Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

A change in the way I feel

I'm posting this for two reasons:

1) To inspire and motivate those of you who are just beginning to address procrastination (I started seriously in January, and had been working my way up towards it for about a year or two before that);

2) To remind myself of this in case things go all pear-shaped again. I've recognised a pattern of procrastination/anticrastination in me - fortunately the procrastination phases are getting shorter and the anticrastination phases are getting longer. So if Future-Norm is reading this - REMEMBER WHAT THIS IS LIKE! You can make it happen again, Norm!

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This anticrastination is fantastic! I recommend it to all procrastinators :)

I actually ~feel~ different. I feel less oppressed. I feel like I can enjoy my free time without feeling guilty. (I've ~got~ free time!). Tasks I used to hate are becoming easier because they're not weighing on me so heavily. I'm ending each day with all or most of the jobs I had planned done (there's still the other 6,000 odd on my Big List, LOL, but I'm nibbling away at that in the time I have left-over). I feel like 'other people' who can come home and read a book or go out or whatever. I ~am~ 'other people'! (A few weeks ago a friend commented on the fact that I like reading, and asked me how many hours a day I read - ha! I was reading between 0 - 30 mins a day - often not at all. Last night I was reading something just because I wanted to - not even a borrowed book that had to be returned by a certain time!).

If I get the Urgent Important stuff done first, it means that I ~can~ do the rest at a more leisurely pace, and that if I do it sooner rather than later it's because I ~choose~ to because it makes life ~easier~.

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Thank you!

That's very inspiring - I can't wait to have that feeling of peace.

I am going to dive into my unfinished sewing projects tonight, make a decision about one of the pieces and schedule time in my plannner to deal with it (complete it or toss it will be my two choices!).

Then after that piece is completely dealt with, I'm going to make another decision and so on until they are all either finished or thrown away. It will take a while, but I am a lot less intimidated if I only have to make one decision tonight.

Babysteps!!! :)

Craft projects

I did that last year. It was very sad, and I wanted the part-finished crafts not to 'go to waste' so I ended up taking them to a day centre where they were gratefully received (I wasn't at the point where I could just toss them). Once they were gone I was relieved, and it cleared a lot of space. I still feel rueful sometimes that I'm not a craft person at the moment, but it's good to recognise that I'd overcommitted myself, and to let myself off the hook. I can always take it up again later.

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That's a good idea..

Maybe they might be okay to donate to charity - but so long as they are wearable. Or to a sewing school for examples of 'what NOT to do!!!!'

Anyway, tonight is here and I promised myself I would go and take one thing out to make a decision on, so here I go....!!!!!!

ps - I have a client that tries to keep all this craft stuff when I know very well she's not that person anymore, and even when she can do it again, she's not going to do cross-stitch, woodwork, scrapbooking AND sewing. No single mum has THAT much time on her hands!!!!!