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Question about Affirmations

Do any of you use affirmations?   If so, can you describe how you use them?  I've tried several times to use them, I believe that there really is something to the power of positive thinking.   BUT, it seems that I have so many faults that I want to make an affirmation about each one, the list gets too long and too hard to remember, and doggone it, I just feel silly. 

 Any advice or discussion would be much appreciated!


Affirmations have helped

Affirmations have helped me. I used to think they were fishy, but I have found a way of phrasing them that feels okay to me and seems to work. Probably it's different for everyone. I see where you are coming from Dan.

I don't say things that are untrue, but I reinforce positive thoughts and actions. Like when I had been very depressed with very little energy and I started to get better I would say "I can do one thing" to myself instead of what I had formerly said , which was--this is so hard. I learned from a hypnotist that subconsciously you absord negatives as positives so saying 'I will not eat cake' comes out as saying 'I will eat cake'. So I try to say things to myself that are positive--not 'I will not procrastinate today' but 'I can keep starting.' Or I can take the next step.' I have been using them to strengthen my energy leve and confidence.     Now I am eager to learn more--from a book or others' experience.

problems with affirmations?

Ive personally never been comfortable with the idea of affirmations. For me my goal is to be present and comfortable with the reality of how things are and then work about changing them. I get no consollation from telling myself i am one way when i clearly am not at this period in my life. Seeing as how procrastination seems to be so much about escaping reality, maybe affirmations could even get in your way in the long run? though i would be interested also to hear from people that use them 

For me, mindfulness/insight based meditation is the best way for me to achieve this. I find everything i need to do is so much clearer when i am doing regular meditation. My only problem is, it's an easy thing to procrastinate on, even though it's so easy and relaxing ;) 

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re: Affirmations

I agree - I have a hard time saying things that I know are not true.  Maybe I'm looking for more like a mantra, something I can say to myself when I'm struggling.  

 Like "Keep Starting" , except something that reminds me that I do want to be productive, debt-free, and fit. 





"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot