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Monday 26th June 2006 Bookending

Borrowed your title from yesterday, Normy. Unfortunately without such nice graphics.

Ok, today is the test. It is a 6 pm, so there is still lots of time (but probably not enough). Normally, I have a class at 8.30 am which I won't go to. But I want to be at my desk at 8.30.

This is my list for today:
- brush teeth, get dressed
- have breakfast
- walk dog

- learning:
- repeat stuff from yesterday
- learn morphology
- allomorphs
- morphemes (tyes)
- sapir-whorf hyothesis
- def. root, stem, base
if time is left:
- phonetics and phonology (how to describe consonants)

Ok, I have got 75 minutes for my morning routing, so I better hurry a bit...

A good and successful day to all of us!!


Normy's last CI for 26th

Well, no sign of pro today - hope you're feeling better soon pro. Take care of yourself.

Well I kind of petered out this evening, but I'm really pleased with what I did today. Most of the difficult jobs I got done early on. I really must remember to do the worst thing first though - it really does work for me - if I leave it later it definitely gets put off (I'm thinking about the College admin here, which was the only priority stuff I missed out today).

Can't remember where I was up to - I should have read my last post,LOL!

I made the evening meal, we cleared up and put away, took DDog for a walk, went to pick up the yoga mat (but didn't because work had closed early).

I stayed in tonight because DSO said he wanted to spend time with me, but he's just been playing games on the computer all night :( Anyway, I got my extensive (for an adult) sticker collection organised (I use them to code things I put on the calendar, and I also use them for rewards ;) I earned myself a pink sticker for today's efforts, and DSO got a Piglet sticker for his monitor and a bottle of cider for doing the hedge. I love playing around organising but usually I'm quite ruthless these days and don't do it (I used to spend ~hours~ procrastinating by organising, LOL!) so it was a bit of fun.

I've also spent a few minutes here and there playing around with my gifs (as you may have noticed!) and I'd like to get them sorted so that the uploaded ones are in a separate file from the others, so I can see where I'm up to. I always used to feel guilty doing stuff like that - now I can enjoy my holiday, and any work I get done is bonus. In fact, in the past I probably wouldn't have achieved as much work in one week as I've just done in one day, and I would have beaten myself up about it.

I'm off to bed now so I can get a decent night's sleep. I was thinking of going to exercise class 7-8 in the morning, but since I bunked off doing that job today I think I'd better take my own advice and aim to make that my FIRST job after my Morning Routine.

(Phew - nearly lost my post then forgetting to do 'Post Comment' - had to retrace my steps on the browser).

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Anouk's last CI for today

The exam is over. I totally failed in phonology. Structuralism was ok. Allomorphs were ok too. The rest: happy guessing game... I can't really tell. Most of it was multiple choice and false-and-true. I'd rather answer questions. I get confused by all those boxes I can tick.

But it is over now. If I don't do well, there is still the final exam in four weeks. But I have to learn constantly until then. Even more so because I have another 5 exams that week....

After the exam, I
- got my dog from the dogsitter
- talked to my boyfriend on the phone
- had dinner and watched some TV (it bored me after a while)

I am going to:
- do the dishes and shine my sink
- write a list for tomorrow (need to do some photocopying)
- read the assigment for tomorrow's first class.

I wish you all a good night. Thanks for your support and the positive vibes.

Have a good day on Tuesday

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At least it's over Anouk. Can you fail on one section of the exam and still pass the whole thing? It might still be OK.

More vibes coming your way for tomorrow. :)

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Thanks for the cute bear, Normy.

I think I can still pass the whole thing. The final test in 4 weeks will count more than this one. And we hand in a portfolio with our homework that also counts. So there is still a chance. And the mark doesn't really matter as I only have to pass in order to be able to move on to other classes.

I don't know if it is a coincidence with the bear: I was really sad yesterday because they shot a wild brown bear in Bavaria that had been strolling around for a couple of weeks and nobody had been able to catch it. It was the first wild brown bear in Germany in the last 170 years and we can't do better than shoot it... I know, it was dangerous, but... So I am glad, that there is a bear now, cuddling me :-) Thanks again

That is so sad

The human race is still doing the 'attack what it doesn't understand' thing. I guess it's part of being human.

Have you got other tests or homework between now and four weeks? Have you already done the portfolio (bah! 'portfolio' is now 'the P-word' to me - it used to be 'perfectionism' but after going through all kinds of mental self-torture procrastinating on mine the word 'portfolio' makes my skin crawl. I'm glad I've got the b**ger out of the way).

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Norm's 6pm CI

Anouk, I'm not sure what time you are/were doing your test - I think you may have done it by now. Let us know how you got on. I'll be here again tomorrow and will cheer you on.

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It's been several hours since my last Check In and I've....

*Procrastinated a bit (as you know, because I was here for some of it!)

*Went to the work I'm supposed to be on leave from this week to drop off some dry yoga mats, put another in wash (I need to pick that up tonight and bring it home to dry), and send an Email. Had a short chat with colleagues. This wasn't on my list, though I did need to take the mats back sometime before Friday. I actually used it as a way to procrastinate AND to stop procrastinating at the same time. I don't have a problem going to that work, so it got me out of the house which helped me to go to town (the bit I was avoiding).

*Went to town - College (Timesheet). Talked to my soon-to-be-ex-boss. It felt weird going back in - I already feel like I've finished - but we had a good talk, and she said she might be able to get me the hall at the College as a private venue (as far as I know, they've never done that before!).

*Went to garden supply shop and got the riddle and also got some other stuff I've been after.

*Post Office - finished the banking, posted the letters, got the stamps to send postcards to cyberfriends (people who know me here - you can PM me with your address if you would like one!).

*Went to the shop (not on the list, but DSO has worked hard today in the garden and deserved a reward, so I got him his favourite cider. Got some other bits and bobs, and some cheesy puffs and biscuits as a reward for me. Rewarding myself with food is a ~baaaad~ idea - I get fat!).

*Unpacked the shopping and put it away

*Replied to Emails re the new venue, to one new student, and to a potential new student.

Alert onlookers will note that I've managed to avoid the ~really~ stinky jobs - planning (which is actually OK once I start, but I hate starting); and end of term admin (which really is stinky).

I'm now behind schedule but that's not the end of the world. I've got so much more done than if I didn't have a list (I can get pretty vacant without my lists). I've decided not to go to a meeting I was going to go to tonight (DSO said he was looking forward to spending some time with me this evening, so that cinched it), and the rest of the jobs on the list are things that have been put off because of time, rather than procrastination, so if I perk up I'll do them.

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I still would like to get those two stinkers out of the way though - I could swap a couple of things out tomorrow if necessary.

OK I'm going to go and get that wet yoga mat and bring it home to dry, then make tea.

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Norm's 1pm CI

I know it's not 1pm, but I came up here to do my 1pm CI and got sidetracked (by doing my accounts of all things, what a way to get sidetracked, LOL!).

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*Daytime Routine, including lunch (and I washed and put away dishes too ;))
*Made menu choices for meal out on Friday and Emailed them off and made the booking
*Made appointment for plumber
*Emailed new venue re booking form and fire regs (tried to phone - no reply)
*Read post, chucked stuff didn't need. There was a cheque in there too for my business, so I banked it, then when I came back to the computer I thought I may as well input it to my incoming book. Whilst I was there I got the rest of it up-to-date - YAY! This is the woman who usually leaves all accounts until the end of the tax year, by which time it's all got very confusing and stressful - and now I'm ~spontaneously~ doing it.

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I'm going to go out next, because I don't want to go and if I put it off even for a little while that'll be the end of it (and if I don't go I won't get the timesheet in and I won't get paid for the work I've done). I really, really don't want to go, LOL! I may need some help sticking to task here so I'm going to post the details so you can call me on it:

1) College - submit timesheet
2) Gardening shop - buy riddle
3) Post Office - buy 50p stamps, post letters
College work (at College or at home)
4) Summer School planning
5) End of term admin

OK, it's nearly 2pm and I'm going to go for it...

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how did you do normy?

How did it go? Did you get lots of things done, normy? I am sending some positive vibes too - all of those that don't have anything to do with linguistics ;-)

Anouk's CI 3

Thanks Normy, for all the sweet replies. I will just answer in this thread otherwise I will get even more confused than my learning already did. :?

- learned morphology for another 33 minutes (have to stop the mindmaps for now - takes too long. will just use the script and remember us much as possible)
- cleaned a bit around my appartement: picked up stuff etc.
- had lunch and washed, dried at once!!

- will have a (short) nap now and then start learning again.


Ok. Here I am. I am starting to panick. The exam is in 4 hours and I haven't learned the most important stuff...
The only thing I can do now, is just go there( I have to attend it in order to be allowed to do the final test) and see what I can remember...

Why do I always start that late. I knew that this exam is going to be difficult and I really wanted to learn every week, but I didn't. I could get so mad at myself!!!!

I know it's frustrating

But there's no point getting mad at yourself now - it's too late for it to help (getting mad earlier might have got you into doing it earlier!). Let us know when your next exam is and we'll give you a few gentle nudges a bit sooner!

If I don't see you on here again before your exam all the best - I'll be rooting for you and sending you the special linguistics vibes....

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thanks for the vibes

thanks for the vibes, normy.

I talked to my boyfriend on the phone. And I was close to tears. But he was really sweet and told me to relax. He changed to subject and it really helped to get my thoughts off the exam. And he said he is giving me an extra 5 Euro for every 30 minutes I am learning today :-)
I will see what I know. Can't do more.

My next big "test" is a presentation on thursday which I wanted to start today. But of course the earliest I can begin now is tonight. I guess, I will need lots of support tomorrow to get lots done!

Norm's 11am CI

Hey, Anouk, I'll swap you -Your homework souds more fun than mine! (I did used to get called 'girly swot' at Uni ;))

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I finished the portfolio from hell! YAY!

I haven't been CI this morning because I couldn't get online, but I have been working.

*Morning Routine
*Phoned plumbers

Just having a quick break and CI, then I'm going to sort out my room bookings and contact the students on my private classes to let them know what's happening.

Will check in TOTH again today (or as near as I can - I'll be out and about a bit today).

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Ok, as it is going really hard today, I will set up a reward system. There are a couple of things I want but cannot really afford: I want to go the the hair dressers next week. And I want mountain climbing equipment.
I will ad 5 Euro for every 30 minutes I do today. As I have alread about 75 minutes, thats 12,50 Euro. Maybe this can motivate me.

dizzy head

My head feels already dizzy and I have been "only" learning for an hour. I wish it was over already. Can't get the phonology stuff into my brain. Guess I will focus on morphology instead.
I hope, I will remember something later. Why didn't I start earlier!!! :sick: It could have been so relaxed.
I know, thoughts like that don't help now, but I can't help it....

Anouk's CI 2

- did 30 minutes of revision (still not finished)
- 15 minutes of householdchores (registered with flylady - even though not everything is for me the reminders are good).

- will continue with revision
- start with morphology

CI 1

It's 8.37 am, so I nearly managed to sit at my desk at the time I wanted to.

I did:
- morning routing (breakfast, brushing teeth, getting washed and dressed)
- breakfast
- walking my dog
- making my bed
- replied an e-mail

now, I am going to repeat the stuff I learned yesterday in 15 minute-periods.