Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Willing to Commit to the PA Phone Meeting Again. (Wednesdays 12noon ET-US)

Why:   Because I cant do this on my own and without spiritual muscle.
When: Starting Every Wed at 12 noon ET (US).
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 339-4300

Everyone is invited.The ONLY requirement is stop compulsively procrastinating a day at a time.

We will discuss tools, the steps and read from the 12 and 12 replacing the word alcohol with procrastination. I will be following PRO meeting format so fel free and join in or to even co-chair. First things first. Easy does it but do it now!!!


This meeting is no longer happening. Click the Meeting Lists button at the top of the page for current meetings. -pro

Call 1-218-339-3600 then

Call 1-218-339-3600 then enter access code 119655# when prompted. Topics change daily.  Call to discuss a topic or concern around procrastination with others of like minds and spirits.  Get action buddies for difficult tasks and checkin throughout the day and into the evening as you are lead... Spirit 




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Hi Whela

The Procrastinators Anonymous phone meetings are at 218.339.3600, code 119655#.

They are at 7:30am EDT, 8:30am EDT, and 11:00am EDT only, M-F.

The post for the Weds, 12 noon phone meeting is very, very old, and has not been happening for a very, very long time. There is no call at this time.

Hope this helps.



Correct (Request clarification for newbies)


I "bit off" on this 2008 post before (or one like it) too like Whela did.

May I ask just for the "date management" of these, is it IN GENERAL better to "add a thread" or to "reply" after skimming for the most recent post?

Otherwise, I find there is no consistency to the chronology and mis-reads like this can be easy to make.

THANKS for clarifying, MC (or anyone).

I'd like to join

I'd like to join in on the phone meetings.  I'd also be interested in one for the evenings at 6:30 pm PST/ 9:30 EST.  Feel free to contact me :)





I am so relieved to see there is some type of meeting for procrastinators I can go to, even if it is a phone meeting.  How many people are on the phone conference?  Do I just call the number at the scheduled time?  Thank you.

outreach calls

I would do a phone meeting on Saturday or Sunday in the middle of the day, Pacific time; or during the evening on weekdays.   But I'm mostly looking for people experienced in the program, whom I can make outreach calls to. Please contact me personally with your phone number if you are taking outreach calls.

Newcomer hopes someone will show up

I'm giving up on the call after 10 minutes alone. Can you respond here if you plan to be there on 10/29 or any other week? Thanks!

No one showed up for the phone meeting.

Lemme know if people would like it or  not.

RE: no one showed up for the phone meeting

Hey Money, and glad to have to have you back. 

I'm not really into the phone meeting, I didn't feel comfortable doing it with other people around.  But I know others on the forum expressed an interest, so I look forward to hearing what they have to say.

We do appreciate your making the effort though! 


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Yes I would like to get something going.I do a phone meeting in another fellowhip every morning at 8:30am and it seems to be working.Thought I would give it a shot.GOD Gift Of Desperation need help with this stuff and can't do it on my own.


 Call  Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 339-4300

  Participant Access Code: 315201#

Beginners  Meeting will discuss the Tools of PA.

U sure, right-Today l8R- WED-NOON,6/23/10, WED!!??Will be ppl th

Pls I hope LOTs of U show up at 12 ish/!!! looking fwd 2 it!



Have a wonderful day all~! I'm new to this group. Let's show Inertia  the door & march onward!?!!