Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

New here and very excited

Hi everyone.

I was excited to find this forum, as I've been having major problems with procrastination. This week I finally realized I had a problem.

I'm working on a large project for a publishing company. I write ESL books from home. I was given the job of writing 6 books in 4 months... Not an easy task, but somewhat doable. They are ESL books for young leaners -- nothing too academic.

I've written 4 of 6 books, but the last two are a big problem. I just can't get it in gear. I should be writing one unit per day, but instead I've written 1 unit in the last week. I recenly made up some excuses and managed to get an extension on my deadline, but I feel guilty about it.

I've always been somewhat of a procrastinator, but I got through it -- somehow. But now I can't afford to procrastinate anymore...literally. I scored this contract with a biggish company, which could give me more work in the future if I do a good job. I would hate to fail due to procrastination. 

So, I was feeling especially crappy today after wasting yet another full day, so I googled "procrastination problem" and found this group. I'm excited about keeping myself accountable by posting here.

Looking forward to kicking things into gear and watching others do the same.


chatbox as a workspace

Sister, one of the best tools of this place is the chatbox. For many of us we find that by using the chatbox as an office where we talk ourselves through the microsteps of projects, we are more effective at getting through things we dread. For me, I dread paperwork, which represents painful decision-making. I might make up a room of my own, or work alongside someone here and in the course of that I am able to address the emotional experiences I go through as they occur. If I find yourself getting stuck today, or if you want to motor through a bunch of things, have a place to brainstorm, etc. I have found it to be an excellent space to do so.


PS. Welcome!

hey sistah

sounds like you're ready for our daily check-ins topic, in the daily check-ins forum.

I wish you recovery from compulsive procrastination!

I just checked in and I'm

I just checked in and I'm pumped. Thanks!


Congrats on finishing the first 4 books, and hope the check-ins and support here help you finish the rest. Good to have you! :)

Welcome sister!

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright