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Monday, June 23, 2008

How to fight a monster:

take it one tenticle at a time


Recycler CI 9:50pm EST


Today: walk, stretch, work, request check, deposit other check, journal, support group, talk with sponsor.

Now: surf web a little bit more before bedtime.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

3:07pm for Lark

Ah, I told myself to stay off the computer this afternoon. Plans got shifted earlier when I had someone stop by to help out, so no errands for now (maybe later or tomorrow). I need to call a client to have him come for his stuff, but I feel like being alone for a while. Well, back to my list. If I show up here before five Byo'clock, please strongly admonish me anyone!

Journey 10:45

I've been to the gym, my email is read (but not processed), and MITs are set for the day.  MIT #1 finished, off to take care of MIT #2!  man, I barely recognize myself anymore.  What have you done with the old me, PA?  lol

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

beg jo

so just promise me you'll stay here and do step 12 to us :)

c ci

hi all. feels comfortable here.

Inspired to take one tentacle at a time today :)

Set MITs. I feel motivated to work today.

2pm: well i felt motivated for about 1 min til i figured out my MIT today was a big boring one. I listened to music to get myself thru it. It took a long time, i think, but i might be suffering from sign 3. I tend to think boring, mechanistic tasks should take zero time. But they dont.

Ok now do my next MIT which is mid-day tasks.

Lark at 9:19am

Hi everyone. Some things went very well yesterday, some things just didn't start. All and all, it was okay. I need to make a hard copy of my "to do" list for today. That usually keeps things busy and me out of the house for long. It's going to rain here around three pm, and I have outdoor work for today. Only thing, I have to get the supplies, and that'll take an hour or so. Just in time to get back for the "manic panic" to set in for the upcoming rain.
spiritual (not me)time
errands: a. supplies, b. drycleaning, c. bank, d. car dealer
work project A
finish B and call client
next xection of project C
check over kitchen walls before paint

kromer 8 CI

Love the thread starter e!

I need to:
*Start laundry
*Print out house jobs sheet
*Leave for work at 8:30

Update 8:30--realize I should wait for laundry to finish b/c I have some delicates, so won't we able to leave for 20 the meantime I'll sort the rest of my laundry and bug people about house jobs, then leave asap (definitely before 9)

kromer 9:15 CI

I bit off a little more than I could chew today...I got through 2 of my tasks from the 2:20 CI, but then was exhausted and decided to come home. I took the long way home to get some exercise, had a healthy dinner and a planned 30 min break.

Now I have spend the last 40 min trying to motivate myself to do something useful :rolleyes:

Things I need to get done tonight:
*Fold laundry
*Organize lab papers
*Clean kitchen
*Spend 30 min skimming U87 papers
*Spend 30 min taking notes for tomorrow's 8 am meeting 

kromer 2:20 CI

Now I'm done with the morning tasks I listed in my 10am CI. I'm having a productive day, yay! :grin:

I'm going to take another 10-min break to clear my head, and then keep plugging away at my MITs.
1)Continue researching other methods for measuring TF presence/activation:
I've already looked at panomic's assays for doing this, next I'm going to look into methods using antibodies (including in situ western)/other possible assays for measuring nuclear concentration. This should take about an hour. If I have time, I'll look into the correspondance between nuclear concentration and activation


2)Skim 2 papers on U87 cells (30 min)

3)Look at distribution of CBP binding around the TSS (30 min)


4)Answer 2 emails with questions about WM (30 min)

After I finish these tasks, I'll head home. If it's not raining, I'll take the long way home so I can get some exercise. When I get home, I'll fold my laundry, make a healthy dinner and check in again.

I plan to some more work in the evening, organizing my lab papers and gathering my thoughts for my meetings with CH, AK, and PF tomorrow.

kromer 10 CI

Just got to lab (didn't leave house until 9:15, and dawdled a bit on the way), but I finished all of the above tasks, and now am ready to work. I didn't get as much done last week as I would have liked, so the first few days of this week are catch-up

My MIT's for work are:
*Look at type of modifiers that interact with coregulators (get list, and then calculate stats) (DONE)
*Organize lab papers
*Research other methods for measuring TF presence/activation (DONE)
*Skim 2 papers on U87 cells
*Look through 3 papers that use sequence-based TF activation assay (DONE)
*Email AK about sequences (DONE)

Less important tasks for work are:
*Answer 2 emails about WM (STARTED)
*Look at distribution of CBP binding around TSS (DONE)
*Read up on in situ western (DONE)
*Organize lab computer files on my laptop

Here's my plan for the morning:
1)Look through 3 papers that use seq-based assay, and take some notes. (1 hr) DONE
2)Email AK about sequences (15 min) DONE
3)Get list of which types of modifiers are connected to each coreg. (30 min) (DONE)
4)Calculate stats on modifier-coreg connections (45 min to do preliminary/rough calculations, which is all I need right now) (DONE)

I'll update as I complete these tasks, and check back in which an afternoon plan when I get through these.

G - CI, 7.07pm

Have to:
* Load up two units. Check off relevant issues.
* Copy pictures across.
* email

* Put email together for other thing. DONE 7.46pm - did this first.

* Pretend I've gone home, have a nap, and try and get some real work done?

[Edited to add:] * Timesheets
(Wow, I'm disliking it so much that I forgot to even put it on the list. Yes, this was Friday's sinkhole. Turned out it wasn't due til tonight.)

Uh. I got up early this morning and made it to work 1 & 1/2 hours early.
Good on me for trying, but bad idea.
Getting in early gave me a laid back feeling I haven't been able to shake all day - or a feeling of failure that I got in early and STILL haven't gotten any work done (what a waste!). Getting in on time, or within 15 minutes, means I quickly get down to work (and have had more sleep). Getting in late-late, makes me feel like a failure, and is also bad for productivity. I'll need to fine-tune this until I can get my mental space better somehow (how?).

G - CO, Monday

Got timesheets done!

(Lets not discuss how long it took to face it. ;D )

Congrats Grail!

On completing a dreaded task. Way to go!

get in early=get laid back

oooh i have had that. Get in early, then feel like, wow, i have all this time, i can do xyz which leads to procrastination. It feels like such a waste of my "get in early".

I wish you well in fine tuning this for yourself. I've been trying to just prevent myself from getting that laid back feeling. Trying to tell myself that the feeling that i have 'extra time' is a lie. I can do this if i do it at the first blush of the temptation to procrastinate.

e's Monday

It was a very good day yesterday, there was a balance of work and play  yesterday, so that felt very good.  Went to Get Smart yesterday at the outdoor theatre had a good time. fCame home, worked on paperwork while watching a movie until 2 am. I am up early these days, but feel pretty good. Need to watch my salt intake, though: I look like a puffer fish this morning.

Today, lots and lots to do.

I have been putting off writing an email: that is MIT

Good effort last night on going through paperwork. Continue

self care: : begin