Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday June 9, 2012


Promise Three of PA:

As we learn to commit each task to our Higher Power for divine ideas and guidance, confidence will replace fear, enthusiasm will replace dread and self esteem will replace self loathing; we will take the next right action,  as they are required easily and effortlessly.

Have a great proactive day!

Have a nice weekend!


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Tiptree CI

The theme for this week is supererogation, both in work and in my family life.


Need to close out several items that have been hanging around for too long, finish some customer issues that were recently assigned, and make solid progress on my main project.


Need to spend quality time with my family, get our home in some semblance of order, exercise regularly, and work out our budget.

prognotperf June 9 check in

Today I will:

Go to my step study.

Fold & put away my laundry.

Introduce myself on PA.

Write a thank you note to LA.

Work for at least 1/2 hour on my inventory.

Work for at least 1/2 hour on my step study homework.

Text my sponsor.

Text my accountability partner.

Meditate and pray.

Get MFs phone number.
-moved to Monday's list

Pray before calling MF.
-moved to Monday's list

Call MF about helping with project.
-moved to Monday's list

Floss.  :grin:

Go to bed by midnight latest so I don't blow off church again in the morning.

kromer 12:30 CI

My little brother graduated yesterday! I am so proud of him. I took the day off to celebrate with him and my family.

I am starting to feel like *I* am never going to finish my PhD, though...doesn't help that friends and family are starting to make cracks about how long I'm taking. (Which feels unfair, because PhD programs in biology take 6 years even for nice normal motivated non-procrastinators, and I'm only 4 years in.)

Well, I guess I will keep taking steps toward finishing and not worry so much about the outcome. Today I will:
*Do deacon reminders
*Finish geno, check on col.
*Print papers to read on flight (working on this now)
*Look into pharmacokinetics of W18, make dosing plan.
*Pack (will do this soon)
*Make an array plan (will do this tomorrow maybe)

*Spend 15 min tidying (working on this now)
*Last set of R8 analysis (made some progress on this)
*Go to friend's grad. party 

OK, lunch now, then geno. and reminders

tracy-la check in 6-9-12

Hi Everyone,

Checking in.

1. referral for client;

2. get ready/kids - 8:30 am pickup

3.  Project M - finish




Few situations - no matter how greatly they appear to demand it - can be bettered by us going berserk.
  —Codependent No More

Don't panic!

If a swimmer was crossing a great lake, then suddenly focused too heavily on the distance remaining, he might start to flounder and go under - not because he couldn't swim, but because he became overwhelmed by panic.

Panic, not the task, is the enemy.

Many of us have moments when we feel crowded and overwhelmed. We have times when we feel like we cannot possibly accomplish all that needs to be done.

We may be facing a task at work, an improvement in ourselves, or change in our family life.

For a moment, it is helpful to look forward and envision the project. It is normal, when we look ahead at what needs to be done, to have moments of panic. Feel the fear, then let it go. Take our eyes off the future and the enormity of the task. If we have envisioned the goal, it will be ours. We do not have to do everything today, or at once.

Focus on today. Focus on the belief that all is well. All we need to do to reach our goal is to focus on what presents itself naturally, and in an orderly way, to us today. We shall be empowered to accomplish, peacefully, what we need to get where we want to be tomorrow.

Panic will stop this process. Trust and guided action will further it. Breathe deeply. Get peaceful. Trust. Act as guided, today.

We can get back on track by treading water until we regain our composure. Once we feel peaceful, we can begin swimming again, with confidence. Keep the focus simple, on one stroke, one movement at a time. If we can make one movement, we have progressed. If we get tired, we can float -- but only if we are relaxed. Before we know it, we shall reach the shore.

Today, I will believe that all is well. I am being led, but I shall only be led one day at a time. I will focus my energy on living this day to the best of my ability. If panic arises, I will stop all activity and deal with panic as a separate issue.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©1990 


Saturday check-in

Had another late start today after staying up late last night. This is a bad habit I'm getting into!! However, it IS the weekend, and I'm allowed to take time out. Even if there is a long list of things I *need to do*.

  • meet my friend at the Camden Green Fair
  • buy dog food
  • pick up a friend to go to a meeting together
  • do laundry
  • character research
  • step-work
  • start a new journal
  • declutter some books/papers/magazines

And watch another episode of Breaking Bad... I'm just halfway through series one, it lives up to its reputation!!


My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Go to the 8 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Warm up and eat breakfast

4. Inventory my stuff in my apartment

5. Go to the grocery store

6. Do numbers

7. eat lunch

8. Call my DA sponsor

9. E-mail my EA sponsor

10. Declutter my magazines

11. Declutter 200 e-mail

12. Eat dinner

13. Go to the 7:30 p.m. face to face NA meeting

14. Scan computer

15. Get some medicine ready for the next two weeks

16. Get tomorrow's forum ready

17. Go to the 10 p.m. online EA meeting

18. Go to the 11 p.m. telephone ACA meeting

Thanks for letting me share