Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

New Daily12Step PA Zoom Accountability Check-in Meetings 11AM ET 15min Open, 1, 3 & 5PM ET 5min Check-in, 7:30PM ET 15 min Close

Hi, this is Justitia, returning long-time member of PA!

We have launched a daily 12 Step PA Accountability & Check-in Zoom Meetings.

You are free to attend any one or all of the day's meetings on any day!

11 Am ET (8 AM PT) 15 min Opening Check-in Meeting

After saying the 12 Step opening prayer

  • We introduce ourselves
  • Read Sign of Procrastination and Tool for the Day. 
  • Share what our general plan of action is for the day and
  • Share what specific actions we commit to undertake until our next Check-in in 2 hrs 

1 Pm ET (10 Am PT), 3 Pm ET (12 Noon PT) & 5 Pm ET (1 Pm PT) 5 min Midday Check-in Meetings: 

    We share:

  • What actions we committed to for the previous 2 hrs
  • What actions we undertook
  • What actions we commit to for the next 2 hrs until the next check-in

7:30 Pm ET (4:30 Pm PT) 15 min Closing Check-in Meeting:

   We share:

  • What actions we committed to for the previous 2 hrs
  • What actions we undertook

   We Review:

  • what  our plan of action was for the day
  • To what extent we accomplished it
  • How do we feel about our day

We describe what we hope to commit to for the next day, followed by a Closing 12 Step Program Prayer.

Time for Fellowshipping afterward if one chooses.

*Goal for Check-ins is to end meeting at stated time but may be extended a few minutes for a larger # of attendees to allow all present who want to, a chance to share and make action commitments.

The Zoom meeting will remain open for any and all who want to continue bookending.

The meetings will be held M-F w/options for Sat & Sun. 

For more info and access to Zoom Meeting Room, please email me at

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Current status of daily check-in zoom

Just an update ... these meetings are going on daily, but unlike stated above, we actually have been doing the 15-min closing meeting at 7:30 pm ET, and the 5pm ET is another 5-minute midday checkin. Also they have been happening on Saturday & Sunday also.

I am unable to edit the original post above so I thought I'd just add this addendum.  

Anyone interested can also send me a DM through my profile page on this website for more info.

Revised Format for Midday 5 min Bookending Check-ins

Email for a better and most version in PDF Format.

 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Procrastinators Anonymous

Midday Bookend Check-in Meeting Format 

General Information for Leader:

(NOTE: Wed exceptions due to Wed 1 hr PA Meeting. See info below)

There are 3 meeting formats: 

A. 15 min Opening Bookend Check-in for the day: 11am ET (8am PT)

B.   5 min Midday Check-ins (three): 1pm ET (10am PT), 3pm ET (12pm PT, 5pm ET (2pm PT) (THIS ONE)

C.  15 min Closing Bookend Check-in for the day: 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT)

*Due to Wed Weekly 1hr PA Meeting 12:30ET:, our Bookending Schedule on Wed changes: 5 min Midday Check-ins at 11 AM ET, 3 PM ET, 5 PM ET (no 1 PM) and 15 min Closing Bookend Check-in at 7:30 PM ET

**NOTE: Goal for Check-ins is to end at the stated time but may be extended a few minutes when a larger # of attendees are present in order to allow all who want to, time to share and make action commitments.


1:00 PM/3:00PM/5:00PM (ET) and (Wed 11 AM ET) 5 Min Bookending Check-in Greeting


(Leader reads:)

Welcome, everyone, to the 5 min (1PM, 3PM or 5PM) Midday Check-in! Glad you are all here.


Now is the time to share as honestly as possible what we had planned to accomplish in the last Bookending session and what we were able to accomplish. Becoming conscious of whether our goals are reasonable and whether we are reasonably meeting our goals - aids in our recovery.


Let us go around the Zoom room and each of us, taking no more than 1 min, identify ourselves by first name, where we are from, what our commitment was for the last bookending session and to what extent we were able to meet it. Then let us conclude with what we commit to accomplish in the next bookending session.


(After everyone has shared, the leader continues:) Thank you everyone for your openness, honesty and commitments. It is through honesty and openness that we can bring  about the changes we want in our lives. Now let’s go take charge and act on our commitment for this next session.


In closing, during our verbal tribute to our respective Higher Powers, some of us also like to physically raise our hand in an “air-fist bump” to express solidarity. Feel free to raise your hand to do so, but only if you wish.

So now let us close - (pause) – and all together say:


To Our Higher Power!”

(Leader says:)

Next check-in! is at (3PmET (12PmPT) or 5PmET (2Pm PT)Midday Check-In or 7:30PmET (4:30PmPT) Closing Check-In)!     

Zoom check-ins

I made this post sticky at the top of the list so it's visible.

If these Zoom check-ins are discontinued, please let me know so I can undo this.

12 PA Zoom 11 AM ET Opening Bookend Meeting Format:

 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Procrastinators Anonymous

Opening Bookend Check-in Meeting Format


General Information for Leader:

There are 3 meeting formats: 

A. 15 min Opening Bookend Check- in for the day: 11am ET (8am PT) (This format.)

B.   5 min Midday Check-ins (two): 1pm ET (10am PT) and 3pm ET (12pmPT)

C.  15 min Closing Bookend Check-in for the day: 5pm ET (2pm PT)

*Goal for Check-ins is to end meeting at stated time but may be extended a few minutes for a larger # of attendees to allow all present who want to, a chance to share and make action commitments. 

11:00 AM Opening Bookending Greeting 

Good morning everyone, I am __________ and I will lead our Bookending Meetings today.  This is the 15 min 11:00 AM (U. S. East Coast Time) Opening Check-In for Procrastinators Anonymous.

After a moment of silence for the Procrastinator still suffering on and off this zoom call, please join me in the “we” version of the short form of the serenity prayer (or another prayer of the leader’s choice):

All together:    Serenity Prayer (short form)


Grant us the Serenity to accept things we cannot change,

the Courage to change the things we can and

the Wisdom to know the difference. 

Let’s go around the Zoom Room and everybody please identify themselves by first name, where they are from and the nature of their disease.

 Bookending Zoom Meeting Guidelines

 Before we open the meeting for sharing, a word about crosstalk guidelines which help keep our meetings safe.

In our meetings, we speak about our own experience and we listen without comment to what others share. We work toward taking responsibility in our own lives rather than giving advice to others.

During the meeting, please do not address anyone else’s share directly or indirectly or give advice to anyone regarding their share. Be gentle with one another as all are here for the same purpose - recovery.

Now is the time for reading the Sign of Procrastination and Tool of Recovery for the day.

 (Leader Instructions -Not To Be Read Outloud:

    Sign of Procrastination and the Tool of Recovery corresponds to the day of the month.

      There are 10 Signs and 10 Tools listed at the bottom of this Meeting format. 

      Sign 1 and Tool 1 will be read on the 1st, the 10th and the 21st day of every month,

      Sign 2 and Tool 2 on the 2nd, the 12th, and the 22nd of every month, etc

      Signs 9 & 10 and Tools 9 & 10 will be skipped in February, which has only 28 days (tho 9th Tool          & Sign will read in the years that February has 29 days.)

      For those months with 31 days, the leader will pick a tool and/or sign or topic of his or her own          choosing.

The Signs are found here: PA Signs of Compulsive Procrastination

and Tools are found here: PA Tools of Recovery

 (Leader Continues Reading Here:)

Will (leader calls on someone or says “someone”) please read the (whatever #) Sign of Procrastination for the day.

Will (leader calls on someone or says “someone”) please read the (whatever #)Tool of Recovery for the day.

Now is the Time for Sharing on the Sign and/or Tool for the day or whatever else you care to share.

Will someone volunteer to be the timer?

In order to allow everyone a chance to share, please limit your shares to 2 minutes. [Time volunteer] will keep time and call out “30 seconds” when you have 30 seconds left and “Time” when your allotted time is up.

Please say “Thank you, [time volunteer]” when he/she says, “30 seconds” and “Thank you” again when he/she says, “Time.”

Open sharing until everyone who wants to has a chance to share (within the 2-minute guidelines.)

Action Commitments: It is now time for action commitments. Does anyone have any action commitments they would like to make for the day and/or action commitments until the next check-in at 1pm ET (10am) PT?

 (Attendees make action commitments.)

Thank you everyone for showing up and making your commitments. Feel free to stay on the Zoom meeting with or without your video on but please keep yourself muted and engage in all communications through the Zoom chat box.

The next check-in time will be at 1PM ET (10AM PT).  May everyone achieve what is reasonable of commitment goals during this time!

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vouching for Justitia

She is awesome and has been around for a long time. 

I am not a newcomer to PA, I used to run the 11:15 Am Phone meet

I don't know what happened but 2/3 of my post re meeting got deleted somehow,. I can't find any of the description. I spent 4 hrs writing it up. 

My name is actually Barbara. Justitia is my screen name. I've been a member of PA for a decade.

I used to run the 11:15 Am (Eastern Time)phone meetings M-F. When I couldn't do it anymore, no one would step up to take on any of the tasks and that meeting died.

I believe that was in 2016. I've come back b/c I am in desperate need.

Several of us (from the Wed Zoom Meeting) tried the bookending today and it worked wonderfully. Some of the attendees are regular posters in the chatbox and used to call into the calls.

Anyway -- if you wish to give it a try - email me at I don't want to post the link on line.

I don't have time to write up the description again - 

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Pardon My Ignorance

I don't recall seeing your username before this post. And, upon visiting your profile page, when I saw that you had only this one post, I assumed you were new.

Nice to meet you Barbara! I hope to greet you on next Wednesday's PA Zoom!

NP - I used to post on a previous version of this site

You are right in this day and age to be cautious. particularly with "zoom-bombers." I am just glad I am a returning soul :)

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RE: New Zoom Bookending Meeting

Sounds intriguing. However, I'm hesitent to join a Zoom meeting put together by someone new to the PA Forum. But, please let us know how things go with the new meeting. If there are a good number of positve reviews and updates, I may join in.

Happy Zooming!