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Friday, February 1, 2008

scarlett CI 3:40 pm EST

Paring down to basically all MITs at this point.  GTD will have to wait another day.

Ta da:
Check on DC bill

Review (MIT)
WO (2)
Email students (MIT)
Check flags
Status to B

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

CI for Lark @ 9:54

We were supposed to have had a major snow storm last night, but it's only raining this morning. I'm feeling kind of down today, For the next hour or so I'm going to clean and sort things, and then check in here.

I've been getting some

I've been getting some things done, and for longer than I intended. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing after a snack. It'll just feel good to make progress today.

getting some?

I realize this subject line was inadvertent but it made me laugh!


Oops, sorry about that.

Didn't mean it that way. When I logged on and saw that listed, I thought "how disgusting", and when I saw it was my post, geesh! Guess we'll have to check before logging off now.


Np, we knew what you meant, it was just humorous :)



scarlett 9:25 am

I had wanted to block off all day today to do some GTD-style processing of the mess on my desk.  Embarassing true fact - my overflowing inbox from the last space my office occupied has been sitting in a box under my desk for over a year.

However, I have some things I didn't finish yesterday, so I want figure out what has to be done, do that, review a bit of GTD, and then spend the rest of the day on the processing.

I'll be back in a bit with my MITs.

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

three hours later

and I have done nothing on my to-do list - got sucked into YouTube.  So now I'll go to lunch and try again when I get back.

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

Journey 9 am

Good morning - busy day today, we're under a new deadline.  The good news is that the deadline will keep me focused.  I never got around to doing any of my personal business yesterday, so I got the most important item done first thing this morning.  I need to make an eye doctor appt. and I'm going to do that next before I get down to business this am. 
After that, I only have two things on my list:

WPS Project
Status Report

I'm gonna get one item done on project, then I need to wait for my coworker to do some stuff so that will be a good time to get that darn status report out. 


“Clearly there's the lesson to be learned here,” said zoo spokesman Sam Singer. “The lesson is that it's not a good idea to drink, it's not a good idea to be high on dope, and it's not a good idea to taunt a man-eating tiger.”

Journey 11:30 transistion resistion

K, finished a major thing on the work project, now I need to get started on the next one, and I'm stalling out instead of getting started.  Posting here to get back on track. 

Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are all here?