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Identifying and Breaking Subconscious Behavioral Patterns

I came across a podcast of Steve Pavlina's – who's a motivational speaker -  that I found very interesting. In it, Pavlina outlines:

1) The three main methods through which our subconscious behavioral patterns are formed;
2) How said subconscious patterns intervene in our everyday conscious efforts to change our behavior;
3) And how we can break their hold and replace them with better patterns that help us achieve our goals.

The podcast starts off a bit slow, but bear with it; you'll find that the middle and ending parts are most insightful and truly worth listening to.

Follow the link for the podcast:

procrastination reading productivity blogs

steve pavlina quote:

"Instead of doing your actual work, spend most of your time reading productivity blogs. Within a few months, you’ll have acquired enough knowledge to start your own. Eventually you’ll realize that 50% of the web consists of productivity tips written by chronic procrastinators. The other 50% is porn."

lol. how true!

pavlina podcast

Edge, thank you for posting this: I found it enormously reinforcing of the new patterns I am working on establishing in my life.

Glad you found it useful, Elisaveth

I'm currently working on identifying my subconscious patterns and what I want to replace them with :-) It helps to know how you think and why you do the things you do before you decide to change them :-)

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Thanks for the link Edge

I'm a big fan of Steve Pavlina's website but I haven't tried the podcast

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