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Social anxiety?

I'm curious if anybody here has SAD. I do, and it connects to my procrastination a lot.

Re: Social anxiety?

Hi Sato!

Glad to see you back!  Hope things are going better for you!

At first when I saw SAD ... and since it's late now ... I thought of Seasonal Affective Disorder and wrote the following.....

Re: SAD.... I've lived in the midwest for 41 of my 47 years.  I don't care much for winter, but am here because of my family.  In Norway at this time, where most of the rest of my family lives ... even at the southernmost point (Kristiansand) ... at this time of year ... the sun comes up at 10:15 am and sets at 2:15 pm.  That's why, although I love my family over there ..and am sure I'd visit them again (in the summertime) ... I'd never live there permanently again. 

I've already started my countdown to Spring ... I actually began counting down on December 21st! lol!).  I'm so glad the sun is up by 7:00 am now and still light out at 5:00 pm these days ... and that the days are getting longer now!


But, I guess there's another SAD...

"Social Anxiety Disorder"? ...

I tend to be very outgoing & talkative (and even work part-time retail), so I guess I don't have that problem ... for the most part!

What I can say, though, is that when I find myself in unfamiliar surroundings, or in a situation where I feel everyone is more expert than I, I then feel very uncomfortable and struggle at times sometimes to make conversation, even though, from my retail experience, I know the answer is to find some common ground with the person you're (literally) faced with! 

I don't like stuck-up, arrogant, condescending people and it's very painful to have to deal with them.  In such situations I'm not very quick-witted.  What can I say?  I'm a really nice person and don't generally tend to think hurtful thoughts regarding others.  I was always taught to behave well & not make a scene in public, so my first reaction is to clam up; and since I'm not very good at responding to such situations, I just find a quick, graceful way to get out of it.  Or... if I feel comfortable and confident enough, I'll find a way to disarm them ... by shocking them with some down-to-earth comment .. or share one or another anecdote that will reveal more of myself and my own knowledge or expertise to them ... to their surprise (and my delight)!

Then I take my leave....... ;-)

However, I much prefer, kind, easy-going, down-to-earth individuals.  They're so much easier to deal with and I don't have to deal with or be concerned about hidden agendas.


So... I guess I suffer somewhat from both typs of "SAD"!  I'm certainly not perfect ... and there's always room for improvement! 


Anyway, have a great day tomorrow, Sato!

Keep up the good work! :-)

PS:  I do think that both types of "SAD" can affect or be a contributing factor to procrastination!

I wouldn't classify myself

I wouldn't classify myself with having SAD, per se. But I definitely experience anxiety, socially. I think that if I did have friends and actually had some buddies to express my full self to, I'd have just a little bit more to live and therefore more motivation to do the things that I need to do. Having no friends leads to a slothful and possibly unactive lifestyle: you fill the void of having no friends with video games, surfing the net, and watching TV. Those soon become addictions and just more obstacles getting in ur way of doing whats of first priority.


So I can see the connection of SAD to procrastination.

Being socially anxious has led me to also procrastinate many inevitable confrontations that were necessary. Such as asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation for college. I was afraid and therefore held out from doing it for as long as possible. (I did finally ask by the way...). It also stuns one from, I don't know, getting a job, doing chores which involve contact with other people...