Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday Jan 17th 2021


  1. review last list what's not done 
  2. ADD new items to the list 
  3. read readings for today
  4. Write out worry postponement sheet 
  5. Write out BE sheet 
  6. Make use of time log 
  7. make use of distraction log 


  1. Email to ask if any desk availability at MRI 
  2. Write out the pros and cons for my options appraisal - DONE NOW RE-REVIEW
  3. Send 2. out in advance of the meeting Jan 29th 2021
  4. Email LER re telephone concordance study - best APPROACH - DONE
  5. Gather the paper plans I already made for my results chapter
    1. Refresh what exactly needs to be added to the results chapter ? 
      1. make a list
      2. identify what is difficult or missing - leave this til last
      3. Write to MF re not going ahead with ethical amendment- DONE
  6. GCP course - COMPLETE
  7. Consultants' course view material and save notes before access ends
  8. Let JB know and forward email from DA to him and check if he can email NP my ex advisor DONE
  9. Ask HR if an honorary contract can be granted to me for when my contract ends in end March 2021

Important  non urgent

  1. UOM mandatory training - data governance
  2. SRFT mandatory training - try to do this remotely
  3. Email HC re dates of upcoming clinics 
  4. Read IM material before next clinic
  5. Anticipate LN's call re end of contract
  6. Enquire re BAD access AGAIN
  7. Anticipate LN's call re end of contract
  8. Consider joining the writing retreat online 


  1. Walk 25 mins minimum DONE
  2. 5 minutes of pilates minimum - Tuesday workout
  3. Rosary
  4. BINAY study 20 MINS 
  5. Vitamins TAKE DONE
  6. Gratitude each night 
  7. Prep for Monday's and Tuesday's appointments DOING
  8. Send forms to SRFT Louise chaisty DONE
  9. WATCH AI video DONE




  1. Check out when pilates classes are running at UOM
  2. contact Perm TSB to request that my mortgage payments be reduced 
  3. Read article from Natalyia PH amygdala
  4. Send marriage certificate to Mayo 
  5. Thank you card to Bishop DONE
  6. Send 5.
  7. Thank you card to Sarah AND JO 
  8. Standing order to CTK