Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday May 23, 2012



Promise Seven of PA:

We will have more energy,  as we no longer burn it foolishly as we did when we procrastinated, negative emotions will no longer be the fuel that drives or stops our actions, when agitated or in doubt we instinctually pause... ask our higher power for devine guidance for the right thoughts or actions .


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My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I have done today

1. Cleared tables

2. Washed dishes

3. Wiped the inside of the refrigerator

4. Swept floor

5. Ate breakfast

6. Went to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

7. Went to the 1 p.m. telephone OA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Eat lunch

2. Take shower

3. Get dressed

4. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

5. Wipe the stove inside and outside

6. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

7. Eat dinner

8. Mop and scrub the floor

Thanks for letting me share


Had long days Monday and Tuesday, and have fallen behind already after only 2 days back at work after a week away.  Anyway, have to shake out my jumbly mind and try to get it in line.

Goal 1: 2 hour 45 minute block (until meeting at 1:30), broken into 15 minute increments. 

Goal 2: Will try something a little different. Now have some unfinished case reports from Monday, more from Tuesday, and a surprisingly big stack of new cases from today (where did all these come from suddenly?). Will alternate between Monday and Tuesday cases, then Tuesday and Wednesday cases, so I can (hopefully) feel some progress on all 3 days.

Okay, enough for now.  Back later.

3:06 PM: Did so-so with first goals. Having trouble concentrating, and procrastinating online.  Need to focus now.

Goal 3: 1 hour block on 2 longer cases, 30 minutes each (about 3:15 - 4:15)

Goal 4: 1 hour block, 15 minutes per case (about 4:25-5:25)

Goal 5: 1 hour block on 1 big project (have started to accumulate big projects again, after struggling very hard to finish the 2011 big projects; up to 5 already) (5:35-6:35)

Goal 6: 1 hour block, 15 minutes per case (about 6:45-7:45)

Goal 7: Tidy up for timed 15 minutes; office out of control; will try to use incremental approach to get it in shape

Goal 8: Leave at 8 PM; still difficult for me to leave at a reasonable hour

Goal 9: To bed by 11 PM; also still an ongoing battle

Back to report




Vic 5/23/12

Show up (done)

There is so much power in showing up. Even though I needed to change everything I wanted to do yesterday, it was ok, because I was "showing up" and could make changes. Thanks for being here and ditto to some shares, all struggling, keepcoming back, the probability of finding your answers is 100% greater when you keep "showing up" ,these odds have been a tremendous help for me,. I hope they are for you.

"We all learned to survive life, now we learn to live life"..??? forgot where this is from

InnerTruth's check-in

Feel at peace for the first time in a while. Last night I went to a meeting and came back and looked at job sites to get started to job search for today.

I know that I'm not going to look for distractions today.

To do (between 10:30 am & 3:30 pm)

  1. Check email @ 10:30 am & 3:00 pm
  2. Apply jobs - BC, AE & GS
  3. PIC update
  4. email Louis
  5. Work on database


  1. Finish reading paper
  2. Expenses report
  3. Dishes
  4. Recycling
  5. Check-in PA before bed

Journey 9:30 today's promise is just what I needed

Thanks for the starter lennon.

My daughter has recovered from the shock of losing her friend although she is still sad, of course.   Now that the crisis is over I'm thoroughly exhausted and depressed and a bit sad myself.   I slept 11 hours last night and woke up sore and tired.   I skipped exercise this morning and watched tv instead.   I'm sure tomorrow will be better but in the meantime I gotta get through today.  I am working from home today which is both good and bad.  I can take some time to rest when needed, which is good, but I can also drift off into zombie mode, which is bad. 

I have two meetings to start the day, both of which I need to pay attention to but should not have to participate a whole lot, so I'll check back at noon with a better outlook I hope. 



Embrace the suck!

Thank you all

I really appreciate your kind words.   My spirits are lifting a bit and I have a short todo list for the afternoon, then I can collapse into a puddle again if needed :)  I have my cow/pomodoro ready to go.

  • Decide if I need to take money out of savings for bill due on Friday
  • Team meeting
  • Work on storage for Project D
  • Work on requirements for Project CA
  • Dinner
  • Dishes
  • Laundry - maybe

Update 6:30:  my daughter just called on the way home from work and she actually laughed about something, so she's coming out of her funk too. 


@journey re: priorities

Journey, after reading what you posted yesterday ...
I would say that you have your priorities in the right place.

Part of recovery from compulsive procrastination is knowing when to temporarily drop a smaller project in favor of a greater need.

Part of recovery from compulsive procrastination is ...
not procrastinating in being *present* for your loved ones.

I think you're doing as well as you can do right now.

Be kind to yourself.

hugs to journey

I wanted to respond yesterday, but put it off :(

But I was thinking of you and am so sorry that you and your daughter have to go through this, as well as the family. How sad. *hugs*


It is ok to grieve, the unthinkable causes grief, even in me, not knowing any of these people. v

So sorry Journey

Sorry to hear you and your daughter are feeling down and the ugly violence underlying it.  Hang in there and take good care of yourself and your daughter.  Sending you my most positive thoughts.

supportive thoughts to all who need them

I've read the posts of people who are struggling this week.

Also, I'm sure there are those who are struggling but haven't posted about it.

Sending love and serenity to everyone!


kromer 9:30 CI

For today

Work on girls group:
Post announcement

Assess after

Go to GC mtg

For EA's project:
Ask re: partial tumor staining

For main project:
Collect remaining W18 samples
Ask about RA inj (did half of this)

For other projects:
R8 order (m
, construct) (sent an email about m order)
Analyze 3 sets of M's data and make into pres.(did one set)

Other random admin stuff:
HF pict and plane tickets
Post books

tila - Wed

Another busy day. Did try my hardest to complete all of exam prep yesterday, family issues interfered..

Plan for today:


  • PT 46 - S3: 9, 11, 25
  • PT 43 - S3: 17
  • PT 44 - S4: 18
  • PT 35 - S1: 14, 18; S4: 16
  • PT 36 - S3: 3, 20; S3: 14, 16, 18, 22
  • PT 37 - S2: 15, 19; S4: 15, 19, 23
  • PT 38 - S1: 12, 14, 24; S4: 6
  • 3 articles
  • LRB - pp. 258-290  

LG: 4 games

Research: 3 hours
 1 hour left

Hypatia's check-in

Happy Humpday!

  • phone calls
  • speak to H's teacher (waiting for call back)
  • in-tray
  • e-mails
  • D's short report
  • H's short report
  • prepare for K's meeting
  • MSC meeting
  • meeting with K
  • plan afternoon's work
  • e-mail Mark
  • write out June Diary 
  • D's full report
  • catch-up reports x3
  • filing clients letters
  • AH forms



Update green client by 12:00

Update green client by 12:00

Carpe diem

I would like to thank my higher power for yesterday evenings focus. I would like to thank all my fellow PA-ers for their encouragement, honesty & example.

I admit that I am powerless over today & my procrastination. I choose to turn my will over to God.
I admit that today I have already gotten sidetracked from my top priority.
I humbly ask for the power to do today's important tasks.

Time log:
Noon to 1 physiology 5 mins per page
1-2 revise
2-3 lunch walk to shop for milk etc
3-4 pharmacology 5 mins pp
4-5 revise
5-6 print out pictures
6-7. Gym
7-8 shower dinner relax
8-9 physiology
9-10 pharmacology
10-11 relax read bed

My encouragement to you all!


All things considered it's been a productive day so far- of course I could compare myself to others/me in a prior life but that would just feed my inner critic and then we'd be back to step 1!

No- I am thankful for today so far. As my time log from this morning shows- I'm not very good at estimating time & breaking tasks into small steps.

For tonight:
630-730 more physiology vivas
730-815 pharmacology vivas
815-45 dinner shower put load of washing on
9-945 pysiol
10-1045 pharm
11-1145 phys
Midnight bed
6am run
7am pray