Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 24 August 2008

Sunday 24 August 2008

    We will no longer fear the truth.
           We will move from hiding in denial
                  to living in reality.

                                                  -- from the  D.A. Promises . 


Journey 9:30 checkout

Kids left at 9 pm and I have just finished cleaning up after them.  I will give myself 15 minutes to relax with computer stuff then hit the sack!  

Today has been a productive and enjoyable day.  Let's make them all like that!

Good night . . .


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

kromer 6:30 CI

I got all moved out yesterday.

Today I've gone to church+deacon's mtg and gotten a mattress, but that's it...I've been tired and felt lazy, grrr.

This evening I'm going to try to get a small, manageable amount of work done--I'm going to push myself to be somewhat productive, but I'm going to allow myself lots of breaks. (grad school starts tomorrow, so I'll be having a lot less relaxation time ;) )

Initial Tasks:
*Fix webmotifs and delete the 100s of error message emails I've been getting
*Tidy my stuff
*Look at comcast website and email roommates about what I think we should get
*Look up used furniture stores around new apt.
*Spend 30 min taking notes about research philosophy/what I want in a lab.

I'll update as each of these things gets done, and when I'm done with all of them I'll take a 45 min break.

Convalalria on Monday Morning 6.35 am, 9.35, 18.37pm

Nothing great to report.
The **** has hit the fan at work.
I think that it will work out OK, but not a pleasant thing to have to deal with.
Plan to work in 15 minute bits until I leave at 7.45 am for work.


  • 15 minutes shower, dress, medicate
  • 15 minutes poo pick up and houshold tasks
  • 15 minutes pack stuff
  • 15 minutes hair and make up
  • 15 minutes quick dogggy walk then leave

at school

  • 15 minutes think about lesson 1
  • teach lesson 1
  • check in during free lesson 2 and think again

6.41 now one of the 15 minutes will have to go undone!!!!

this site is sometimes slowwwwww to load.

No make up but moisturised face during drive to work and blow dried hair at school!
Called brother re financial stuff a nd younger son re dinner invite for tonight wile waiting at taffic light.
Started attendance and work record for another  class
Established some tentative dates with that class
Started to revise chem.

NOW  and untill 3.10

  • prepare for junior bio class done
  • prepare for Junior sci class done
  • a little bit of correction for junior sci class
  • speak with head egarding take home test/ quia test
  • think about revision for evo
  • email colleagues regarding where they are in the syllabus half done
  • email john done
  • check back in when I get home.  done

It is now 18.37 and since 15.10 I have

  • driven home
  • bought onions and bread and grapes
  • fed and walked the dog (15 minute walk)
  • spent 45 minutes with dog
  • tea, grapes, sandwich and food bar.

Next I want to

  • empty car
  • have another cup of tea
  • 15 minutes laundry and ironing
  • 15 minutes cooking
  • 15 minues tidy kitchen
  • 15 minutes tidy bedroom

check in later


Great progress, Convalaria

Hey there Convalaria! Good to see you.  Looks like you're getting stuff done!

-- movingalong

Recycler CI 2:25pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

takin' it easy today :)

Today: bike ride, wash/dry loads of clothes, bought weekly provisions. 95% I've decided on a paint color for next month; but I'm still having some thoughts about it. Next: start getting things ready for this week at work.

Have a great afernoon/evening! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

GeorgeSmiley 11:22 AM

Good morning everyone.

I'm in my home office, not working but planning to write a letter to my mother.

I like writing letters to her, but I tend to put them off, mostly because I want to do it all at once rather than take short bursts of time. I know that I need to let go of the "all at once" thing, though.

Mrs. GS and I ended up not going to church today, which is OK (we usually go every week, either to hers or to mine, either together or separately. We belong to two different faiths but find our respective churches are hospitable to both of us).

She's working in the garden. I'm going to set a 30 minute time limit to start on this letter to my mother.

 I'm also going to take 15 minutes to straighten up a folder rack on my desk that holds files for all current projects.

CI for Lark, 10:56am

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope to make the meeting today, and I'll see you then. I'm sort of taking an inventory here, and there are some things I'll be asking for suggestions about--like how you folks schedule periods of time, etc.
To do:
(X)morning things
spiritual time
major cleaning swoop everywhere around here
finish loose ends and double check last week's work projects
go to building supply store (make list first)
make work schedule for this week
call about sick relative
check in here in a couple of hours

To Lark, Re: Scheduling blocks of time

Hi Lark!

Have you considered Tool # 6 from the Tools?

I am amazed at how much I can get done while waiting for something to heat in the microwave, or while waiting for coffee to brew.

--  movingalong

Thanks moving!

I appreciate your advice. With a little practice and awareness, things can go more efficiently and less boring. For example, the coffee made itself this morning--without me watching it.

Journey 9:15

  Happy Sunday everyone!

I didn't do so great yesterday.  I just figured I spent about 4 hours on my computer games.  That's twice as much as I had planned!  I'm going to use the timer today.  I didn't use it yesterday and that always gets me into trouble.   I can plan to sit down at the computer for 10 minutes and before I know it, an hour has gone by.  

First item on the agenda:  laundry.  I have one load in to wash, and now I will fold and put away the clean laundry.  Later !


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

Journey 11:45 Update 2:50

2 loads of laundry done and dishwasher has been unloaded and partly loaded. Taking a 10 minute break (with timer!). After break, finish dishes and give dog a bath.




Update:  dishes done, more laundry done, bread in bread machine, ground beef browned, dog washed.  whew!  break time.  Then clean bathroom after dog bath and take a bath myself.  



"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

Mark CI 1:06 AM

to do Sunday:

sleep 8 hours
work 8 hours
research layout issues
validation done
test feature
review requirements/compile complete list of outstanding issues
downmerge change from Friday for VCU
cmp VCU/Mayo DICOM/used case count + email dev.
gw - did I email him about cron issue on vcu?
read 1 ch. programming book
read 1 comic
read 25 pp novel
play through 1000 7s

water plants

Falcon Sunday pre-CI

Hi all,

Checking in ahead on Saturday night for Sunday.

I think the best plan for tomorrow is:  eat breakfast, take a short walk, then do a (20 + 5) x 3 hack.  Rather than get overwhelmed by any one task, just work on any of my MITs for 20 minutes, take a 5-minute break, work on any other task for 20 minutes, etc.  Otherwise I'll worry about how much stuff I have to do, and put off ALL of it!

I'll check in & report on how it goes. 


Falcon Sunday CI

Hi everyone!

O.k. . . I've changed the sheets and put in a load of laundry, exercised and eaten breakfast. I've had a cup of tea so I'm hydrated & caffeinated. And I've got the air conditioners going so I can't use the excuse that it's "too muggy" to get anything done. Wink

Timer at the ready for a (20 + 5) x 3 hack. 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .



Noon-time update:

So far, so good!  I got started on a bunch of things.  Now my plan is to take a 15 minute break, and do it again. 


Falcon - the hack off track

My hack got off track, but for a good reason. One of my goals was to call my friend L. this evening and get caught up, but in mid-hack, she called me (and told me she was procrastinating on writing a research paper!Laughing) We had a great chat, and while we were talking I did some cleaning in the kitchen, so that it now looks like a place where one would actually want to prepare food (how it gets so dirty when I hardly ever cook, I have no idea!)

Next up: eat some lunch, clean myself up a bit, and go to grocery store. Oh, and hang up laundry first.


Edited to add:  got cleaned up, hung up the laundry, then started reading a book while eating lunch.  O.k., putting down the book and going to get the groceries NOW. 


Falcon dinnertime CI

Hi all,

I'm not doing too bad; at least I've made some progress on all of my goals this weekend.  

Got the groceries, made sandwiches, finally got the ugly rust ring off of the toilet bowl (couldn't seem to scrub the thing off, finally used hot water & denture cleaner!)

Next up, eat dinner & take a break, then:

  • Do face mask
  • Make pasta salad
  • Get paperwork ready to take with me tomorrow (as much of this as I can do in 20 minutes -- I'll set a timer)
  • Run through music
  • Get to bed



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Each person should come or not come according to their own inner guidance -- i.e. the Higher Power of their understanding.

I cannot enter the PA meeting

This time I did not procrastinate. I tried to come 45 minutes before meeting starting time to  the chatting room and I have tried and tried. But there is the text  Chat is loading Please wait and nothing happens. A week ago I could enter but two weeks ago I could not go in. This morning my Java was updated.