Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Daily Check-ins

This forum is for check-ins or "book-ending" - a very effective strategy where you post a message committing to doing something for a specified length of time, then at the end of that length of time, come back and post a message reporting on what you did.

Thursday 10th of August 2006

Morning! I am rushed so I'll put a graphic in when next CUOP.

Wednesday, 9th of August, 2006 (EVERYONE)

Look what I did all by myself! Finally!

Tuesday, 8th August 2006 (FOR EVERYBODY)

Good Morning all!

I know it's still Monday for most of you but I have a BIG DAY today so wanted to start my BE.


pro adding lovely graphic...

Note: Please everybody check in here - all the same thread. And check in by replying to this initial post - no sections for each person. Of course you can reply to a particular post if you have a comment about that particular post, but if the check-ins themselves are always replies to the thread starter, then the most recent check-in will always be on top.

Monday, 7th August 2006 (FOR EVERYBODY)

I think Normy's right that the separate threads for check-ins isn't as effective because people have to make an extra effort to visit someone else's thread.

Drupal makes things difficult when we post in our own sections because then we have to scroll way down to find our own section (or someone else's section).

So let's do as Normy suggests - everybody post their check-ins are a reply to this first day thread message. That way the most recent post (by whoever) will always be on top. Everybody's check-ins will be mixed in, but perhaps that doesn't matter.


I might just do BE for more than 1 day at a time. Lately, I've only been listing a couple of things at a time. When I get lengthier lists, I'll do it daily :)

Monday, Aug 07, 2006

Breakfast w/friends
dr apt

to do
study!!! for final tomorrow

Slider's Bookending

This is where I post what I intend to do so that I have accountability and so that I can receive the reflections and observations of others as I work on handling my procrastination.

pro's bookending - Monday 7th August 2006

I just got out of bed. I slept until 10am!! I can't believe it. It's late. I hadn't been sleeping enough the past week - going to bed late and getting up early. I guess my body thought "enough of that!"

Todayfirst's bookending

This will be my bookending section experiment. Feel free to browse and/or leave me a note here!

:) :) :)

Should we each bookend in our own threads?

I notice that today's check-in thread got kind of long because more than one or two people were contributing. Since our goal here is to have dozens of people checking in, maybe we should each have our own daily threads (e.g. "pro's check-ins, Monday 7th August"). That is, put your username and the date in the thread subject, then check in there. We can still visit each other's check-ins, of course - I'm just trying to keep things organized.

I'm going to do it this way starting tomorrow.

Sunday, 6th August 2006

Saturday, 5th August 2006

Friday, 4th of August, 2006

Morning all - pro, put a lovely graphic in for me!!!!!


Lovely graphic coming up... :)

Thursday, 3rd of August, 2006


Wednesday, 2nd August 2006

Tuesday 1st August

I've had a good look and can't see a '1st August' thread, so if there's one there it's hiding!

Monday 31st July 2006


(just to keep Normy happy :P)

Feel free to add in some cool graphics, I have no idea when it comes to that stuff.....:?

Sunday 30th July 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday 29th July 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thanks to whoever first posted this image - it's a great one for this board :)

Friday 28th July 2006

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