Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Step 1

  I am grateful to find this group. I've been in need of a community like this for years. I've come to recognize that I am addicted to procrastination. I used to believe it was a bad habit, or an annoying idiosyncrasy. But there are many moments when I simply cannot keep myself from procrastinating. On a daily basis, I unconsciously and compulsively do anything but the thing most needed in the moment. Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I surf the Web, sometimes work on a to-do item that's not right for that moment. I've spent years trying, failing, then promising to try harder next time. Procrastination is my drug. Many people would probably laugh to hear it described this way. But substitute the word procrastination with the word alcohol or drugs, and my actions fit the profile of an addict. The direct and indirect consequences of my procrastination are very significant, not just for me, but for my wife and three young children. I feel very angry, sad and scared.

  I feel hopeful to approach my procrastinating using the 12 Steps. I've seen the power of 12 Step in a friend whose addiction is more sexy. I've looked into other related 12 Step programs: Debtors Anonymous, Underearners Anonymous, Artists Recovering Thru 12 Step (ARTS). All have given me valuable insights and encouragement. I recommend them. However, none of them really address my core struggle. The daily online check-ins/bookending looks like a great help. I would also like to explore other 12 Step resources. It looks like a weekly phone meeting has been on and off. I think that might be good for me. I'm also wondering if there are PA sponsors?

  Thank you to all who contribute to this site!


Hi Freer and other members

Hi Freer and other members of this community,
I'm grateful to have found this group, as well. I had no idea that something like this might exist until a week or so ago, but once I found this site and began to read some of pro's articles, I felt like I may have just found a new lease on life. I've tried to explain my symptoms to so many people -- friends, therapists, family, authority figures -- and have only ever been met with a blank stare in spite of the very obvious effect this compulsion has had upon my life. I've slowly come to realize over the past few months that I have NO control over my tendency to procrastinate, and I've never known anyone else who suffered from this problem to such a degree. I feel terrified; I can see my life dreams slipping between my fingers without any ability to stop myself from this destruction. I have also recognized that these feelings parallel the struggle that my mother fought, and eventually lost, in her alcoholism. I have the exact same demon; it just seems to wear a different coat. Anyhow, like Freer I am wondering how I can make this group and the steps a part of my daily life and habit. I need help; I know that; if I fall any lower then I won't have further to fall, and I don't know how to stop myself on my own.

Thanks again to all,

great post alexa

sounds just like how I felt when I arrived here but you expressed it much better!  Welcome and good luck


Up and at it

  Thanks for checking in! I had to laugh when I saw when you were writing. At the same time, I was/am working through the night catching up on two projects I've put off. I love that you did a daily check in in the middle of the night! I was thinking about doing the same thing at almost exactly the same time, but I felt ashamed to admit it. Thank you for your courage! Every so often, I feel like I can hear God/my Higher Power laughing and/or smiling. This is one of those times.

  I look forward to hearing more from you. I felt scared and resistant to write my first post. The anonymous is important to me, especially on the Web with millions of eyes possibly watching. But I need help too much to stay silent.


yes, anonymous really helps!

yes, anonymous really helps! this is actually my first experience in an online community -- hard to believe. i'll be sending you good, supportive thoughts. will you be tired today?


I'll be tired, but I got a couple hours here and there. The real challenge is tonight, not to be crabby with the kids. Also to go to bed in my bed and not on the couch or at my desk. Thanks for the thoughts!


Hi Alexa, and welcome

I can certainly identify with your post. Please read as much of the stuff on this site as you can. There's alot more than our daily posts. I've been in AA  for over ten years without a drink, and you're right--It is the same demon. I've tried several times to get people from AA to help "sponsor" me with my procrastination, and it works for a while, but they same to "fade" away. I've been a member here for over a year, and it's certainly helped, and the others are very good folks. It seems like doing my daily check ins is like going to meetings (which is good, mind you), but I fear I'll never lick this problem unless I work a program fully. I've noticed alot of people who've come to this group, and posted regularly, but "go back out" just like AA members who just go to meetings. There's a book called "Drop the Rock" which deals with the 6th and 7th steps in recovering people which holds promise for me. It understands what I'm talking about! If you can't find it on the internet, check out some local 12 step meetings, and one should have one. It also may help you to attend some "open" 12 steps meetings, like AA, and just "pass and listen" to get a feel for the process of recovery. Also on this site is the chatbox, which is seldom used, but probably would be of help. If ever anyone sees that I'm online, there's a good chance I have a few minutes to chat. Thanks for joining, and good luck.

Thanks so much -- very

Thanks so much -- very appreciated.

Welcome Freer

Glad to have you on board