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Tuesday, 4th July

Good Morning everybody!

If I remember it right, in the States it's the big national holiday today, isn't it? But here we have to work normally :-( and as I had a bit of a hangover yesterday, I will try to work some today.

This is what I want to do today:
- get material for my next and last presentation this semester
- get script for linguistics lecture
- do my dishes from yesterday
- repeat linguistics
- start my presentation
- work on present for DSO

Hope, someone joins me today. I am looking forward to some group bookending :-)

4th of July check-ins

You'll notice there were no Americans in the 4th of July check-in thread. :) I spent most of the day on the waterfront waiting for the fireworks (have to get their early or you don't get a good spot).

I tend to think of 4th of July as "Fireworks Day", but of course it's actually America's birthday. Happy birthday, America.

And please excuse me for a political comment, but my prayer for the holiday is this: Please let us never have a nightmare of a president like George W. (for Whopping Idiot) Bush ever again. He makes me feel embarrassed to be an American. (Sorry for the rant - I'm done now.)

I'm Back!!!

I've had a great few days away, although it's been absolutely blistering here (for England anyway - and because we're not used to it we don't have air conditioning anywhere) and I'd only packed one summer dress to travel in, and the rest were 'normal' warmer clothes. It looks like it's going to stay hot until the weekend.

I'm still 'officially' on holiday for the rest of this week, but I'm doing a one-to-one tomorrow evening, and a one-to-two on Friday morning before going to my course in London on Friday afternoon. DSO has got interviews tomorrow and Thursday morning, and a meeting on Friday, so the rest of the holiday is going to be a bit of a strange one.

So I'll probably be joining you in here for a spot of bookending tomorrow.

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Didn't bookend

Well, I didn't do my bookending, but I ~did~ get done what I planned.

DSO got that job! YAY!!!

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TL - BE 4:30 AM

Wow Anouk - you did so much already! 8) Congrats! what is Uni?

To Do
go to yoga
go to 4th of July party at running group - it's a big holiday here!

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TL - BE 1:45 PM

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Did 3- 90 min Bikram yoga classes. It was great

Not much production planned for today!

Anouk's CI (1)

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- morning routine
- breakfast
- walked DDog and fed her
- Uni
- copied material for presenation
- got script

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- hang up washing
- wash dishes
- wash front door
- clean hot spots: entrance & dining room table
- start preparing presentation

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