Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Daily Check-ins

This forum is for check-ins or "book-ending" - a very effective strategy where you post a message committing to doing something for a specified length of time, then at the end of that length of time, come back and post a message reporting on what you did.

Thursday 13th July 2006

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Wednesday 12th July

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Tuesday 11th July

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Gwen D on Mon Mid Morn

At my new full-time job. Getting overwhelmed. I have a BIG print project I need to schedule and map out. I have no management at the moment. It's the best time to do this. I have one small thing I should do before I get started, just add a standard header to a form in Illustrator then optimize it with form fields in Acrobat and upload it.

Then I HAVE to start to work backwards from an ideal print date for this big project and start thinking about worst case outcome so I can ward it off with good scheduling. (How ironic). I also must look at the original file to see what the nature of the beast is going to be.

Monday, July 10th, 2006

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Friday Night, June 7th

Maybe all there is to do tonight is eat dinner and relax a bit and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Nonetheless, it's almost nine and I basically just got home. There's a lot going through my mind about procrastination and the things I learned at this site. Particularly the habit of time-bingeing.

I haven't been here in a month because I've recently GOT A JOB!! A real, full-time job at the University. It's a huge lifestyle change, but one I am welcoming.

I will eat my microwaved leftover dinner and see if I can come back and check in afterward.

Friday 7th July 2006

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A new day and a new start! What are your plans for today?

Thursday, 6 July 2006

I've been bad - not checking in. Must do it today, though!!!!

Wednesday, 5th July

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Tuesday, 4th July

Good Morning everybody!

If I remember it right, in the States it's the big national holiday today, isn't it? But here we have to work normally :-( and as I had a bit of a hangover yesterday, I will try to work some today.

This is what I want to do today:
- get material for my next and last presentation this semester
- get script for linguistics lecture
- do my dishes from yesterday
- repeat linguistics
- start my presentation
- work on present for DSO

Hope, someone joins me today. I am looking forward to some group bookending :-)

Monday, Jully 3rd, 2006

Good semi-morning. It's 10:13 AM here in TX, USA.

To Do
Go to mom's to check on dogs
go to yoga at 4:30 pm
Go to bed by 10 pm
Get a routine going:)

Saturday 1st July

Hi everybody!

Sorry, I didn't check in yesterday. Before I went to the football (we won again!!! :D ) I got a lot of things done but then had to hurry. I had decided to bake muffins to take along so that's what I did.
The game was quite long and I had my puppy with me. She was all excited after the game because of all the crazy humans shouting so I took her home along the river where she could swim.

When I got home it was already pretty late but I had put my Goretex jacket into the washing machine and needed to make it waterproof which took a while. Also folded my washing and put it away. And I cleaned my sink even though I was really tired.

Friday, 30th June

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Thursday 29th June

Good Morning everybody. After a short night (couldn't fall asleep), I am back at my desk.

- brushed teeth, washed, got dressed
- quickly cleaned sink and toilet
- put washing in machine
- made tea and muesli

To Do:
- write out notes for my presentation
- create foil
- insert another topic into my paper because the girl who is doing the first part simply left it out :-(

Have to hurry a bit!

See you

Wednesday 28th June

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A new day! A new start! I hope you are all feeling ready for the day ahead.

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Tuesday, 27th Bookending

Got up at 6! Very proud of myself. But it's easier in such nice weather. I have to plan in more time in the morning for this group ;-)

My plan until 11 am:

- brush teeth
- go jogging
- shower
- breakfast
- class (8.30-10.00)
- library: copy stuff for my presentation

A good day to all of us!!!

Pro, I hope you are back today and feeling better!

Tuesday, June 27

I thought we were suppose to each use our own thread for CI (book ending), but if it's ok, may we all use the same one for each day? Maybe I'm confused. I don't want to intrude on your thread - but I don't want to be left out:(

Monday, June 26 -TL

Today I got up and went kayaking w/some friends from running group.

Paid a bill - yeah.
Called bank - yeah!
Those two things were great enemies of mine - but plowed through it:) And feel so empowered!

Have class at 1 (45 min) and then water skiing and then studying and then running.

Monday 26th June 2006 Bookending

Borrowed your title from yesterday, Normy. Unfortunately without such nice graphics.

Ok, today is the test. It is a 6 pm, so there is still lots of time (but probably not enough). Normally, I have a class at 8.30 am which I won't go to. But I want to be at my desk at 8.30.

This is my list for today:
- brush teeth, get dressed
- have breakfast
- walk dog

- learning:
- repeat stuff from yesterday
- learn morphology
- allomorphs
- morphemes (tyes)
- sapir-whorf hyothesis
- def. root, stem, base
if time is left:
- phonetics and phonology (how to describe consonants)

Sunday 25th June 2006 Bookending

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Good morning/evening/afternoon Anti-Proc people! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know Anouk is working today, so hopefully I won't be alone in here today (I got kinda lonely yesterday). I'm inviting others to join me in bookending here.

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