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Lucas' progress journal

Hi there PA friends!

So there are  four areas where I want to change my pattern and make real progress in the rest of this year. I figure keeping a journal here should help me stay accountable... 

  • Toastmasters - this ties in with No 4, but also my professional goals. I've had a lot of fear around public speaking for most of my life, and it has held me back in an otherwise successful career. I've been to a few Toastmasters meetings the past couple of week, and just became a member… now I have to get to work on my first speech… eek!
  • Social - this means getting out and meeting people more, making more effort to develop and cultivate friendships with both men and women. Taking
    the initiative and being a 'convener' in this area of my life is
    important... otherwise I isolate too much
  • Professional - writing - I work in legal advocacy, but prior to this I was a reporter. Writing is one of my talents, but one that I have left neglected in recent years. This year I want to get proactive about regular freelance writing.
  • Professional - translating - I am fluent in two languages, and as such I can easily earn money as a translator. I've been lazy about developing this easy source of supplemental income - that's something I want to remedy in 2014.

Thanks for reading folks! I hope you're having a happy, productive day....





how's the speech going?

It's so nice to see an active thread that ISN'T groundhog st patrick's day!!!

And I am genuinely interested in your Toastmaster adventure: it sounds really like it might be a lot of fun :).


It's an inside job...

Solidarity , Lucca!

Thank you for sharing.

Sorry for the late reply -- the forum has been having technical difficulties, as explained here:

Thankfully, we can still reply to existing threads, and you can reply to your thread here by clicking "add comment" under your opening post.

I noticed your post today, so I'm replying. We are still here and we are in solidarity with you!

Thanks movingalong! I was

Thanks movingalong! I was wondering what was going on... I guess I should just join in on the ongoing 'monday 17' thread... is there anything I can do to help resolve the technical issues? (I have to confess I don't know too much about these things)