Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, December 8 2008

Recycler CI 8:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I forgot to CI at the end of the work day today, so doing a quick CI now. I'm not out as late tonight as I usually am on Mondays, so it's ok.

Showered at gym this morning & got dressed for work. Brought a few things over to new condo. Arrived at work early so could make phone calls about car repairs. Even though my dad has volunteered to pay for my car repairs (which is wonderful), I feel guilt about the repairs being needed (even though there are 110,000+ miles on the car). Maybe I can just turn over this situation, this day, this week, to my Higher Power -- Thanks, HP!

Did projects at work, but was somewhat distracted by waiting for car place to call, trying to decide what to do next, etc. After work, drove Daddy's car to chiropractor appt. Ate dinner, then went to 12-step group. Next: take 2 boxes to new condo, brush teeth, get ready for bed & go to sleep.

Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalalria 8.36am tuesday and updates

 A strange day yesterday...
Busy but not focussed.
So The list from yesterday:

  • tidy desk  started a bit more
  • return some books to the right places  started and a bit more
  • call J   tried to, done and strategy discussed
  • buy fruit
  • start on laundry and ironing and mending  done
  • walk doggy again
  • exercise
  • spend time with mother very briefly
  • money for y
  • call Z  tried and tried again and again
  • feed self and son in a healthy way  done
  • pay bills
  • medical bill sorting
  • some time in garden
  • some time school sorting   done

New task for today

  • work on e and G curriculum
  • have coffee and scan newspaper done
  • have early lunch done
  • evening routine
  • feel sorry for myself started, continuing and still
  • had coffee with friends
  • cancelled dental appointment

9.40 CI          next PD project, continuing and will keep going  stage 1 done continued to work on PD project
11.45 CI 
1.30 CI 
3.30  CI 
8.10 CI 

7.00am Wednesday


  • meeting done
  • go home and collect document done
  • meeting at 6 pm with solicitor done

Thank you all for your support yestrday
Ans I will think about your advice kromer. I guess a lot of what I list could go into a routine.

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

tiptree 4:10 PM EST CI

so far, I've clocked 5 1/3 hrs of work

to do:

- clock 5 more hours (1 so far)
- 1468 in test (pending email query re requirements)
- tinymce changes in test (partly done -> held back b/c of css problems)
- clear 3 small bug items
- practice guitar
- clean office
- read 25 pp. JB
- DONE return library items

Ag 4pm

Hi PA Pals!  Just a quick ci from my hotel room en route to another meeting. Have to revise a doc and email the revision before leaving in 5 mins - very very tired from long weekend and busy day. but definitely NOT procrastinating! :-)

WOOOHOOO Ag!!!!!!!

Cool must be a wonderful realisation!
Well done and your post gives me hope

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Isabella CI 1:00pm

I had some progress this AM. Now for some afternoon fun...
Unfortunately, it will consist on repeating some of the stuff from this AM as these are really long, tedious and necessary tasks...

Maybe changing the order will help... :P

1. File organizing (1 hour)
2. Continue L.I.'s (1 hour)
3. Order S.C. (30 mins) -changed my mind
4. Finish folding laundry
5. Study for (50 mins)

As you can see this day is not terribly exiting. Afternoons are always harder...if necessary I'll give myself permission for a short nap.(20 mins)

Hope everyone else is hanging in there...I'm taking it one hour at a time. Sometimes is less scary that way.

yaaaaayyyyyy!!! Finished my official list for today. It was painful folks...thanks for being here. CI's definitely help.

Sammy ci :: 11:30 am

I had a very busy weekend, and have not checked in since Friday. All of Saturday was devoted to preparing for the Christmas parade here in town...building the float, preparing the puppets, getting the kids organized, being in the parade, and a sledding party afterwards. Sunday was a busy day between church, errands, and building a gingerbread house (my "kid moment" of the day) Now I'm folding laundry and waiting for the snow storm to roll in. 

Done: Get up at a reasonable time (8 am), eat breakfast & get dressed, car stuff (brush off snow/scrape ice, checked fluids, replaced wipers), some laundry (mostly folding), 

To Do: Marketing paper (yes, another one. 2, actually.), more laundry, pick up B & company at 4, obtain UWS transfer papers, review class schedule for next semester.

I think that's enough for today... Now its time for lunch, then back to laundry. 

pray for me?

Not feeling very motivated....also feeling the weight of a new problem:

My friends all want me to go up to Minnesota for new year's eve, where I'm positive they're just going to drink and get high all night....I don't do that. I never have. They just assumed that I would want to go to MN with them...which I really don't. I'm feeling used because it seems like all summer they just drank and got high, and kept me around to be their babysitter. I love them when they're sober...I just don't like having to keep track of them when they're not... I don't want to offend anyone by saying i just don't want to go......

Will you please pray for me? I'm just not sure how to handle the situation. I've already made up my mind that I'm not going...instead, I made plans with a friend from church who I KNOW I'll have a blast with. I just need to figure out how to break the news to my friends who are going up to MN, and how to handle their reactions.


Thank you all for your support... 

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I picked up my bible and read all of 2 Timothy today. It was encouraging, and I plan to read it again before I go to sleep tonight.  

I'm still having a really tough time getting things done tonight...I'm hoping this snow storm will come through for me, and I won't have class in the morning.

Tonight I need to take a shower and finish one of my marketing papers. I guess I won't be spending the night at my grandma's house.... no internet there... need that to finish my paper >.< 

pray for sammy

i pray that god gives you wisdom in how to handle this situation. In these situations, actually all kinds of situations, I try to quiet myself and sense god's leading, which invariably makes me look at the people involved with the love, as god views them.


prayers from me too. It

prayers from me too. It takes a lot of courage for you to make the right choice for you.

prayers for you sammy

praying for you...I'm sure you'll figure the situation out :)


I said a prayer for you and also share my experience on this: I simply say "Gee thanks for thinking of me, but I have other plans. Let me know what a great time you have, and we'll get together another time."  The last sentence is important because it reassures my drinking friends that I'm not judging or rejecting them.  And it's true even if you hadn't already made a specific plan. Sometimes my "other plan" is just to be where my HP wants and I already know that's not their plan.

Hope-Faith CI 12:20

  • Plan lessons 4th
    • On-line activities
    • Make copies
    • Email
    1. CI 9:40
    2. CI 11:10
    3. CI 11:20
    • Check Calander
    • Call P's
    • Buy Shoes for S



    GeorgeSmiley 9 AM + Updates

    Good morning, all...

    I've been at my desk since about 8:20 or so. I've gone thru a pile of loose papers and sorted them into my in-box (none are urgent) to deal with during breaks in the day. I have about 6.5 working hours today until I go to my part-time job. 

    I've listed 3 big blocks of time / activities for my work. Things that didn't fit in those blocks I moved to tomorrow.

    I think I have a realistic list of tasks for today. I've built in time for needed admin tasks, lunch, etc.


    MIT#1: Work on Project L Update 11:40 AM: 3-4 calls or other contacts made.

    MIT#2: Do Project T-B

    MIT#3: Work on Project P-2

    Update 11:40 AM

    Progress made on MIT#1.

    Sidetracked by complaints about my phone quality, which led me to make inquiries and to order a new phone and headset.

    Now begining work on MIT#2.

    Update 8 PM

    I got MIT#2 about 80% finished when I had to leave for my evening PT job. I'm just updating now because I have a few minutes of down time.

    It was a pretty good day, more productive and focused than I've been in a while.



    The Hero's Code:

    Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

    Hope-Faith CI 9:15

    Hi all, and thanks for the day starter Kromer.

    I have not been very faithful in checking in over the last week and a half but I  have done very will with keeping my procrastination to a min. I have been very sick for the last 4 days and hopefully I am on the up swing. So here is to a great productive day.

    • Am routine
    • Coffee
    • Plan lessons 2nd and 3rd
      • On-line activities
      • Make copies
      • Email
    • CI
    • Plan lessons 4th
      • On-line activities
      • Make copies
      • Email
    • Check calander for the week (busy week)
    • Send planning period e-mail

    CI 9:40


    H-F CI 11:05

    Thanks Kromer.


    feel better h-f!

    get well soon, and make sure to take time to take care of yourself!

    CL ci

    8:48am : set timer. MIT 1 & 2 are set. use chat.
    11:25 : worked hard on MIT 1. wish it didnt take so long, tho. pc crashed which ended timer which i just restarted now.

    6:10pm : low productivity day. But i am keeping at it. Trying to not be so upset at myself and just keep serving. As much as i can, even if it dont feel like it's that much. Going to catch up here.

    6:25pm : 15 min catch up here. feel a little refreshed and encouraged. Nice to have friends here. Back to work.


    Isabella CI 8:45am

    I want to take advantage of this Monday morning for a fresh start. Today's am goals are:

    1. Find arrangements for travel(40 mins)

    2. Work on L.I.'s(1 hour)

    3. Work on file organization(1 hour)

    4. Do laundry

    That's it for now...Good luck to everyone out there!

    Is Monday AM, let's seize this moment and start this week the best possible way!

    e on Monday

    I have not been here since Friday, so am glad to find myself checking in this morning. It was not a particularly productive weekend and I would like to get some satisfaction from doing parts of tasks. 

    Greeting cards - notations and sign them

    medicine - half taken

    dishes, half done

    one load of laundry 

    12 step literature: good

    morning pages

    pay amex!

    prepare resume

    e checking back

     I am feeling afraid to pay my Amex bill: it is a large amount and if I pay it off it will likely cause a lot of argument.  But it has to be done. Here goes.

    Chick's CI

    Thanks for the nice day starter Kromer


    The meetings and appointments for the day are over; got up very early to finish one thing. And one thing I had dreaded was fairly good instead of unpleasant.

    Now have umpteen things, but am going to motivate myself by doing microbursts instead of an overwhelming list. My goal is to get them done, but not feel wiped out or overwhelmed.

    so: [ x] cuppa and microburst 1

    [x] batch 2 and batch 3 and 4; will need an early start tomorrow but I have done enough for now.

    Rolzup CI

    [x] start coffee
    [x]morning chores
    [x]pour coffee/shower
    [x]check in over breakfast
    [ ] meditation
    [x]E-mail dash
    [x]check ticklers
    pack lunch
    to campus
    read JS
    write on S?
    []come home for lunch
    write on M


    kromer 7:50 CI

    *Probabiliy class

    *Finish genetics psets
    *Go over genetics notes
    *Pick up recycling bin+gift cards, take cans for deposit, reset thermostat
    *Email RH about plane tickets
    *Call AG

    Other tasks:
    *Clean room
    *Read 2 papers from DP's lab
    *PCR+check gel
    *Make sure interactome is correct, start runs with higher flow limit, bug lab members about computer
    *Do data analysis pos. 8-1&2

    Today I'm going to try keeping a time log...never done this before, but think it's important to try. Eventually I want to work up to doing this for a week, but for now I'm just going to give it a day.

    I'm going to start by cleaning my room...not a MIT, but I'm having trouble focusing with it so messy. Then I'm going to finish genetics psets; then go pick up recycling bin, take cans for deposit and reset thermostat; then email RH about plane tickets; then pick up gift cards. I'll work in the chatbox to keep myself on track.

    Update 8:25--finished cleaning room. Now I'm going to finish the genetics psets: should take about 1 hr. Back when that's done.  


    kromer 10:25 CI

    Cleaned room and finished genetics psets

    Now I'm going to pick up recycling bin, take cans for deposit and reset thermostat: should take about 1-1.5 hrs total. Back when all those tasks are done.  

    kromer 11:45 CI

    Picked up recycling bin, took cans for deposit, reset thermostat, had lunch, bugged labmates about computer. Now I'm going to take a 5 min break, then spend 20 min looking at plane tickets/emailing RH, then head to campus and pick up gift cards on the way, then start PCR.

    kromer 2 CI

    Looked at plane tickets and emailed RH, called AG, picked up gift cards, now on campus

    I don't have time to start PCR before my break, so instead I'll spend 25 min reviewing genetics notes, then go to class, *then* start PCR and print 2 papers from DPs lab, then go over some more genetics notes and head to Harambee.

    Also, a new task for the day...DP wants an updated version of my resume, and I want to make a good impression on him, so I'll try to send that off after I get back from Harambee.  

    kromer 4:25 CI

    Reviewed some genetics notes, went to class, went to library to get a book I need to help understand genetics notes, spent about 15 min talking to a friend and checking email, now I'm going to start the PCR and print the 2 papers.

    Update 5:15--started PCR and printed 2 papers

    now I have about 20 min before I need to leave for church. My inclination is that it's too short a time to do anything, but I know it's really important to use small chunks of I'll spend this 20 min studying genetics, should at least be able to review 1 lecture!

    kromer 9:25 CI

    Did some more genetics reading, went to Harambee, came home and had dinner, replied to some email and and took a phone call from a friend, wasted about 15 min online, now I need to go over genetics notes (and start updating my CV, though I don't think I'll be able to send it off until tomorrow).

    Going to update my time log, then work on going over genetics notes (in the chatbox)