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Friday 7th July 2006

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A new day and a new start! What are your plans for today?

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TL - BE - 12:30 PM

Normy - love the graphics :)

Been lazy all week - but enjoyed it.
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start reading GTD
yoga at 4:30, leave at 3:30

I'm keeping it real simple so I will accomplish it all :)

pro's bookending section (for check-ins)

Okay... Now where am I today...?? Yesterday after the laundry I was feeling so physically bad that I crashed on the couch without putting anything away. This constant D really needs to stop. I haven't had a chance to look at the Cymbalta withdrawal links that solidground gave me, but I will today. I don't know what to do about this, and it's really getting in my way. My gut hurts constantly, and it's making me very tired - I think I'm getting electolyte imbalance.

But back to today... I did a mountain of laundry yesterday, but not much else. It was a mountain. I washed two cotton blankets, a rag rug pillow covers (for when the futon is made up), towels, sheets, and weeks of dirty clothes. It cost me a freaking fortune at the laundromat.

Also (Ms. ADD here), I forgot that I had dinner plans with two friends. When they called to find out why I wasn't at the restaurant, I realized I couldn't join them because I still had laundry in the machines. It's probably just as well, considering the recent state of my gut. Mexican food probably would have killed me.

I still haven't said what I'm going to do today, have I? (Rereading this message, I can really see ADD in action. I say I'm going to talk about plans for today, then immediately get sidetracked. I'll leave it rather than editing it out.)

Okay, here's today's to-do list:

- Finish cleaning floors.
- Wash dishes.
- Handle mail and papers.
- Call landlord about ongoing problem he never calls back about.
- Clean out fridge so chilled herbal tea will fit in there.
- Look at Web sites for company interested in hiring me.
- Answer email from CEO of company requesting to meet me (should have done this yesterday).
- See if plants need watering.
- Handle business email.
- Respond to consulting clients.

And all I want to do is roll up into a ball on the couch because my gut hurts. And I'm TIRED, though I slept last night. I just can't stand this gut pain anymore. IT HAS TO STOP!!!!

Probably that to-do list isn't prioritized right. If I keep the "respond to CEO" where it is (not to mention the business email and consulting stuff), I won't get to it today. But my gut hurts so much and I feel so tired that I don't feel up to writing something back with the right tone.

pro's last check-in for today

I got the bathroom all put back together, and I brushed my teeth. The last thing I need to do is dust my desk and everything on it. I'm not up for that tonight. It's past 10pm. I need to open up the futon for bed and lie down. If I don't stay up late, I'll have plenty of time to do this one last thing before my family gets here tomorrow.

My back is bothering me. I'm getting old.

pro's CI: bathroom floor is clean (yowzers!)

I finally did wash the bathroom floor. Now I'm just waiting for it to dry so I can put everything back. The last thing I want to do is dust my desk, which is at the gross stage (as was everything else until this cleaning frenzy). And then I will be ready for my nieces and sister-in-law to visit tomorrow.

pro's CI: veering a little off track

It's evening now and perhaps I should say my working day is over, but still want to finish cleaning - especially now that my brother's family is coming over tomorrow (I just got a phone call).

I'm feeling a little better - maybe because I've been eating only gut-friendly foods today.

pro's CI: back from store - now a deserved break

My landlord (building manager, actually) called me back. He said the delay isn't his fault - he sounded very sincere. I'll stop harrassing him.

I finally got outside. I wouldn't say it was all that un-hot a day. It's in the 80's. Theoretically the humidity is low. Maybe.

I bought groceries, which is good. I can spend too much eating out.

Now I'm going to have something to eat and watch the end of that DVD before cleaning the bathroom floor and dusting my desk.

pro's CI: got some more done

I still haven't watched the second half of the DVD. Instead I did this:

- Called and left a message for my landlord about how he once again didn't call me back and weeks have passed.

- Washed all the dishes.

- Finished answering most of my business email (one section of it, anyway).

- Made something digestive-system-friendly to eat (haven't had to race to the toilet yet).

- Spoke to my doctor about the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms. She wasn't at all helpful.


If you're worried about electrolyte imbalance, you're probably concerned about dehydration as well. When my wife's intestinal tract rebels, she consumes a lot of sports drinks (usually Gatorade lemon-lime, but get whatever you like) to keep herself hydrated and properly filled with electrolytes. Or you might try Pedialyte, which is made for children.


sugary drinks

Yes, dehydration is an issue. I've been very thirsty, and trying to drink plenty of water and herbal tea. For lunch I had a smoothie with lots of stuff in it that helps colitis. Any food will balance eletrolytes - particularly bananas (which I had in there). I'm also taking vitamins and minerals in pill form (electrolytes are actually salts - minerals).

I don't like drinking sugary drinks. I'm kind of a health nut. Those gatorade-type drinks seem like chemical poison to me. Also, in general, sugar is very bad for what ails me. I don't know about your wife, but I have ulcerative colitis. Highly not good - and alarmingly triggered by the Cymbalta withdrawal, which can simulate ulcerative colitis even if you don't have it in the first place, which I do.

pro's CI: took a break, did a little work

I watched half the DVD, then did some more work - business email, this time. I didn't finish going through it, but I answered some of it. Now I want to watch the second half of the DVD.

I'm feeling hungry, but don't want to eat because it just goes through me anyway. This is probably also why I'm hungry. The severe diarrhea keeps me from absorbing any nutrition.

pro's CI: taking a break

I'm still feeling very tired and unwell. I read some information about Cymbalta withdrawal on drug forums, and they suggest taking a week off work because you won't be very functional anyway. It's been almost a week for me (6 days). I'm just knocked flat with this colitis, and it's dangerous for me because it's triggering a chronic condition I have to begin with.

So before I dust my desk (it's disgusting) and wash the dishes (the pile is getting huge), I think I will take a one-hour break. I don't want this to turn into an all-day break so I'll check in when I'm back to work.

It's supposed to be beautiful outside. It's sunny, not too hot, and low humidity (a first in NYC this summer). But I feel so tired and unwell I don't want to go outside. I want to sit on the couch and watch a DVD for an hour.

pro's CI: a little more progress

Here's what I did:

- Talked to landlord (useless).
- Watered plants.
- Dusted mantle on which plants sit.
- Dusted the edges of the rest of the fireplace surround (I just am not up to dusting my miniature collection - it takes hours).
- Dusted the media cabinet.
- Cleared bathroom floor and swept in preparation for washing it.

I still need to wash the dishes (badly - haven't done it for a few days).

pro's CI: some small progress

I'm still feeling very poorly, which makes things hard. However, I did manage to finish cleaning the floor in the main room.

Next I need to call my landlord (useless, but I can't let him win - I'll call every day), and then wash the dishes and clean the bathroom floor.

Normy, your pictures are a great way to start the day!!


I just LOVE your graphics. I love clicking on the thread for today and seeing your happy pictures. It starts my day with a smile. I sure hope you stick around this forum!!!!


Normy: your graphics are very motivating again.

I just spent nearly 4 boring hours at uni and desperatly need some SLEEP now.

I have to work until midnight today so I will need it.
Apart from lunch and walking my DDog not much planned for today. But maybe I will check in from time to time.

Anouk's wish.....

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Have a great day Anouk!

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Norm's 9.15 am CI

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Done my Morning Routine, checked some info up on the net, checked my Emails and deleted spam.

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:) I'm off to work shortly
:) Dropping a letter off with a student
[Not enough] May pop to the vets (if I've collected enough DDog pee for a sample)
[Nearly done] Packing
[] Travel to London

Maybe even finish the unpacking from the holiday ;)

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Have a great weekend

I'll be off shortly to go on my course - getting the train this time (I hope it's better than last time!). It's quite a bit cooler today so it's better weather for travelling. I'm nearly finished packing and then I'll get straight off, so I won't be checking in again until Sunday or Monday.

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