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Saturday, 22 July 2006

Hi Everybody! (if anybody else is here this Saturday).

I saw in the Friday thread that Normy and Slider will both be away for a few days.

I didn't post yesterday because I spent all day and all evening setting up my new computer. I'm about done with that. I decided not to sell my old computer after all - I want to keep them both so I have a backup. They're also good for different things, plus I use two incompatible development systems and need to install them on different computers.

I'm still doing a lot of cleanup type stuff today - updating software, defragging my hard disk. This morning I spent about an hour very carefully cleaning the dust and stray hairs out of my notebook keyboard. I've noticed that the motherboard can go after a while if too much gunk gets in there.

After I do some more basic stuff today, I want to spend most of the day studying a new Web development technology I want to learn.

Anybody else here today and working?

pro's check-in section

It's humid and pouring again today - a good day to stay inside and take care of things I haven't had a chance to do...

pro's CI - 8:50pm (last check-in)

Software on computer has been updated and the backup is running. I'm going to go to bed early tonight, so I'm just going to fool around with OneNote a little bit, and that's it.

I'll be back tomorrow - I wonder if anyone else will be here. It's so dead one weekends.

pro's CI - 8pm

I backed up the hard drive of one of the computers. Now I need to update the software on the other computer and back that up, too.

I also answered some business email.

I'm feeling tired - I got up early this morning.

pro's CI - 6:30pm

I set up and formatted the new external hard drive, and installed Norton Ghost on the new computer. I'm about to back up the hard drives of both computers.

pro's CI - 4:20pm

I returned the USB hub from Radio Shack, and bought a better one for half as much at J&R (plus a huge, screamingly fast external hard drive). I'm eating lunch now - back to work after that...

pro's CI - 1:30pm

Looks like it's just me and me today. Oh well. I realize most people don't try to get work done on weekends.

Ta Da

- Made a belt to hold up my too-big shorts.
- Figured out how to attach office light to wall.

To Do

- Return USB hub to Radio Shack (bright blue light drives me crazy).
- Buy another USB hub on the internet - or maybe go to J&R (that's fun).
- Spend some time learning to use Microsoft OneNote.

pro's CI - 12:20pm

Ta Da

- Made a belt to hold up my too-big shorts.

To Do

- Figure out how to attach office light to a place on the wall that will actually allow me to see.