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Monday 5 November 2007

lad break CI


Gonna take a 10 minute web-surfing break.  CI in 10 min.


lad bookend

Break's over.  Back to work...

Mark CI 5:32 PM EST

10 things to do:

  1. fix issue with groups in Mayo drilldown
  2. fix issue with missing icon
  3. fix issue related to cases with 10 or more images
  4. clean office
  5. cook dinner
  6. search integration -> determine all of the implicit requirements in the current implentation
  7. search integration -> review all of the relevant code
  8. prototype case rating sort
  9. benchmark case rating sort against real case data
  10. watch Hi, Mom or Wanda


So I've been working well today but am stressed.  I think mostly because if (when!) I finish the thesis that means I have to defend that means I can (and must!) start working!  I'm nervous about how much I actually know and about being in a corporate environment.  It's a totally new paradigm for me and I almost don't want to finish the thesis.  But for one thing, I'm so close to finished that I have to have it done either today or tomorrow and there's no excuse for not having it done.

And I want to be done, which is why I've been consistently working on it today.  I just don't want to be done because it means that the next 40 years of my life will be spent in a cubicle.  *wrinkles nose*  Not appealing.

Just wanted ya'll to know I'm stressed so someone can keep me accountable if I stop doing work...  *sigh*  and thanks!  :)


I KNEW IT ! There IS a cosmic scorekeeper!

There's been a nasty cold going around the office and I thought I had avoided it, but i swear as soon as I typed in this forum that I felt that I was caught up with all my work I started to feel like I was getting sick.  It's not fair! 

I have zicam and airborne and vitamin C, I'm gonna start loading up on that stuff and maybe it won't be so bad . . .or maybe it's my imagination . . . don't worry I'm not REAL crazy .  . . just a little neurotic. 



You've been whizzing through "Too Perfect...", haven't you?  ;)  With your arsenal of anti-cold stuff you ought to avoid most of what's coming on.  I hope you feel well soon!


too perfect?

Okay, I know I have to get the book, but why could you tell she was whizzing through it?

ditto: "cosmic scorekeeper"

I just read the book and knew the topic of cosmic scorekeeper is toward the middle of the book.  :)  I'm a cheater, I know.  ;)

it's the "cosmic scorekeeper"

I can't explain this as well as the book, but us obsessives tend to believe that if we can be good enough, and work hard enough, that we can score enough "points" to keep bad things from happening . . .

I definitely recommend the book, I found it on for 75 cents, plus shipping of course, so it ended up being $4.75 but that's still pretty cheap. 


yes lad

I've been inhaling Too Perfect - it's very enlightening!


exactly if I could only remember to apply it.  :)

re cosmic scorekeeper

Jouney, that is so me! Work or thoughts of it pending, ending, or beginning, are very likely to start nausea, sniffles, headaches, even slight fevers. By the way, chicken soup has been proven to help the common toddies have been known to help me, too

hot toddy

I vote for the hot toddy - that reminds me of an old joke:  a senile old lady in the nursing home was running up to all the old guys and yelling "super sex!"  She ran into the room of the last old gentlemen on the hall and yelled again "super sex!"  He thought for a second and then replied "I think I'll have the soup."



 I a not quite sure why you made that connection, but it is hysterical

scarlett CI 9:30 am EST

I'm feeling really good right now b/c I managed to have a productive Sunday and even cooked a big dinner so I'd have leftovers for the next few days.  My evenings are so busy that I don't have time to cook, so a LOT of my money goes towards eating out.

I'm trying to figure out how to use Neil Fiore's "Unschedule."  We'll see how it goes.

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Take pills

To do:
Clean off desk (10 min)
Update to do list
Update review list
Do review
Sort mail

Journey 9:15

Good morning everyone.  I just realized I am actually caught up on all my work.  At work that is.  I'm still way behind on some personal/financial/legal things but . . .at work, I am actually NOT BEHIND on anything.  I think that's the first time I've had that feeling in a couple of years.  I'm probably forgetting something lol. 

-Read email
-Daily planning

-finish email cleanup
-review old project list and transfer the stuff that's still valid to the new one
-pay credit union
-go thru stack of mail
-work on tax thing for 10 minutes
-read about LDAP
-finish change management portion of document
-eval - read notes, find forms, and figure out when it's due
-Tm meeting at lunch
-if time left at end of day, work on GDPS checklist - or - start proc. proj. 
-15 minutes of laundry
-pile of junk by my chair in living room
-1 item of mending

Here's to a great week!


journey 5:30

Got some stuff done, but not as productive as I had planned.  I'm blaming it on the cold.  I'm leaving early and going home to bed  :)

-Read email
-Daily planning
-finish email cleanup
-review old project list and transfer the stuff that's still valid to the new one
-pay credit union
-Tm meeting at lunch

in progress:
-read about LDAP
-finish change management portion of document

postponed til tomorrow:
-go thru stack of mail
-work on tax thing for 10 minutes
-eval - read notes, find forms, and figure out when it's due
-if time left at end of day, work on GDPS checklist - or - start proc. proj.

Still to do: 
-15 minutes of laundry
-pile of junk by my chair in living room
-1 item of mending

forgot the frog

I also need to make a doctor's appointment for my annual gyn. checkup.  I'm hitting the coffeepot then doing that before I find a way to put if off another day. 


made the appointment . . . then

spent half an hour worrying that I should have gone back to my old doctor (who I can't stand) instead of waiting for an appointment with the new doctor who was recommended highly . . .
arrrgghh.  But at least I made the phone call and scheduled the appointment. 

Now to get some work done.  I can't believe it took me an hour to make that one five minute phone call! 


pro's CI - 9am

I didn't get anything done because I went back to sleep. I just can't seem to stay awake lately.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

late check in

Today and yesterday were markably productive, perhaps because I was in such a bad mood. I managed to try on every piece of clothing I owned and decide on a permanent home for it. Today has also been remarkably straightforward, so much so that I was able to walk to work, transfer money and hit the grocery store for breakfast, all before 9. A potentially horrible meeting went remarkably well, and I remembered to pick up a prescription.

Then I came back to the office and my demand resistance went up because job descriptions are due on the 9th and I don't want to do anything on anyone else's deadline or to anyone elses specifications: my fear of failure and discomfort with those in authority come rising up.

For the rest of the day:
make soup
read one chapter of book
call credit union
call about old moldy bill that I don't think I should have to pay
call ika for appointments
pick up results from tests
get feta
tackle one box
walk home

clothing organzation

"I managed to try on every piece of clothing I owned and decide on a permanent home for it."

I'm very impressed! 


re: clothing organization

Me, Too!

demand resistant omission correction

oh yeah, and work on the job description.....

job description, 2

I played spider solitaire until I won and then worked on my job description for a while. It wasn't so hideous after all, but that does not mean my instincts are telling me to finish it: just the opposite.

By the way, does anyone else do that, zone out on a game until you win and then work?


No, but sometimes I zone out on a game and then . . .keep playing the game lol


N's Bookend and Check-in

Hi Everyone.

Thank God you all are here.  Very grateful!

I am committing to 6 hours of work on dissertation today.  Perfectly imperfect, including breaks, etc.


pro's check-in - 5:55am

I'm up early - partly because I went to bed early, and partly because of the time change. I'm going to work on my pile for a little while. I'm working from home today.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Rexroth 09.12 GMT

Todo today

up post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
clean up kitchen
out for psychological exercise
write up for psychologist appointment tomorrow
food shopping


write journal
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 15.20 GMT

Back from psychological exercise and shopping and have reached rest time. I haven't cleaned the kitchen or done the write up yet.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 22.49 GMT

Haven't quite finished writeup for psychologist and am very tired so going to bed and sleep.


Edge's CI - 8:32AM

Good morning :-)

- Schedule massage for Mom on Tuesday
- Adjust catalogue descriptions
- Email M catalogue descriptions
- Call nephew
- Call S and give venue location
- Tell S and M about Thurday/Friday get-together
- Shop for wedding clothes

- Morning med
- Confirm game with E on Friday
- Buy mob credit
- Evening med
- NaNoWriMo

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Amy's CI 7:44

Amy's To Do List


Order jacket- I decided I didn't need the jacket
Mail letter
Return book
Take test
Pay bill
Drop off coat at cleaners
Get car estimate
Call about leak- On his way
Put guest speaker in lesson plan book
Print off stuff for school week
Print off homework
Finish crossword puzzle
Finish study guide
Go to bank
Clean out litter box
Check on air freshners for pets


Put laundry away
Read 10 pages of Chapter 8
Look over forum assignment
Finish worksheet
Finish powerpoint
Finish notes page for KS