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Devintownsend Shout Out

Hi devintownsend - thanks for your PM!

Sorry to have to reply publicly, but you're not set for receiving contacts, and anyway a few people have contacted me with similar questions so hopefully this may answer other people's questions too.

So for other people's benefit the question was is there a group of techniques on the site, or did I group them together from what other people have listed.

I was fortunate in that this site was very new when I was looking for such resources on the net. I read all the Articles which is where I got the original ideas, and I tried putting each of them into practice, one at a time. As other ideas came up in other threads (I think there's one somewhere on 'what works for me' or something similar) I added those too.

I just did one thing at a time, and I didn't do anything other than what has already been mentioned on this forum. No magic bullet, no trade secrets, LOL!

So to anyone coming here new (and to anyone who hasn't already) I suggest you head straight for the ARTICLES - this is the 'How To' section. Find one to work with, try it out for a while and report back here on CHECK-INS AND BOOKENDING. That's also the place to put Bookending into practice. There are now a few of us posting here, so it means you don't need to find elsewhere to bookend (unless you want to!). (Bookending works better for me when other people are doing it with me - it's more motivational).


Heh, thank you.

I appreciate it, and my PM is now on (now that I know it is off be default!).