Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

<<<< e saying hello from icy new england

pro's check-out - 12:45am

Here's how I did on today's to-do list (what I posted when I first got up):

1. Sign contract with CP and send back.
2. Sign contract with JM and send back. (Not exactly, but I reviewed it and sent questions)
3. Start on work for CP (might be able to finish today). - DID NOT START
4. Start on work for JM (involves learning a lot of new things). - DID NOT START

Other things I did:

- Bought groceries.
- Mailed box (item I'm returning for refund).
- Prepared check for deposit (though didn't get to bank).
- Vacuumed apartment.
- Tracked down problem on new computer and resolved it.
- Bought ticket to Big Apple Circus for Christmas Day.
- Bought updated version of software for new computer.
- Researched recipes and baked muffins.
- Washed all the dishes and straightened apartment.

I didn't make it to a meeting - was baking muffins instead. That's okay. I went yesterday.

Good night!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Sammy ci :: 9:45 pm

Well, I've been back from rehearsal for a few hours. I am supposed to play clarinet at church on Sunday...which is great. The only problem is...I haven't touched a clarinet in 2 years. yikes! So when I got home from rehearsal, I got out my clarinet and some old music and started practicing,....2 1/2 hours later, I'm thinking its time to stop, as my web design final is probably way more important. I DO really miss playing, though. I actually sound pretty good for not having played in 2 years. Maybe I will make a goal about playing in the near future... not now though. right now the most important thing is to finish that web site.

Tonight/Tomorrow's To Do: Finish web design final. This is do-able, but I need to stay focused.

Isabella CI 1027pm

Done with my list for tonight. I thought it would take me longer. Now I have a serious headache so I'll probably take a break.

Recycler CI 6:35pm EST

Hi Mr. Snowman & Pro Buddies!

Thanks for the threadstarter, e! Stay warm!

Had a good day, even though I overslept. Sleeping one hour later than usual meant that I didn't go to the gym, but I got the rest of my regular stuff done today, so that's ok. I'll just make sure I go to bed tonight on time or a little early, so I can get up at regular time in morning. I may re-activate my Home & Garden special project thread, because I want to work on some things through the end of the year.

Did projects today at work. I had time, so did a little extra on newsletter for boss. Clocked out for some extra time to do some errands; they went ok. I think overall I did most of the things I was supposed to today.

Arriving at home, started loads in the dishwasher & clothes washer. One load of clothes has finished & I put them in the dryer. After they finish drying, I will fold them, then go back over to the new condo.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Isabella 632pm CI

Yesterday was not really good. Most of the afternoon was a huge waste of opportunity and time. I am kind of mad at myself that I let this happen after making such good progress. Anyways... I am making a list for tonight. Hopefully things are better.

1. Eat
2. Refund papers
3. Practice P
4. Read
5. Desk

All right.

go isabella

as far as i can tell, you're doing the right thing: keep trying. That's what i need to do nearly every day. People (including me) see that it helps us.

Thanks clement

I appreciate the support.

Convalaria Thursday 10.05am

Have not been following up on my plans for the last few days.

Today I have mananged to get dressed and to get to work a little late.
Teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, coffee drunk, e mail checked.
No shower, no medication...
Have vented and chatted since 9.15am
Immediate  MIT's

  • medicate   done
  • microburst booking excursion for next year started
  • go out for coffee with faculty and make good choices  done
  • checked e mail and updated calendar

12.09 CI and next MIT's

  • check with D regarding last day  done
  • take  all stuff to car     2 loads
  • work on PD (microburst)
  • continue to microburst excursion  more information gained
  • ate lunch
  • talked to peoplea about leave

2.40 CI MITS

  • more stuff to car  3 loads?
  • the PD project???
  • buy bones
  • buy chicken
  • prezzies
  • walk dogggie
  • laundry

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Agnus checking in

I skipped my check-ins a few times lately; been very sick with flu but still amazingly productive. Today I've made some important calls, produced some invoices, and been working steadily on my backlog Inbox. Assuming each of the 76 remaining emails takes average 2 mins, that will be 2.5 hours. Way too long. So my goal is an average 30 seconds each, which will get me through them all by 4:53.  OK, starting now!

Yay, Ag!

hey, its really inspiring to hear that you've still been really productive while you've been ill. I don't get sick often, but when I do, it always seems to knock me down on my butt. I have a really hard time doing ANYTHING when I'm feeling miserable. Way to go for overcoming that!

MSS CI::3pm

Just got back from the holiday lunch and absolutely MUST do 1) laundry and 2) complete exam for online course.  There is no option not to do either as I have no clean clothes and the online exam closes tonight at 11pm.  So procrastination has created a situation the bypasses my the need for Will Power.  Isn't it funny how that works.  Anyway, if get those 2 tasks completed and manage to get to the store to buy some food for dinner, I'll consider today a success (i.e., keeping the bar low).

Sammy ci :: 11:45am

Goodness, almost 12 already. I've haven't been very productive yet today, but I did replace the glide strip on our snowblower. Just in time, too, according to the weather report.

Done: Get up at a reasonable time (8:40am...I was up until 1:30 monday night working on homework, so I needed to catch up on sleep today.), replace snowblower glide strip.

To Do:

Very last marketing paper!! woo! Only needs to be one page long! Should get this turned in by 1 today....its actually late already. I forgot about it in the rush of getting my marketing final project done...but the teacher has been really generous about letting me turn things in late.

Web Design Final (Due Tomorrow night): I need to create a whole web page...I have had this assignment since mid way through the semester, but I have neglected to start it until today.

A quote to remember as I finish up this semester, and as I begin the next one in January: "Procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin" --Victor Kian

Sammy ci :: 1:10 pm


Having a brain block on the marketing paper...and feeling like I shouldn't start the web site until the marketing is done. Its time for lunch...Hopefully I'll be more focused with some food in my stomach. I have puppet rehearsal from 4-6, so I need to get the paper done before then! 

Sammy ci :: 3:25 pm

Whew. I'm finally done with my LAST marketing paper of the YEAR. woo!

Now I'm going to eat a quick snack, then I'm off to rehearsal.

I'm going to commit to spending at least 3 hours on my web design final tonight. I know that as soon as I get started, it won't seem so intimidating. It might even be fun! I'd also like to be in bed by 11:30, so I can get an early start tomorrow.

tiptree 10:58 AM EST CI

clock 10 hours:
Omaha done - 5-6 hrs
wiki for deltas
wiki for repo scripts
wiki for Mck vpn
test 1254
publisher issue dealt with
breadcrumb fixed

clean office
practice guitar
read 50 pp

unplanned stuff that I did:
diagnosed issue with log growing to huge size

Kristen 10:30 am

Today I have the luxury of not having any assignments or exams tomorrow—meaning I can get a head start on a couple things that I would normally leave until the day of. Funny how I feel comfortable about posting on the CI thread today, when I haven't before because I always feel too swamped. Seems kind of backwards, but there you go.

Anyway, the first order of business after posting here and finishing breakfast is to get in bed! :P I was up all night working on a take-home test, which I finished and am proud of, although it wasn't really necessary to stay up all night. These days I'm having less guilt associated with my procrastination—thanks to the therapy, I think—but the habits of distraction and sleep deprivation are still deeply rooted.

So here's the plan for today:

- Get a few hours of sleep
- Shower, etc.
- Lunch
- Get started on decon essay—brainstorm, analyze a few different pieces
- Decide on a general argument for reaction paper, or start writing a couple paragraphs
- Go through math notes and note which topics I'm struggling with
- Dinner
- Hang out with hallmates who haven't left for break yet
- Continue work
- Yoga
- Bed before midnight!

I have picked pretty specific goals for the academic tasks, but I'll be happy if I just get some solid work in on each of them, no matter what it is. :)

Hi Kristen!

Glad to see you posting!   

Keep up the good work!


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Thanks journey!

I'm glad I posted on the CI today, because I just woke up and caught myself starting to make the rounds online... when what I want to do is shower and get ready for the day! So I'm off to do that now. :)

Hmm, I wonder why I can't edit my first post now. Maybe because it's been replied to? 

- Get a few hours of sleep
- Shower, etc.
- Lunch
- Get started on decon essay—brainstorm, analyze a few different pieces
- Decide on a general argument for reaction paper, or start writing a couple paragraphs
- Go through math notes and note which topics I'm struggling with
- Dinner
- Hang out with hallmates who haven't left for break yet
- Continue work
- Yoga
- Bed before midnight! 

good goin kristen

dont u like that feeling of catching yourself and then doing the right thing. I like it and i hope i get to experience more of it.

Yes, when a post is replied to, you can no longer edit it.

CI: Kristen, 11:30

It was great—I'm glad I had a post here to keep me on track! :D

- Get a few hours of sleep
- Shower, etc.
- Lunch (will probably skip—not hungry now and dinner opens soon)
- Get started on decon essay—brainstorm, analyze a few different pieces started
- Decide on a general argument for reaction paper, or start writing a couple paragraphs making progress on simple interpretation of the play; will synthesize and analyze later
- Go through math notes and note which topics I'm struggling with making good progress on this!
- Dinner
- Hang out with hallmates who haven't left for break yet
- Continue work
- Yoga
- Bed before midnight! 

I didn't get as much done as I could have, but I did start all three of my big tasks, so I'm pleased. Yoga might have to wait until tomorrow morning. Time for a little reading and then bed!

Journey 10 am

Good morning everyone!  Happy Wednesday.  Working from home today.  I've been to the gym and the grocery store, read my email, and made a plan for the day.   I'm going to work on MIT #1, the tedious Project P, until my meeting at 10:30.  Then I'll reward myself with a nice bubble bath.  


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Journey 1:30

It took me an hour to do the 1/2 hour of work, but I'm moving along now, working in the chat box.   Come join us! 


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

kromer 9:35 CI

Today is a busy day! Lots of stuff I've put off until the last minute

*Prep and give toastmasters speech
*Finish reviewing lect notes, do pset 12
*1 practice exam
*Notes from mtgs w/ CB and PF
*Email list of human tfs, table of coregulators
*Figure outwhether I have time to drive cross-country with friend (it'd be a real stretch to my schedule,but I really don't want them going by themselves, and it'd be kinda fun)

Other tasks:
*2nd practice exam
*Fix interactome
*Spend 30 min brainstorming xmas gifts

Already started reviewing lect notes, going to do that for 20 more min, then start prepping toastmasters speech.  

kromer 1:50 CI

prepped and gave toastmasters speech, went over most of remaining lect. notes, left a msg w/ my brother (need to ask him whether he'd be OK staying alone at home if I drove cross-country), started taking notes from mtg w/ CB, sent CE an email about studying for probability exam together. So I'm making decent progress.

Right now I'm going to go do practice exam, then finish notes from mtg. Back when those are done (around 4 or 5)

Update 3:45--finished the practice exam. Now I'm going to head over to the chatbox, to finish taking notes from mtgs w/ CB and PF. Then I'm going to work on list of tfs+table of coregs, then I have a mtg w/ CE at 5:30 to study probability.  

kromer 9:15 CI

OK, I did practice exam, took notes from mtg, went over 2 out of 10 remaining sets of lecture notes, met w/ CE and did 3/5 of pset. Then I went home, had dinner and goofed off for an hour (not smart the night before a big final!). Right now I need to call my parents to ask about driving cross-country with a friend...I'm nervous about this b/c I feel bad leaving home early over the holidays (I asked my brother, and he said he'd be okay staying alone for a couple days, but want to double check with parents too). But I want to ask, and putting it off won't make it any better.

Then, I need to finish going over lect notes...should take about an hour.  Will work in chatbox for phone call + lect notes.

kromer 11 CI

Well, I didn't get everything done that I'd hoped today, but I made a lot of progress that I'd like to celebrate.

I called parents to ask about driving cross-country w/friend...talked to my dad, who's not thrilled about the idea but will ask my mom. (Digression, but I'm still getting used to dealing with my parents as an adult...I find it really tricky to negotiate, because they can't actually say no to anything, but I still want to avoid fighting.)

I finished going over lect notes also.

Then I called a friend...not on my list, but helped me deal with some anxiety so I think it was reasonable. And I checked in on weight loss forum, even though today hasn't been a great day. 

So I'm going to celebrate these small steps, and tomorrow morning I'll finish pset 12, get list of tfs (argh! this is very late! but I really need to go to bed now), and go to lab mtg and final exam.  

Hope-Faith 9:05

Goodmorning today is a good day.

  • AM routine 
  • Coffee
  • Plan 2nd and 3rd
    • On-line gamesE-mail * Update Grades
  • Plan 4th
    • On-line games * Activities * E-mail * Create P/P Test  * Copies * Update Grades/
  • See Mrs. Griffin
  • Create SS Test
  • Check e-mail's
  • Lunch
  • Clean off desk - so I can think (clutter, clutter, clutter)
  • PM Routine


  • Software from E for printer
  • Send package back
  • Organize DT at work
  • Organize Q
  • Folders
  • Letter of Rec Friday
  1. CI 9:05
  2. CI 11:20
  3. CI 1:55
  4. CI 3:15



GeorgeSmiley 7:40 AM CI + updates

(You know, I'm really glad that when one hits 'enter' while writing titling a post it defaults to preview mode rather than posting...)

Back in my home office today. Starting about 30 minutes later than my schedule calls for.

First step: daily spiritual reading (working my way through Thich Nhat Hanh's Being Peace).

Then, MIT/MUT#1: go thru my inbox and task list and put things at right angles. I'll need to set a timer for that.

And I've been finding Chatbox helpful to keep me on task, so I'm going there, too.

Update 8:40 AM

Wow, still a ton of stuff in the in-box but I've lassoed the most important stuff.

A cup of coffee, then to work on MIT/MUT #2: Starting to draft Project L

Update 9:20 AM

Project L off to an OK start.

MIT#3: Phone interview for Project F-S, to start in 10 minutes. Prep until then.

Update 11 AM


Back to MIT#2, Project L.

Update 12:10 PM

I've eaten lunch after spending about 20 min on Project L.

Now I'm frozen between MIT#2, Project L, and MIT#4, Project V

Will continue in Chatroom

Update 3:50 PM

Well, had some distractions of various kinds. Got some work done on Project V, MIT#4, then realized I was freezing up on it because I knew there was no way I could finish both L and V for end of today. Editor gave me an extension to Friday.

Now focusing on Project L, MIT#2, rest of today.

Update 4:35

Got sidetracked again, but for work-related reason

Starting again on Project L


Update 7 PM

Made progress on Project L. Had some dinner w/ Mrs. GS

Now back in office. Want to do a little more on Project L and also experiment w/ something on how I do my outlook tasks. 

Update 9 PM

Made more progress on Project L. Signing out for the night to write family Christmas letter while Mrs. GS bakes cookes...

Final update 10:40 PM

Christmas letter finished. We'll get it copied tomorrow, mailed Friday.

Good night, again!



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

pro's first check-in - 8:40am (heading to chatbox)

I got up a little late because I stayed up too late last night, and woke up with a headache, which I still have (despite taking meds). I washed the dishes (which I didn't do last night) and made breakfast, which I'm now having.

Here is today's to-do list:

1. Sign contract with CP and send back.
2. Sign contract with JM and send back.
3. Start on work for CP (might be able to finish today).
4. Start on work for JM (involves learning a lot of new things).

I have other things to do, too, but I think these are the priority (it's always so hard for me to figure out).

I'm heading over the the chatbox.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

'gratz on the contracts pro!

Smile  sounds like you and HP are working it out.  Way to go.

left out a few things

I omitted a few things from my to-do list. I need to go to the grocery store. May want to make bread today since I have only one more slice. I have laundry to do (not today), vacuuming and dusting (maybe today). Household stuff takes so much time!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e on Wednesday

Hello??? I am putting on the coffee hoping some procrastinators will show up soon. 

I went to bed very late, but am up for a little while this morning. It is a mess of slush outside and I have some phone calls to make and some doctors appointments today, so I would like to stay awake. 

Little steps in the right direction: the goal for the day.

phone call to Mr. C, Doctor's appointments, resume revisions, call friend for reference. laundry shuffle, morning routine, swish wipe bathroom, keep up with the dishes, continued paperwork and a 12 step meeting. socialize a bit. greeting cards. 



"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

good morning, e!

Good morning. I'm here. I'd have been here earlier, but I stayed up late and got up late. I'm waiting for meds to take away morning migraine, drinking coffee. I have lots to do today.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e at 10 pm

Finally getting back here, and it is good to see the site was active today. It was a solid day today. My sister came for coffee and we played with her youngest baby who reminds me a bit of Cindy Lou Who of the Dr. Seuss book. I made some headway on dealing with some paperwork, got to my doctor's appointment, picked up C from school, called his teacher back and came home. I lost a lot of steam and fell asleep around 4:30 and woke up to a friend's phone call. I made an extremely mediocre dinner and am now watching Terminator 3 and realizing I got stuck. However, the laundry was worked upon, I blew dry my hair today, took my meds, had a good breakfast, and kept up with the dishes. All things considered it was not enormously productive, but it was balanced. 

I would be happy to continue to make some headway on the paperwork and also move some of the extra stuff into the basement. We got C new boots, and I made a lot of new appointments. 

More to come.....


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - William Penn

good progress e!

Sounds like you've been making lots of good steps in the right particular wmkaing headway on paperwork. Gratz! (And don't let our awful slushy weather get you down ;) )

Rolzup CI

[X] check ins
[X] study G
[X] morning chores
[ ] meditation
[ ] writing
[X] G work
[X] e-mail dash
[X] check ticklers (file, e-mail, reader, bookmarks, desktop)
[X] GTD/family time
[ ] (after lunch) to campus:
[ ] write on M
[ ] (given time) research H


way 2 go rolzup

i notice you posting consistently and getting things done, and i just wanted to say, good job.

(and now that i replied to your post, you wont be able to edit it any more. sry).