Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Introduction and request for phone meeting

Hello Everyone!
My name is Joe.  I'm a procrastinator.  Looking at this site seems to be another form of procrastination for me!  I'm supposed to be writing a paper for work right now, and for weeks I have been doing nothing, and managing to avoid my boss.  Now, so much time has gone by, that anything I do cannot make up for the weeks and weeks for which I did nothing at all!! 

I really think that phone calls would be better for me.  Is there a phone list somewhere on the site?  Is it OK to list my phone number here so that I can get a call?  I saw that there was a phone meeting this morning.  Do I really have to wait until next week to be able to talk to someone?


phone contacts

I agree with Edge - don't post your phone number. But if someone responds and says they're interested in phone check-ins, you can exchange phone numbers through personal messages. Click on the person's name to do that.

Also, I agree with Edge - the check-in board is surprisingly effective. Try it! At the top of the board there is an explanation of how to do it and why it works.

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Pro, I have never been to an onsite meeting for PA, but in other 12 step meetings it is common to have sponsors. Are they used within this program?

Welcome to the group, Joe

Welcome to the group, Joe :-) I wouldn't post your phone number anywhere if I were you, anyone can view these pages. I've never attended any of the phone meetings, so I can't answer your questions, but I'm sure some of the other members will shortly :-) I'd really recommend using the Check-In board - it really helps.
Glad you found your way here :-)
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