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Thursday 27th July 2006

TL - BE - 1:45 PM

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CDs to computer and return to library
Pick up house for 1 hr

Hi Normy, Pro, Anouk, todayfirst, and all!

I missed you for a few days - but I'm back.

todayfirst's bookending section

Ok, ran into a bit of a snag yesterday and feeling discouraged but I am going to be more positive about it. I've run into this kind of mind-numbing complexity before and in the end, I always manage to get things working. It just takes time and a lot of courage.


That's one of the reasons that I tend to stop doing a project when it's nearly complete - I leave the complexities and queries until last until addressing them as they arise. Sometimes things just ~are~ complex. It's good that you recognise that you've always got things working in the past, and you know what it takes (and you've got it!).

Go for it! :)

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I talked with someone about the project and it really is complicated... even more so than I thought yesterday! The good news is there are possible solutions. I think I still need to spend more time planning this out. I wanted to get started coding because that is the only time I feel like I am making progress (and it's more fun) but that'll have to wait.

pro's bookending section

Good morning! I don't know how much bookending I'll be able to do today, but I wanted to at least say good morning. I have a fun-filled day ahead of me: dentist, then car repair. After that... might go swimming in the river. :)

I'm returning to New York some time tonight. I have plenty of work to do, but might take today off - I don't get to be in the country that often these days.

Being nosey

Why ~do~ you go to the country every so often? Is it business/pleasure or both?

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Milo's check-in

I did it! I pulled out a top that I LOVED the fabric for a year ago and I decided I still like it and it's worth finishing the job. I asked DH and he also likes it.

So I have scheduled 2 hours over the weekend in 2 sessions to complete the top. If I find it too hard, I will post it to my mum to help me ;)

Now I have to do the ironing while I watch MY favourite show, Medium!

that reminds me...

Good for you!

I've got a little sewing project that is incomplete that I keep thinking about but never do. I better add it to my list too! There's something about those craft type projects... they always seem so easy to start and so hard to finish.

I changed my mind, but for the better...

After sleeping on it I decided to toss it out - mainly because this morning I looked for the extra fabric to put it all together in my office ready to do and there isn't any! :shocked:. I must have already tossed it (sometimes I am TOO ruthless!). And on reflection it doesn't really flatter me much. So I took a deep breath and threw it in the bin!!! And then I got to cross something off my schedule, too (yippeeee!) :lol:

ps - todayfirst, I just thought of a tip for you (and for anyone else reading). Don't put it on your to-do list (because it's not critical you remember it) - just schedule an appointment with yourself in your schedule/planner/calendar to do it. It's less overwhelming that way, especially if you have a big list. It's what I often do.

That's a good idea

That's a good idea... actually, I put it in my "Someday/Maybe" list. That's one of the ideas from the Getting Things Done book that I really like, because it lets me keep track of things I think I want to do but shouldn't really be worrying about right now. At the moment, I don't think I should be putting it in my calendar because I am in the middle of another big big project that I need to keep working on (like remodeling the kitchen).

Sometimes, I have found parts missing in my abandoned projects. I wonder if subconciously I haven't already decided that the project is NOT going to get done }:) Anyways, that's one less thing you have to worry about!


We'll help you too ;)

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And you do!

Everyone is very motivating here :)

I'm going great guns!!!!!

Anouk's Bookending section

Ta Da:
- learned
- had shower -> swish & swipe
- learned some more
- walked DDog
- had breakfast
- took exam -> it went ok

To Do:
- learn for second exam this afternoon (haven't had time to learn anything so far) :-(

Anouk's first and last CI

Thank you Normy!

I felt really bad this afternoon. My brain was totally full with information. I got really upset. Poor DSO!!!

But the second exam is over and I think, it should be enough to pass it.

Had a wonderful evening with DSO and DSO in the park.

Going out for dinner now!

Well done Anouk

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Congrats on getting the first exam of the day done OK. All the best for the next one!

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Norm's Bookending Section

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Hey, where did my bookend go?!

Must've forgotten that darned preview thing again.

So here's a recap and an update in one:

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*Morning Routine (took longer than normal because we didn't wash up yesterday)
*Private 1-1 Yoga Therapy Session (the first one I've done of this type, and it went very well I think :) )

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*Photocopying for this morning's therapy session (Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI ~intended~ to do it ~before~ the session so I could give it as a handout, but being a procrastinator I was sat here posting on this board (or not, as it turned out, because it didn't post), but it's going to be a 'follow-up' handout instead.
*Get today's list into some sort of logical order
*Yoga Sutras reading

I'm going to need a snack and cuppa first though.

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Normy 4.45 pm BST

Gone a bit out of order, and I've decided to do some of it tomorrow (more about this on another thread), but it was an ambitious list today and I'm pleased with how it's going.

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Neutral: MR
Fun: 1-1 (are you allowed to call work 'fun' LOL!)
Neutral: DR
Neutral: Check if mobile needs charging (doesn't)
Neutral: Go to supervision

Hmm, I seem to have avoided the Stinky jobs so far today, and the only 'fun' I had was work (it was originally in my 'neutral' category because I was ambivalent about certain aspects).

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Fun: Reading

Stinky: Print invitations
Neutral: Weekly Review
Fun: Yoga Sutras (I've moved this one because it involves thinking, and my brain wants a rest at the moment)
Fun: Reading

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Good job

Sometimes it's ok to not finish everything on your list. After all, it's just a tool. We should control the lists not let them control us (which sometimes happens to me)! :)