Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Transitioning into "summer"

My semester is over.  Yayyy!  No more school work until Fall--some internship activities in August.  Between now and then, I can work on all those things I put off.  But wait!  I don't like doing all the things I put off.  If I liked doing them, I'd have squeezed them in somehow.  Furthermore, last summer, I didn't get them done either.  I suspect that every time I thought about doing stuff, I found something else that I liked better.  Anything else.  Read.  Sit-and-stare.  Pick my nose. Anything!

However, I am tired of living with the chaos in my home.  Tired of playing find-that-thing.  Unhappy that would could be a lovely living space is filled with disorganized junk.  It is past time.

So, how to do it?  One think I can do is structure my days so that I have an intention going into them.



A-level: paid work, exercise, meditate, eat mindfully (i.e., self care and income), pay bills

B-level: declutter, put things away, read, unearth creative projects and work on them.


Except, I don't like the prioritizing part here.  I'm putting all work and "good-for-me-stuff" first, and I can feel my demand resistance rising.


So, let's try it a different way.  Days structured so that I have time to work, meditate, exercise, play and declutter, in various proportions, as needed according to deadlines and other obligations.  Yes, I like this better.  


So, today is Wednesday:  


I have two non-negotiables: to go to the CSA and talk with my coach. 

CSA is any time between 12 PM and 8 PM, with traffic best around 1:30-2:30.

Speaking with coach at 4:30

For work, I have a largish job due on the 14th, and smaller jobs due on the 10th, 13th, and 14th.

If I put in an hour on the largish job today, tomorrow, and Friday, I'll be in very good shape for next week.  (And if the job is difficult or demanding, I can put more time into it as needed.)

So, today so far:

1 hour on job for next Tues

1 hr to go to CSA and back (overestimation), say 1:30-2:30, so that I have a 2 hour block between returning and talking to coach.

Talk to coach 45 min at 4:30. 

When to exercise?  Now would be good, *and* I don't want to.  So, now would still be good.  OK--after this plan, I'll go for a run/walk.

Often, when back from a run, I feel restless or at loose ends.  That might be a good time to work on my paid work.  

That should take me to about noon.  Then, 15 min putting stuff away in my office.  A break, and 15 more minutes putting stuff away.

Meditate sometime in there for 20 min.  Maybe if I find myself procrastinating.

That is about as much planning as I can do for one round.  It isn't a full day, and leaves lots of room for getting off track, but if I try to plan it all out, (a) I won't follow the plan and (b) demand resistance will kick up big time.  

So--Here goes.... 


'K, at 5:45, I still haven't worked on the paying job, although I did do some minimal picking up.  I also have one more non-negotiable  that I'd forgotten about.  I did exercise and meditate.