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Sunday 25th June 2006 Bookending

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Good morning/evening/afternoon Anti-Proc people! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know Anouk is working today, so hopefully I won't be alone in here today (I got kinda lonely yesterday). I'm inviting others to join me in bookending here.

This is the first day of my holidays - yay! I have come out in two big cold sores and now hav a very fat lip, LOL! Looks like the hols came just in time (I've been really feeling the need for hols for about a month now - so glad I had some time booked off!). This first week is mostly about sorting stuff out - work stuff I don't normally have time to get to, household stuff, personal stuff etc. I'm not going to be driving myself into the ground, and I've already started with a lie in this morning - didn't go to the yoga teachers' meeting this morning.

The second (nearly) week is mostly proper holiday.

OK, so here's my list for today - I'm aiming for a 'pottering on target' sort of feel to the day, LOL!:

*Breakfast Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*BathPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Finish Morning Routine (I know - it'll be afternoon, LOL!)Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Daytime Routine, including:

*DDog walk Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Cooking with DSO


*In-Tray Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Clean toaster Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Sort out bike

*Future bookending list (I've got loads of lists all over the place, and I've started collating them)

*Watch rental DVD whilst DSO is gaming tonight, and post it back. I've had this DVD for about a month now but the only time I had a chance to watch it I didn't feel like looking at the computer (tired eyes). Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So until the rest of you get here to cheer me on, I've brought my own team with me...

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Go Normy Go!

I'm going to try reporting in at TOTH Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

See you later!

Normy's TOTH CI 6

10 pm TOTH CI: I think I missed a TOTH, but I ~have~ been on task. Strangely I procrastinated about watching the DVD because I was into planning my stuff for the coming week.

I got my master list out and have planned what I can do when. It's realistic if I stay as motivated all week as I have been today, but if I don't...well, at least I'll get some of it done. There are still tonnes of things left on my Big List without time to do them. If I can't find time to do them when I've got a week off, no wonder I've not had time to do them when I'm working. I'm going to stop stop beating myself up about it - there really aren't enough hours in the day!

This is my last check-in of the night as it's auto-shutdown soon, and I want an early night. I've got a busy week ahead!

Good night!

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seems, like you had a good day too yesterday, normy!

What kind of items are on this master list? Are all of them really that important? Do they really have to be done all this week? Remember, it's your holiday and if you need to relax in your holiday or you can't recharge.

I always think that I can do lots of things in my free time. If I don't - because I really need the holiday - I feel guilty afterwards. So I just quit trying to do certain things, e.g. taking books for uni when I go on a trip. But of course there are other things that can only be done when I have time off, like things in my appartement.

ok, i will open a new thread for today.

p.s. what does TOTH mean?

TOTH means...

Top Of The Hour - I was trying to report in every hour. BOTH is Bottom Of The Hour (half past everything).

My holiday is nearly two weeks long. I started payroll last year and this is the first holiday of more than a couple of days I've had for a few years. I know I won't relax if I don't get some jobs done, so I've planned it so that the first week is doing jobs I don't normally get time for, and the second (nearly) week is more fun stuff.

The Big List is a mixture of things that are high priority, plus some household and gardening stuff that we don't normally get a chance to do, plus some fun stuff that's been put off due to workload. So, no, it doesn't all have to be done during these two weeks, but it's good to see it all there so I can prioritise and pick and choose.

I've done the same thing with taking books with me on a trip - the more I take the less I do, LOL! So now I just take one book - makes travelling lighter too :)
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Normy's TOTH CI 5

8pm TOTH: Actually it's 8.15. I got a bit sidetracked, but 15 mins isn't bad for me.

Think I'll do my list for tomorrow next.

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Normy's TOTH CI 4


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Daytime Routine done:

*Car is ready to use
*DDog has been for walk (as have I and DSO!)
*Garden patrolled for dog pooh
*Recycling taken out
*Ate meal
*Checked meals for tomorrow - nothing to prep in advance
*Water by bed, in kettle by bed, and coffee prepped for morning
*Dishes done and put away; kitchen cleared up
*Clothes chosen for tomorrow
*Laundry brought in off line and hung indoors
*Checked voicemail

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*I'm going to take a break now and CUOP till next TOTH (8pm)
*Do list for tomorrow
*Desk tidy
*Still adding to Big List for Future Bookends!
*Watch DVD

(Bike maintenance deferred).

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Normy's TOTH CI 3

6pm TOTH Check in

Hi Pro - glad to hear the coffee helps. I've got 'defrost freezer' on my list too - but I think it'll be another week or two before we've eaten all the grub in it! Hope work is going OK for you. Have you decided to alternate work and relax, or are you working this morning and relaxing this evening?

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Did homework 2.30 - 5.30. Still not finished that portfolio though. Given that I'd forgotten that I was doing homework tonight, I think I'll defer the bike maintenance until another day (it's not a high priority - just fancied mucking about with bikes with DSO).

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Daytime Routine next, including DDog walk,evening meal and clear up, and any advance prep for tomorrow.

See you in an hour!

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I like the graphics too

Where do you get them from?

We both seem to have a dog! And I am doing Yoga too (not as a teacher though and I was so busy - officially - the last couple of weeks that I couldn't go :-( ).
I am also interested in hospice work. Thought about doing a seminar but don't know when because the next months are already filled with other stuff. Do you do this outside of your normal work?

Second Check In

Hope your head feels better soon pro - I'll try not to be too loud with the graphics, LOL! BTW, I either get them off other boards, or I do a Google search. One of the things I want to do this week is play with the graphics because I don't normally have time, and it's fun.

I'm employed half-time as a yoga therapist by a charity that provides complementary therapy support to people with cancer, their carers, and people bereaved by cancer. One of my clients is in the hospice now which is why I was visiting - she's a lovely woman and has been a great member of the group. I'm not looking forward to telling the group. I used to run a relaxation class for the nurses at the hospice, but I don't now, so I don't actually work there any more but it's closely linked with the charity. Until recently I was also working at the local College teaching yoga - I've got just one more day with them then I'm done (phew!), and I've also got private work - teaching and therapy. It's the teaching that's been giving me a headache lately because the venue I had booked fell through, so I had to cancel my classes and look for somewhere else.

Anyway, I've finished my Morning Routine and also realised that I'd set myself a Homework Challenge from 2.30 - 5.30 today (nearly forgot!), so I'm going to do that next.

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I probably won't check in again until I'm done, but if my brain starts to melt I might do a quick TOTH CI.

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good job Normy - cheering you on!

Good job on finishing your morning routine! Cheering you on for the next task!!!!

to see where the graphics come from...

...hover your mouse over them, and a tooltip will give you the name of the Web site.


I don't get the tooltips, but it will probably just show you where the graphics are hosted (my Photobucket account) rather than where I got them from (various places).

OK gotta go!

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pro's bookending section (your graphics are funny, Normy!)

...I especially like the cheerleaders. Hilarious! :)

Just got up - have a crashing migraine. I was getting it when I went to bed last night, but the meds didn't help. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Jumping in the shower now because sometimes that helps...

ready for action! (pro's CI-5)

I made my bed, and deliberately did not spend time washing dishes, doing laundry, or doing other cleaning. I don't want to do that in the early part of the day when I'm mentally sharpest.

I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever. I hardly left my apartment yesterday, and the idea of staying here and working today makes me feel trapped - I want to go outside. So I will bring my computer somewhere else to work, even though it's supposed to rain all day today, which is very inconvenient. But I've got to get out of here. The idea of sitting here all day makes me feel desperate.

hope, you get lots of stuff

hope, you get lots of stuff done, pro!! Good luck!

prioritized to-do list (pro's CI-4)

I'm done with breakfast - time to move onto to the next thing. I have so much difficulty with transitions that even moving from breakfast to the next part of my day takes some effort!!

I have some clean-up things to do (breakfast dishes, make bed, etc.), but I don't want to spend the whole day on that, as I've done too many times. I'm going to write in my journal and really think about what I need to do today, then try to really do it!!

guzzling coffee and CUOP (pro's CI-3)

Normy - I haven't figured out how long ago your last post was yet. I do notice you're not online at the moment, though you were a few minutes ago. Maybe you'll be back.

I tried to open the freezer to see if there was more butter in there. Discovered that the freezer is so full of frost that I can't open it - not a good thing. I'm getting a new 'fridge on Friday. I need to defrost before then so I can remove whatever is in there.

As I drink coffee and eat breakfast, the migraine recedes even further, thank goodness. It's just about gone now.

I'm wondering if the recent spate of frequent migraines is from my new glasses. I tend to get migraines in batches, anyway, but this is suspicious!

coffee brewing (pro's check-in-2)

The migraine rescue meds are working. The pain in my head is lessening, though I'm still significantly nauseous. Migraines are a curse.

Coffee just finished brewing - must get cup asap!! Wish I could mainline caffeine - helps migraines.

I'm still mostly not dressed (though showered). I did put on some undies.

showered now (pro's check-in-1)

I'm out of the shower. Running water on my head seems to distract my nerve endings from the pain of the migraine, and in the meantime the rescue meds have some time to kick in. I'm not exactly dressed (okay, I'm naked), but I'm clean. I want to make coffee asap because that helps the migraines, too. I hate migraines. They are a curse.

I need to get more done today than I did yesterday (easy mark since I did no work yesterday - just watched movies). However, my DVR has already recorded three movies overnight, so if I'm not disciplined I can waste today, too.

I have an idea! Maybe I can use the movies as a reward for responding to consulting clients! I have several clients and several movies.

Sorry I haven't read the read of this topic yet. I need to make coffee first, and then I'll CUOP. If you're working, Normy - keep going!

25th June: First TOTH Check In

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Well, it's actually a quarter past TOTH because I was in the bath at the TOTH. It's 1.15 pm here British Summer Time and I've finally had my breakfast and my bath.

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Next up: Finish Morning Routine