write this and I can't believe I have doing that...

anyway, tomorrow is anpother I have to finish the kitchen and make supper...

I will check out later....

thanks again!!



Welcome Isabo

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

Are you ok, Isabo?

Hi Isabo,

 you sound not too well, are you feeling any better right now?

 In a anti-procrastination book I've recently read that many of those daily chores around the house can bring you down, and they suggested, even if you can hardly afford it, to hire some help. Do you have any help yet? Have you ever thought about getting someone? What about your husband? Could he fix dinner every night and in exchange you fix breakfast for the family every day?


"The sands are numbered that make up my life" Shakespeare

Thanks, Constance

Today is a better day, I think, although I haven't accomplished much as yet. 

I did employ a cleaning lady last Sept, because of feeling so overburdened.  I thought that, no matter what I did or felt, every two weeks my house would be clean.  And it did help, for a time.  But I found that the clean was not up to my expectations, that I could do better, when I did it.  With Xmas coming up soon, I cancelled her services. 

The idea of sharing duties with my husband is an appealing one, that is for sure.  Meals are out of the question, unfortunately.  He does clean the bathroom when I ask him too - and well.  And vaccuum, he will do that when I ask.  Over the years I have done cleaning schedules up, but nothing ever stays in place.  ah well.

Thanks for your support!  I quite like the feedback, it is a great help!

Welcome Isabo, you've come

Welcome Isabo, you've come to the right place. :)

I hope you'll keep coming back and that you might find the same help, hope and solidarity that I have. (I can certainly identify with your description of domestic stuff.) 

Have you read the stuff about microbursts and check-ins? Keep starting is advice that has helped me a lot. Back when I started sometimes 'starting' meant doing one tiny thing.