Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Lark at 11:00pm

Hi everyone. Hope this works, as I haven't been able to logon all day. In any event, I had a busy day, reasonably productive, with several interruptions. Will post again soon.

Recycler CI 9:25pm EST


Since moving to my current location a year ago, this Spring has been the first season that I have been walking to/from work several days a week. So the walking commute is what I did for Earth Day today.

I had a volunteer activity this evening. I drove to it, since it was 6 miles round trip; but that is ok, because I did walk for the shorter commute to work.

Tonight: Now to read a chapter in some recovery books before bed.

Have a good night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

pro's CI - 7:30pm

I'm back home from work, and can do a little more time bingeing on the site. Wink

I'm going to see how many of the outstanding issues I can resolve tonight.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

rec ci

I am really stuck, haven't even been posting here since I'm so paralyzed. But I know my inaction just adds to my overwhelming "to do" list, and makes me feel even more guilty about all the things not done, so here is a better-late-than-never short Check in:

calls to A, C, G, C, D (at least 3 of these!)
e-mails to R, P, J
work on M document

Thanks for the online support here!


Yoda to do


1. deposit check in bank

2. feed animals/me/kid

3. usps: mail money order

4. trouble shoot telephone

5. declutter something/anything/anywhere



1. deposit check in bank - DONE

2. feed animals/me/kid - DONE

3. usps: mail money order - DONE

4. trouble shoot telephone - DONE

5. declutter something/anything/anywhere - DONE (front porch)

Woot! 5 for 5!!

Way to go Yoda!!!

way to go yoda

you got everything on your list done.  I can't usually say that.  Keep up the good work.

Journey 12:30

Good morning . . . or I guess that would be good afternoon!

I'm offically off work today but I've been checking email and I might try to finish one thing that I had a problem with yesterday afternoon.

I got up early and went to the gym and the grocery store . . .the kids are coming over for dinner. Then I took a nap!! I've been doing nothing for the last hour or so and it's time to get moving.

First up - plan the rest of my day.

Check back at 1.


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” - Stephen Covey

So tired, tired of waiting...

I've been waiting three hours on sheetrock guy to come.
I've been waiting a day for roofer to come fix a persistent leak in the NEW roof they installed months ago.

This is great for a procrastinator because I feel like I'm doing something while I'm waiting. Unfortunately, this feeling is misleading, and I am, alas, doing nada.

Ah, the pitfalls that await the procrastinating side of me.

Time to call them again.

Meanwhile, I will try to concentrate on posting receipts. Yes, this is what I will do!


peg's recovery

sounds like youre in recovery. keep up the good work, peg.

I am trying

I have always struggled, but I don't stay in a state of paralysis as long now as I used to.

kromer 10 CI

Love the new chat!

Last night, didn't get through what I said I'd do (finished econ chapter, then went straight to bed), so I was embarassed and put off checking in, and have done very little this morning. Oh well, time to start now!

First up:
*Figure out what's up with EGF weights
*try lower cap
*Read article on averaging methods

kromer 11:40 CI

Finished the above.

Next up:
Figure out expr. weighting method
Make new interactome with gcc expr weighting
Visualize results from lowering cap and from new test data set
Download Novartis human expr compendium/ask KM whether he's used it
Talk to LR

kromer 2:20 CI

OK, had mtg with my supervisor about my results, didn't go to well, really need to buckle down now.

On the above list, did 1,3,and 5; still need to do 2; 4 postponed for a few weeks I think

Next up:
*Look at connections between GR and genes/coregs
*Email LR with available times
*Take notes from meeting
*Check in again

kromer 3:30 CI

3 above tasks done.

Next up:
*Update graph to use expr filtering
*Visualize results from new calculation
*Pick up Lowry data
*write section on motif scanning

c ci 9:45am

welcome all to the new version. I'm in chat, but it's in a burried window. prob wont respond right away.

But i just got a work email i have to respond to, so anxiety be damned, full speed ahead. [edit 9:50am: done]

c ci 12:20pm (edit: 10:35pm; edit 1:10am)

ok so i finished the email requests i got. Now my mid day tasks, and then back to MIT.

[edit 10:35pm]: time to do task SS but dont wanna. Posting for motivation...

[edit 1am]:did that SS task and many others. Had a medium productive day.

Now time to do daily step 3 time.


you mean you like the old chat better?

Gotta laugh at that. If you all hadn't been carrying on about the chat, I never would have updated the site.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

i like new chat

no i didnt mean like the old chat better. I love the new chat! who hoo!

i just meant that i didnt bother to arrange my windows so i could see updates. too lazy but also needed to focus on work stuff.

pro's CI - 6am

Now let's see - is this a late night check-in or an early morning check-in?

Time to light a Yarzheit candle - today is the first anniversary of the death of someone very close to me.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Bless your memories

Sending you a wish for a rich time of remembrance. Hoping that the good times come to your mind and that you feel a happy connection with the spirit of your loved one.