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Monday 3 September 2007

Have a great day everyone!

Wishing Bon Voyage to Rexroth whose last post last night was that he would be leaving via cab very early this morning for his long journey.

In honor of this, wishing us all a great day as we journey forth with our tasks.


pro's CI - 11am

I just came back from grocery shopping. I made a commitment to myself to start cooking more - for more control over my intake (for health and weight loss), and to save money. I've been doing well with it. I like my own cooking, and I've been enjoying eating in more than I expected.

I'm waffling over whether I will do laundry today. It's so nice out - I want to sit in the park and read a book. And my pile... ??

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Edge's CI - 5:55PM

In a very lousy mood today. The gits at the institute I'm studying at made me come in early for classes. I had to leave work in the middle of the day and now have to make up the lost hours on my off day. I wouldn't have minded it so much if it were unavoidable, but turns out my original late class was intact and all my class mates came in at the regular time. I would very much like to stomp some toes right now *seethes*

...I know, not a very pleasant way to start a post, but I need to vent. Sorry :(

X 3:15-5:15PM Class
X Clean litter box
- FH
X Shower
- Call Tara
X Set up internet connection
- Get file for IT papers
- Ask about A levels registration deadlines
X Ask for copy of IT book
- IT HW; save on flash

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Julie's 9:30 CI; 11:30 CI; 3 pm CI; 8:30 CI; 12 am CI

Slight change of plans-my family is coming over for lunch so I've added that to my list. I'll check back in after lunch. I hope to get to some of the other things on my list this afternoon.

I've decided to go with a shorter list today and try to post more often. I will check back in at 11 am.


Morning routine
 Walk Zoe
Work on PN plan-15 minutes
Pick up office-15 minutes
Clean out car-15 minutes
Fix lunch for family
Make changes to T's report


Long weekend, day three

Hi all,

To do today:

  • Take a walk
  • 10 minutes weight lifting
  • Do laundry
  • Practice music
  • Finish checkbook
  • Look up insurance info
  • Tidy up
  • Review current tasks & put into GTD system


Oh yeah, and bills

Dang.  Got a bunch of things done, but then realized there are a few more things I need to do that I'd forgotten about -- make some phone calls (done) and pay bills (not done yet.)

Remaining stuff:

  • Laundry
  • Practice music
  • Pay bills
  • Finish checkbook
  • Tidy up
  • Review currant tasks


Current currants

I meant "current" tasks in that last message.  I don't have any tasks involving currants on my list, or raisins either.  :-)

I didn't feel well this afternoon (cramps, bleah.)  So I decided to make lying down for a bit my top priority.  Sometimes the whole world seems clearer & brighter after a nap!  I got the bills paid, the laundry done, and practiced my music.

And I realized that the checkbook and task lists would be good to take with me for those windows of time between work and after-work activities, when I don't have time to go home & end up hanging out somewhere for a while.  One of the habits I want to change is to actually USE those windows of time, rather than just, well, hanging out and then feeling rushed because I have so much undone stuff to come home to.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a good week, and feeling ready for the fall season!


8:40CI, Lark(2:05pm)(10:45pm)

Hi eveyone.I messed up on something for work Saturday, and only dabbled with it yeterday. Now today's the deadline, and...
(X)morning things
(X)spiritual time
(X)finish job
(X)work on living room floor for at least one hour
(X)pack up one bag of things to donate
(X)pack up one bag of things for trash day tomorrow
(X)visit sick relative (who's getting somewhat better!)
(X)check in later

pro's CI - 8:30am

Good morning! Thanks for the lovely thread opener, MovingAlong!

I didn't do anything yesterday - unless you count sleeping. I've been sleeping a lot, very tired. I was sleep deprived for a while - first from medication, then because of night cramps in my legs. I seem to be catching up. I'm showered and dressed now. Maybe I'll get more done today.

I never went outside yesterday. I thinking of taking a walk now.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

MovingAlong's goals for Monday

  • Goals for Monday:
  • Do a good job at my job.
  • Get stuff done, do it well, but not bog down in details
  • Smile while working
  • eat healthfully
  • prepare debt payments and mail them
  • pet care
  • bring out trash to curb

Monday 3 September

Monday 3 September 

Hi I'm new here, this is my first bookend/check in ... I've posted a detailed introduction in the intro thread... I'm going to try and post everyday..

Ok so I've blown off most of the weekend up until this point, I have a slump going and I'm going to brake it now. I have a box of paperwork and bills that has been sitting in my closet for months that needs to be organized. I'm going to organize that and then finish my algebra homework, those are my goals for the rest of the day.

- Organize paperwork/bills
- algebra homework