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Hooch's accursed project

I have this report that has been on the go in one form or another since 2005 and still is not finished... It causes me stress whenever I happen to think about it, and it causes underlying stress even when I am not thinking about it. I have the chance of job from January, which would be great, but I would have to get this accursed report, and one other thing out of the way first. Just in writing that sentence I feel that this is so unlikely to happen I should not even consider taking the job in January. And yet, it should not be an impossible task. Most of the required 10,000 words are there, it "just" needs some editing, some re-writing, a bit of additional stuff.

It is amazing what I will find to do in order not to tackle the report. In fact I think I am allergic to it. Iam hoping that keeping a log about progress here on P-anon, will encourage some progress to actually happen.

Tues 20th Nov by Hooch

Aim for today:

Sort out T section


In some ways today was quite sucessful. I did 7 x 25 which is very good going for me, with the help of RmK, VicPhD in the chatroom. I also ran into a major problem with one of the calculations upon everything else relies. However, I did not go back to bed in despair, but have emailed someone about the problem. This is also good going for me. So, not exactly Progress, but at least I am tackling the problems. Perhaps the new drug regime (Citalopram 30 mg) is helping too. I hope this calculation problem can get sorted out. It is a worry. 




well done for getting going. 

 I have found Citalopram an excellent drug (I'm on 40mg).  The only problem is that for a week after I started it, and for the week after the dose was increased, my ability to focus just disappeared.  It came back later.  I originally thought the lack of focus was due to the depression, but when the dose was increased I was actually feeling much better than I had been and the loss of focus still hit.

best wishes


Citalopram cont.

Hello Hypatia,

How nice of you to drop by. First of all i wanted to say Very well done with your reports project. That was one of the stories i was following before I could get authorised to log in here. I was so impressed to see you had finished it!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Citalopram. Yes, I am liking it too. I took Sertraline for a couple of years then changed over. That change over was well ...:? ...  blur is far too weak a term, ... who knows really what happened that week, what I do remember is that I would forget I was standing up and then fall over... Still we have to laugh eh. 

v Best wishes!


Hi Hooch

im writing under this post so you can keep editing one above. I often find the hardest thinkg is the start and you have done that already and have actively sought the slution to calc problem - so WELL DONE!!!!. I am wishing you a great day of continued progress today.Keep up the great job Cool 

@ Jalla

Actively seeking a solution to a problem is SO extremely unlike me that I cannot really believe that was actually me going and knocking on peoples office doors and making enquiries!

Thanks v much for your cheering comment. I wish you good progress too!

v best


Mon 19 Nov by Hooch

I was too busy all day to do any work on my report (!) despite being unemployed... I did speak to someone about a few key areas so it has not been completely ignored. But it is terrible how time disappears. Even when I am not faffing.


18 Nov by Hooch

IO report, 25 min sessions:


(2)  19h


(4) Midnight.

Note to self (version 100): It would be really a good idea not to spend most of the day fretting about not doing the report... and actually getting started a bit earlier. You know it makes sense.

Wordcount 11,566 which is a wee bit too many. Half of my time with this report is spent panicking that it is too short. The other half spent worrying it is too long. Ah me.


Well done!

Well done on getting restarted - wishing you all the best with project.

Thanks Jalla

Hi Jalla!

How very nice of you to comment. That cheered me up.

Wishing you all the best too!