Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 15 December 2008

pro's check-out - 12:20am

I'm getting to bed too late, and my day was sidetracked by the arrival of this new computer (which I'm still not done configuring).

But my teeth are brushed (though I blew off the dishes tonight) and I have to go to bed now. Very tired - will only make mistakes if I try to keep doing things at the computer. Plus my hours will get upside down, which is always bad.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

MSS just getting started

OK, it's after 9pm I haven't done a damn thing today.  This is ridiculous.  I think I'm going to go to a 24-hour coffee shop and just sit with my papers until I'm done.  Maybe I'll be done by 1am, 3am, 6am, whatever.  This can't go on.

good luck mss

love to hear how it goes. It has been extremly helpful (altho extremely uncomfortable) to post here when i fail. Geesh, even writing that makes me uncomfortable. Altho if youre like me, you wont even come back here and read this if it doesnt work out.

A couple of times i've managed to post something. I am always encouraged by this fellowship.

mss - try the chatbox maybe?

I saw you were briefly in the chatbox. Try that, maybe, tomorrow. There are often 6-8 people there during the day, and many of us find it very helpful.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Sammy ci :: 7:15 pm

Everything seems to be going wrong for me today. On top of everything else, my trunk is frozen shut. This would normally not be a very big deal, but its FINALS WEEK and all of my BOOKS are in there. I've tried double-team lifting, using a hair dryer, crowbar, nothing is working!! I have 3 finals tomorrow. I did the shoot for my final photo project, but the paper I need to print them on is in my trunk. Hopefully the weather will warm up overnight (if not, I am praying for a miracle!) 

Now I seriously need to finish my marketing paper and get it sent off to the rest of my group...After that I will study for my Tech Comm final. I have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep tonight. 

Sammy ci :: 8:00 pm

Microbursting on the marketing paper. Must not forget to meet the rest of my group an hour before class tomorrow.

Sammy ci :: 9:00 pm

Feeling encouraged--I just talked to another member of my marketing group project. We made some decisions about how to handle some issues our group has been having. 

Still no luck with the trunk, but my dad will be home from work soon, and he usually has good ideas for getting out of situations like that. :-) 

Sammy ci :: 10:50 pm

Feeling stuck... and very hungry. I'm going to have a bowl of Cheerios and finish watching Family guy, then try again on the paper. Then maybe I'll switch to studying for my tech comm exam.

Sammy ci :: 12:10 am

Moving along on the paper...promised myself (and a friend) I'd be in bed by 1. He also told me to call him in the morning if I still can't get my trunk open--that he'd come over and try to help. Its nice to have old friends back from college for break. :-)

Sammy ci :: 1:30 am

Well, I missed my bedtime promise by a half hour, but it feels good to have the paper done. Just a few minor tweaks tomorrow when I meet with the rest of the group.


Tech Comm final at 7:30 am

Photo Exam at 1:30 pm

Marketing final presentation at 6 pm

Web Design final Thursday night at 7. 

then its time for CHRISTMAS BREAK!

Goodnight...and happy tuesday! 

Good job

Sounds like you're on track.  It's always amazing what we are able to achieve with "a gun to our head."  Image what we would be able to do if we didn't need that last minute adrenaline rush.

Hi Sammy

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I had one suggestion(maybe you already tried or it may not work but...) Did you try scalding hot water? Lots of it?

Just a suggestion. Good luck.

Thanks, Isabella

No, I haven't tried that...but I'm afraid the water would get all over  my books and papers that are in my trunk. Also, it is zero degrees here, so I'd be afraid the water would freeze and make it even harder to get my trunk open!


feeling your frustration! Do you by anychance have a way to get to the trunk space through the back seat? folding seats, etc. (I know, this is obvious, but sometimes I find when I am overwhelmed the obvious escapes me! Other suggestions is to heat just your key with a lighter, use window wash with antifreeze in it along the edges of the car, and someone posted putting silicone spray on all the rubber stripping to avoid future problems.



there is a very tiny space where i can get to the trunk from the back seat, but my books are in a recycling bin in the trunk, which is really tricky to get at through a tiny space in the back seat. 

I don't actually have a key for the trunk, I rely on a button inside the car. I can hear that the lock has released when i push the button, but I think it is frozen shut around the whole perimeter of the trunk. Thats what happens when you get several inches of rain one day (at 40 degrees), then the next day BAM, its zero degrees! 

People have been giving me lots of good advice...Hopefully I will be able to prevent this problem in the future! 

Isabella CI 12:22am

Had a nice Monday. But now at home after initial promising start(Did my reading assignment for today;plus short 45 mins nap) I find myself procrastinating again and with it anxiety levels rising...30 mins on computer so far...So in order to help I am submitting my PM list:

1. Obtain xm
2. Buy SC
3. Clear desk (45mins-1h)
4. L.I. C (45 mins-1h)
5. Practice P

Let's see how it goes...

-Well, 2 things left on my list for today...Those will top the list tomorrow. Something came up(for real - not procrastinating this time).
good night.

thanks movingalong--I think

thanks movingalong--I think the day starter gave me a positive boost today--to see it last night, absorb it, follow it today. Good one :)

e on a monday

 very belated check-in: my cold caught up with me after two days of low symptoms using zycam. That is what I get for not following the instructions, cause now I have a sinus headache and would like to check out for a while. 

I continue to be in a pretty good space emotionally: I have regained a little bit of the patience I used to have. Things are much more civil because of it, so I am sending kudos to my HP for helping me get saner. 

There are several tasks I would like to make some headway on, one of which is to put up some decorations outside. (I am late on this, as usual). I also am thinking of decorating the tree in the backyard with pinecones and peanut butter for the birds (hopefully this will not encourage too many other vermin, so I am on the fence about that. My sister's family has caught the cold, so less is going on than usual. 

I would like to arrange a cookie swap to see some old friends, find a knitting circle, get to a twelve step meeting, and do some straightening of the dining room table. Laundry would be nice as well. I am taking it all one bit at a time today, because the stress of HAVING to do things makes my headache worse. One thing at a time. 


good luck to you

good luck to you e--strength-- sounds like lovely ideas for things to do at this time of year...

Journey 6 pm CO

Had a good day today working in the chat room!  It really helps, I'm glad I can get in there from work now.  

On the way home, I need to get dog food and pick up dinner.   Didn't plan well enough this week so we'll be eating out  at least 3 nights this week.   That's ok once in a while, but don't want to make it a habit again.   Shouldn't need to do dishes since we're eating out, but I would like to fold and put away some of the clean laundry. 

I also want to have time to read my AWESOME book 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'.   I have been waiting weeks to get it from my local library and just picked it up on Saturday.  

See you tomorrow!


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

sato CI 2:00pm PST

Welp, first post. Here we go.

- wash clothes
- clean room
- call vet

Small, I knowww..

small can be good, Sato

 I have found when I am really frozen that when i set only one task i might actually get that one thing done. There is a website., which follows this principle: you make a list of tasks to do and then it lists them only one at a time. When I do it I can get an amazing number of individual acheivements done!

Keep posting!

Sato's first check-in!

You're on the path now, my friend. 

"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Recycler CI 4:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I am remembering to CI before I leave work :)

Today has been totally a Monday here, with a series of imperfect and unexpected things.

However, after lunch I began to emotionally recover, and am hopeful of a good evening.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


 Mondays can be hard.. sorry to hear yours was rough. Hope this evening becomes a Tuesday for you!

tiptree 1:30 PM EST CI

to do:

1254 in test
wiki re deltas
wiki re repo scripts
Om. mirc import/export changes
1376 query
grid research
details breadcrumb fixed

return library items
clean office
pay bills

CL ci

noon : already in chat; using timers; made progress on MIT 1. Tho not as much as id hoped.

Using chat as primary check-in mechanism.

Agnus checking in

Sure sign I've not checked in for awhile: had to actually LOG in! Embarassed Last week's DC trip was productive and even tho I was not faithful about checking in, I did not procrastinate. But now I am slammed, sick and sad! Mom had another fall, worse this time, Dad did not know me this visit, and my 25-year marriage is rocky. Emotional pain really makes me want to white-out with long bouts of procrastination. But that's why we're here, so onward through the fog...

I already had my sponsor call, Mom call, Step 11, and a webinar dry run. Next up:

  • MIT#1 - send the revised ppt slides to MR
  • MIT #2 take temp, try to eat or at least get hydrated
  • MIT#3 Medicare rx enrollment
  • CBC girl gifts
  • Call Rochester
  • Review notes from last week and schedule action items
  • Finish DWS edits
  • Work 1 hour on email Inbox
  • Work 2 hours on 2.0 summaries
  • Leave by 6 p.m. for class

hugs to Ag

 It is really hard to take care of your parents when they are in bad health, and I am in the same place right now, both with my mother-in-law and my marraige. Sending lots of love your way, e

Ag co

Really got sidetracked by telephone calls today: 3 business and one personal that all were time-consuming or produced more MUTs and MITs. Days like this I just don't feel productive no matter how much got done: Feels like more xxxx is shoving in the front door as fast as I shovel it out the back.  BUT I did finally get that Medicare rx research and enrollment done, amazingly timely. And for being sick all weekend and today, I guess I didn't do too bad. Off to class. See y'all tomorrow!

Ag, wishing you strength.

Ag, wishing you strength.

To Ag

Ag, you're really having a rough time!  Hang in there!  Praying for ya.


"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

Sammy ci :: 9:50 am

It was 40 degrees and raining yesterday, and this morning it is 0 degreess with lots of ice. Yikes. glad I don't have to go anywhere until later this afternoon. This is finals week. I'm not as stressed out as I should be....*sigh*. I feel a little oblivious to everything I've put off until the last minute.

To Do: Breakfast, Scrape car, finish marketing paper, study for tech comm final, make big progress on web design final, photo shoot for photo final (3-4:30) 

Today is a good day to tell myself "NO procrastinating...AT ALL! If you make it through the next 3 days, you've earned a whole day off." 

Sammy ci :: 10:30 am

Yikes, time flies.

Done: Breakfast, telephone call with g-ma.

Next: Get dressed, scrape car, microburst on marketing paper.

More things to do: get glass and paint for photo shoot. I'm feeling like this will be a big accomplishment when all is said and done. 

I'll check back in soon. 

Sammy ci :: 12:50 pm

I did not work on my marketing paper. I scraped my car, bought some glass, paints, and brushes, and reserved the studio for my photo shoot. Now I need to start experimenting with the paint so I am ready when my model arrives this afternoon. I will have to work on marketing after the shoot.

Sammy ci :: 2:10 pm

Frustrated because the paint I bought wasn't transparent enough to do what I need it to do... I have an idea of another way to achieve the desired effect, but it won't be as cool as the other way.... I have to leave in about 30 minutes for the shoot.

I'm praying for all the students here on PA during finals week. 

pro's CI - 10:15am (heading to chatbox)

Closing the window and turning on the air conditioner really helped. When the radiator goes cold, I'll switch to the fan on high to mask the jackhammers. I'm much more relaxed.

The item I need to return is boxed up - ready to take to the post office, and the breakfast dishes are washed. Now I have to make the bed and open the table for work. I need to spend some time learning and planning today, but I don't want to get stuck in analysis paralysis. I feel like that happened a little yesterday, but maybe I was just impatient.

Since the noise mask is working and I don't have to run out of here, I'm heading to the chatbox.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

package pickups

 I just got a post card from the Post Office that they will pick up packages at your home! Your errand reminded me that I need to get on with some I need to post! Hope this helps. 

Journey 10 am update 11

Good morning . . . running a bit late today!   I got here at 9:00 and I have been on the phone with my ex-boss ever since.  I sent him an email last week to get some advice about a project and he called back with some excellent but rather long-winded advice lol.  I miss him, he was a great boss. 

coffee, then set mits and plan the rest of the day.

11:00 Back, and starting on MIT #1.   Gonna try to get into chatbox.




"Hard work must have killed someone." - Charles Gregory

pro's first check-in 9:30am

I got distracted in the middle of typing this, and it's past 9:30am now.

It's 55 degrees out and the heat is on full blast in my apartment (as usual). My windows are wide open so I can hear the very loud jackhammers on the street below me. I'm feeling unbearably irritated. I wanted to go into the basement to turn off the heat before I tried turning off my radiator valve (so water didn't get stuck in the pipes) but I could hear the super in the hallway and I don't want him to catch me.

I need to go somewhere else to work for a while today to get away from the noise and heat. Both are driving me crazy.

I got up kind of late - 8:30am. I don't think I went to bed late. Anyway, I emptied the dish drain and made breakfast. Now I need to dress, wash the breakfast dishes, make the bed, and get the hell out of here. I should finish boxing up the item I'm returning so I can bring it to the post office.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

heat and noise are driving me crazy!!!

I'm going to close the window and turn on the air conditioner, crazy as that is in winter. The jackhammers are machinery are very close and it's really hot in here!!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

kromer 9:10 CI

I'm exhausted for some reason, even though I slept for a long time last night, and I'm having a really hard time getting starting this morning.

Scheduled today:
*Lunch with classmates

*Go over 6 probability lectures
*3 problems from pset
*Prep for Harambee + buy card
*Fix interactome + start new runs w/ higher cap
*Finish coreg table

Other tasks
*Practice final exam
*Figure out how to make power spectrum
*Read review paper from DP

I'm going to start going over probability lectures now, then at 10 I'm going to leave for campus.  

kromer 2:40 CI

Blarg, I'm still feeling so slow and tired

I went over 6 probability lectures, bought a card, started Harambee prep and had lunch with classmates.

But I realize I left the rest of the Harambee prep stuff at home, so I'll need to go back and get it.

Also, now I have a mtg w/ DP at 4, so I have to prep for that.

I think I'm going to go home now, get Harambee material and finish Harambee prep. Then I'll read review paper from DP, so I'll be ready for mtg. After mtg, I'll head to Harambee.  

kromer 5:05 CI

Got Harambee prep material, read paper from DP and met w/ DP. Now I need to finish Harambee prep, call AG to make plans for tomorrow, and head to Harambee.

kromer 11:10 CI

I haven't had a day this bad in the morning...I came home from Harambee and just wasted time online for 2+ hours...didn't even try to pull myself away and start working.  So I didn't accomplish any of my last 3 MITs.

It's kind of embarassing to check in and admit this...

But I used to do this kind of mindless browsing all the time, and will try to take this slip up as a reminder of how bad my habits used to be. Tomorrow is a new day, and I know I can stay focused!

I'm going to log my eating and spending (new habits I'm trying to form), then do 1 problem from probability pset, then get to bed.  

Yay, Kromer!

Way to go. It IS really hard to check in when you know you messed up....but you did it! Tomorrow will be a better day. :-)

GeorgeSmiley 7:50 AM + Updates

GREAT Day-Starter!!!

I'm late to the home office. I went to bed too late last night, and life was complicated this AM by a big freeze outside. I'm still in PJs and robe and will remain that way until I finish at least MIT#1. Also, I have my PT job tonight so I'll have a short day, leaving at 3:30 or so. Focus will be especially important today.

MIT#1: Finish Project S. [It was due end of day Friday but I couldn't get done quite then. I'll finish it firs thing this AM.]

MIT#2: More calls on Project L. [one phone appt. already set for 10 AM]

First, reading some more Thich Nhat Hanh.

Update 8:25 AM

Adding some spiritual time in the morning, however brief, has been helpful. 

I've started working on MIT#1 but I'm going to go to Chatbox to help keep me going on it.

Update 10:30 AM

Finished MIT#1. Did phone interview appt. for MIT#2.

Breaking for a bagel and coffee refill

Update 10:55 AM

Break over. checking tasks to see next task.

More calls for MIT#2, Project L.

Update 1 PM

Have eaten lunch, washed dishes, showered. 

Back to work. Heading to chatbox

Will work more on MIT#2, Project L

Update 3 PM

Several calls out on Project L

Meanwhile, Client on Project S sent it back with request to dig into some more questions. Phone interview set for now with source to focus on requested issues

Update 3:40 PM

Followup interview done on Project S. Talked w/ editor, scheduled time to rewrite story later this week.

Off to PT job. Good night all!


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Hope-Faith CI 8:40

*Goodmorning today is a good day.

  • AM routine 
  • Coffee
  • Plan 2nd and 3rd
    • On-line games * Create P/P Test * E-mail * Update Grades/Print progress reports
  • Plan 4th
    • On-line games * Activities * E-mail * Create P/P Test  * Copies * Update Grades/Print progress reports
  • See Mrs. Griffin
  • Create SS Test
  • Check e-mail's
  • Lunch
  • Clean off desk - so I can think (clutter, clutter, clutter)
  • PM Routine


  • Software from E for printer
  • AG-Auth in 6 days
  • M, S, HC  from FL
  • Organize DT at work
  • Organize Q
  • Folders
  1. CI 10:45
  2. CI 1:05
  3. CI 3:00


Chick's CI

Monday's to do:

[x]get up early and collect recycling

[x] found stuff for DIY job, realize job may need more ambitious approach

[x] meetings

[x] process reports

[x] corresp incl RW

now I'm settled in to work at home--try to regain focus of the morning... microburst 1 starts now

[-] paper sort--only enough to do task below

[x]more reports--now start by formatting-almost done!-all done

[x ] minutes--I've done more than a microburst! Will do one more page, then back to the items listed above. Enough for now!!

Convalaria, Monday10am

 Thank you for starting the day movingalong.
I like the message.

Still without my laptop. IT departament is working on it and I may have it back later today or sometime tomorrow.
During the weekend I suffered withdrawl symptoms wwwithout my puter. I rely on it for so many things as well as my contact with PA. Recently I have found that checking in with progress is helpful and allows me to see patterns in my behaviour.  Listing stuff in a note book does not do it for me... Wonder why?
posting this at work in a place that is sort of public.

Tasks for today:

  • stuff from classroom to car (Not a MIT yet but a large job needing a few trips)
  • work om curriculum (MIT) specifically do the easy bit and list resources next to topics.
  • think about and then annotate by hand PD project (in the absence of my puter)
  • stay positive and make good choices at morning tea
  • go and buy food  for the next few days at school
  • Check in when I can

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."