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Environment affects my mood change

I have a general question or is it a query? Has anyone ever been through this situation where your environment directly affects your mood or behaviour.  I'm not sure if i'm describing this correctly but for me If i am at home I find it very hard to say study or clean up around the place hell even to feed myself can be a challenge sometimes and generally I feel listless and laid back. Even if i make a list of things to do its a literal fight to get them accomplished sorta like pushing a boulder uphill. But if i t changed my environment by leaving my home my mood changes almost immediately, yet once I get back home the the stimulii fades after a while.
Its hard to explain this to others around me as many think its an excuse for laziness or some such yet I have battled with this all my life and sometimes it  feels like a curse getting up each day just to try and muddly and scrape through the day to repeat the scenario again the following day.
I'd really appreciate some feedback from anyone on the forum about this thank you.

i know that listless feeling

I haven't detected a relationship w/ the environment for me, but i certainly can relate to the state your describing:  having to fight to do my todo list, feeling listless.  Sometimes i feel as if my butt is nailed to the couch.  Pushing a boulder up hill.  yep.  Lately i've been describing it as going thru my day with a backpack full of lead on my back.

I can also relate to the tiring feeling of having to face that struggle everyday.  I can say that visiting this site has helped.  Doing the 12 steps on this site (especially 1-3 for me) has helped. Reading here that other people have nearly exactly what i have--something i felt was some unique way i was messed up--has helped.  Check-ins and Bookending has helped.  The chatbox helps me a lot to focus at various points of the day when i usually lose focus or choose something uproductive.

So it's still a struggle, every day, for me.  i wish i had better news on that front.  But, day by day, it appears winnable.  Or at least manageable.

So, welcome.  Come back often.


Hi Fabian,

Yes!  I've experienced this, too.  There have been a couple of times when I've gone away to a conference or retreat center and gotten re-energized and motivated.  When I got home, I found that I HAD to move the furniture into a new configuration right away, because I couldn't stand to go back to the same space. 

I've sometimes had good luck, too, with deliberately changing the environment to shake myself into a new behavior pattern, for example by moving the furniture in my office at work, or putting new artwork on the walls.  Sometimes even a small change can make a difference.  For example, getting fresh flowers for my home somehow creates a different atmosphere.

You might try experimenting with changing things around & see what happens.  Or there's the old "go somewhere else" trick, which sometimes works for me -- taking study materials or bills to be paid or whatever to a coffee shop or the library so I can get them done in a different environment.