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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

scarlett CI 4:10 pm EST

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
WO (3)

In the interest of getting at least one darn thing done today, I am scrapping MITs and just attempting what my wee brain thinks it can currently handle.  If I finish that, I may aim for something slightly more ambitious.

To do:
Proof brochure

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

Edge's CI - 9:14PM

Going to finish some things for work and maybe do a bit of research to catch up on work-related stuff.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 10:13PM

Gonna turn in for tonight. Really sleepy.
Night all :-) Hope you're having a good day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

N's bookend

Argh.  Having another day where I'm really having hard time facing my work.  Oh well.  Keep trying, I guess.

Doing:  6 hours of work (including too many breaks!  :()

to do:  10 minute web-surfing break
          check back in

As  always, good to see you all here.



I have been having much success using Instant Boss to keep me on my toes. I showed it to my 14 year old and he is now using it to motivate him towards breaks. I like it because it keeps me honest and I don't lose sense of time during those zone out breaks.

small bites?

  Not sure if this fits, but... when you write "6 hours of work," I feel tired (and I don't even know what work you're doing!). I very much relate. I often overwhelm myself when I focus on time available rather than task-at-hand. One thing that helps me, is to break up my work into either small tasks or small amounts of time. Even if I'm working time-based, I'm thinking I should set a timer for 30 minutes or an hour and after each, take a minute to think about what I did...and feel good about the effort. It's very easy for me to work for hours and not remember what I did.

Just a thought... thanks for the bookend!


Journey 11:30

Just checking in - continuing to work on new project with a coworker so been busy this morning.  Taking a few minutes now to get my space organized and think about what needs to be done today.  Have a meeting at 1, then leaving at 3 for a dental appt so my day is half over already!


Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

9:0?am CI for Lark

I worked till after two this morning, am happy I did. Waking up this morning was right pleasant. This one large project needs finished this morning. The weather here is going to be well into the 40s, and I'm greatful. I've been listening to Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention on cd lately, and it's alot to comprehend. Has anyone else read it?

(X)trash out
 finish project
 put varnish on mouldings for kitchen
 do something significant to next work projectsor
 sort laundry
 take broken fence apart

Lark @ 5:45 pm

Actually, I'm doing okay today. making prgress on everything. Not the usual pattern fr me.

Wayne Dyer

I havent read that particular one but I've listened to a lot of his material.  He can be inspiring if a bit "holier-than-thou".  


Giving money and power to government is like giving liquor and car keys to teenage boys. - P.J. O'Rourke

re. Wayne Dyer

I enjoy all his material, and at the very least, I'm entertained. I just have a hard time making it fit into my day to day affairs.

back online

  I haven't checked in for a week. I'm trying to track back and see why. I kept intending to. I let myself get consumed with two deadlines. At the same time I was consciously trying to get out of my cycle of time abuse/indulgence, I was unconsciously repeating old patterns.

  I told myself that not checking in and not making time for self-care each day was not ideal, but was not hurting me. Lie. This morning I discovered I missed a credit card I will pay a late fee. What I come back to, is my powerlessness over my procrastinating. If I don't daily check in, my unconscious behavior takes over. I need help from God and all of you to do this differently.

  I'm angry at "letting it happen again." I'm also glad to make the choice to start fresh this morning.

  finish J & K cc
  final signoff from R
  schedule revision with O
  go to the bank
  pay bills



freer 1:15

Thanks for the encouragement, Falcon & Nan!

I am doing my day a little backwards activity-wise, which is always dangerous for me. When working from home, if I don't shower/exercise, etc. first thing, it's easy to dive into unconscious procrastinating. Maybe because I'm not showing myself the same respect I show to others. I wouldn't go to an important meeting without showering. Today working backwards was necessary to meet a deadline. Now I can work on my other tasks without pressure.

--finish J & K cc
   final signoff from R
--schedule revision with O
  go to bank
--pay bills


Welcome Back

Welcome back.  I appreciated your honesty.

I have to do it in such baby steps.  I get so impatient!   But then I ask myself if there's really any other way?  For me, no.

Little by slow . . .

Good luck today.


Re Back online

Welcome back, Freer!  You're not alone in wrestling with this stuff.  Congrats on picking yourself up & making fresh choices!


kromer 7

Must do:
Mail ballot
Lunch with advisee
Look up info in lab nb
Test reagents
Youth group leaders mtg
Spring break trip mtg

Should do:
Finish 1st fellowship essay
Finish improved comparison to canonical pathway
Email Scott
Start THEME runs
15 min exercise

Would like to do:
Figure out concentration code
House jobs stuff
House contact list
Carry stuff upstairs from laundry room

Plan for the morning:
1)Breakfast DONE
2)Look up info in lab nb DONE
3)Deal with email, inc. email Scott DONE
3)Go to lab, mail ballot on the way
4)start reagants test DONE
5)In downtime (if any), work on fellowship essay or comparison to canonical pathway.
5)Have lunch with advisee at noon

kromer 4:50

Whew! Long and tiring day, and still have a way to go.
I've gotten a fair amount done, though...I got through my morning list, and finished the reagents test (which is a pretty long procedure).
Plan for evening:
1)Have a short chunk of time to work--until 5:20. I'll work on house jobs stuff (because that's mindless and needs to get done)
2)At 5:20, call to confirm YG leaders mtg. Go to meeting if it's on, otherwise get dinner on my own
3)Start THEME runs
4)30 min on fellowship essay
5)Work on comparison to canonical pathway until 9:30
6)Spring break trip meeting
7)Go home, carry stuff upstairs from laundry room
8)30 more min on fellowship essay
9)Finish house jobs stuff+house contact list

kromer 10:30

Goodness, meetings were long. They have taken up all my time since 5:20
I'm home now, but totally fried.
I'm going to start the THEME runs, then carry stuff upstairs from the laundry room, then take a shower. After that I'll see how much energy I have left.

UPDATE 10:50. Started the THEME runs. Someone else took the laundry upstairs, I love my housemates. I'm going to take my shower, then I think I'll have time/energy to work on canonical pathway connections.

e's snowy check in

It is beautiful outside, the mountains in Athens are frosted with snow and as noone knows how to drive in it, it is extremely quiet. It has been a productive morning so far, but I am a bit anxious about non-work things: I am tempted to focus on them instead of work stuff, so I am posting it here so I don't do so.

meeting with GX
photocopy important papers
Speak with M on photo requirements done
Meeting at 2:30 X
aprox artwork for photo shoot X
cost estimate lighting, background vs. professional waiting on M
call M about missing fax MIT 4pm x
get contract from E and tax info MIT G to do x
calculate earnings MIT
call U. MASS MIT 4 PM X
call State House MIT 3:30 PM
read translation
email Dr.P
glasses, sick notices, pick up results from lab test!

 Goodnight! Goodnight!