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Hi Bagua, which form are you? I qigong (msg)

Hi Bagua!

I'm a fairly new member of the board myself, but I noticed your name in the new member list.

Which form are you?

I qigong & feng shui, but only for my own benefit (only being affiliated with a national group), not with a school locally.

Anyway, just saying hi!


Welcome, Bagua!

Heh, I only recognized Bagua's name from a feng shui book I had been skimming through a few months back - never heard of qigong before :-) Would be interesting to check it out :)

Welcome to PA, Bagua!

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Hi Edge!

Hi Edge!

That is why I think Bagua may be into Feng Shui or marital arts, too!  It will be interesting to find out!

A lot of people have heard of tai chi.  Qigong is a form of meditation that can have slow movements like tai chi.  (P.S. I'm not trying to get Off Topic.  I'm just saying hi to a new member whose name usually has some interesting meanings :)

Thanks, Edge, for joining me in giving a greeting to Bagua, and to all our new members & regular members, too! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)