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Thursday, 2nd February 2012

Hey, Thor, get your hammer off my lawn!

Check-in, 8:04 pm.

I've had a small nap binge of 4 hours. I won't let it stop this day although it's late, because now I feel sleepless and can do something with what's left of the day until 12:00 am or 1:00 am.
 I've had random net surf again, 1.5 hours during morning and 45 min before napping. I don't want to surf anymore for today.

I feel a bit down because I don't have a job. I was told I'd been working by now in a place where I've been taking work training. Tomorrow I'm going to ask my trainer for my start date. I feel hungry but I can't buy as many goods as I'd like: I need money for tomorrow's transportation; also I cooked today but I feel a bit nauseous towards it since I've been eating somehow the same for days and days.

Humankind in prehistoric times didn't have a variety of food to choose from; they only survived and I'm sure they'd be very glad to have my cookings for dinner. I have to eat or the nausea will build up until I vomit for lack of food and it is surely not good.

I don't feel like doing anything but I have to. I've run out of depression meds and I can't buy them now. Darn, I need that job.

Rest of the day's list:

- Arduino.

- Write lyrics.


I've already:

- Cooked.

- Washed some dishes.


Yesterday was a good day. Had class with O (didn't pay me, I was counting on that money for today; will pay me next week; everybody seems to be on recession). At the end of the class K arrived; then we made some very nice agreements about a small business that can be powered with an Arduino, and that's where I can contribute with labour force. During the morning I had a very nice conversatin with M. She was a very good example of how one can rise against bad comments and evilness from around. She inspired me a lot.

Tuesday was another good day. I went to a meeting with P and F. Now I have plenty of work to do; they gave me clear guidances towards my thesis goal. F mentioned I'm in risk of taking so much time to finish it and graduate. She's right. Risk is real. God.

I feel nauseous.

Then I went to my job training to work with Arduino. It was very good and relaxing as always.

I think I will drink some water to cheat on hunger and get rid of nausea. Then I'll eat proper food but now thinking on food makes me sick.

Good night everybody. Self-control be with us.

Finding a way CI

11 am Friday

Late start again but have had shower, breakfast, done meditation and sent one work email. Feeling more positive than in previous days, let's hope I can build on that! Very grateful to my husband and my friend M for their support yesterday when I was falling in a black hole. 

Need to remember that my worth is not measured by my work achievements, even when I am struggling with work.

Maybe I should post my day's lists here again, but just showing up helps too.

Thank you all for being here.

wrkinprogrss: 02/02/12

Hi to all, and good wishes for your day!

Again, today, I choose accomplishment in reality over escape, particularly in these ways:

  • I choose to be free of the compulsive trance
    of doing online puzzles--I know that doing even one is one too many,
    because one almost never feels like enough.
  • I choose to do my non-fiction listening only during chores or exercise or travel and before 23:15. 
  • I choose to do my fiction listening only between 18:00 and 23:15 and during chores or exercise or travel. 
  • I choose to read fiction by eye only between 20:00 and 23:15. 
  • I choose to start preparing for bed in silence
    by midnight at the latest. I want to feel rested and energetic when I wake
    up, tomorrow!

(I did fine with the first four of these but still wasn't willing to start getting ready for bed at the hour I set as my goal)

Thought to consider:
What might it mean to ride the crest of my desire to do right?
What one little thing could I do right now?

Done or Done Enough on Thursday, 02/02/12: Smile
9:00 mtg
brush teeth & splint
eat something
email check-in buddy
update spreadsheet by noon
shower, etc
draft and send weekly status report in new format by 17:00 (was a few minutes late)
update status wiki by 17:00 (was a few minutes late)
arrive at dance class by 17:45
do Qi Gong

Made Progress on Thursday, 02/02/12:
P.A. check-in & bookending
unload/load dishwasher (unloading done)
continue drafting faipw sequence or doing related action items (made very significant progress with drafting)
do something toward hopeful futures did a bit of SFI reading

Not Done on Thursday, 02/02/12:
attend to R's search request
look at flagged emails

pick next leftover rct/bug candidate to work on
do a load of dark laundry?
pay utility bill?

make shopping list
pick up Rx
grocery shopping

aim to be ready to leave for dance class by 19:15
use balancer

Ag ci

Thanks, Roundand, for the thread starter and also this idea: life mindfulness.  Alot of my friends talk about food mindfulness. But I'd never considered applying it to my life/time. Mulling on it.

Meanwhile I have had a busy day already with my usual morning routines, a few work calls and emails, and another 2-hour healthcare appt with J.  I know this afternoon contains some Project R, Project C and major Project B work, but just now I am beyond hungry and need to stop procrastinating lunch!

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land." Psalm 16


Hi Agnus, 

Happy you found it helpful - most of the stupid things I do, including procrastination, are done in a buzzy-headed state of mind. Good luck with the life mindfulness, I think it's an excellent direction.


The unexamined life is not worth living. The unlived life is not worth examining.

Happy Ground Hog Day!


Brush teeth


Take care of loan

Get some groceries

Check oil

Leave for work on time

Vaskaat 2nd Feb

1) Research jobs and apartments

2) Study code (~10 minute)

3) Chop ~5 pieces of wood

4) Call Mon.

5) Check resumes

6) Meet J

7) Practise chanter

8] Install headlight



tracy-la check in 2-2-12

Good morning - Happy Groundhog's Day,

Since we don't want our lives to be like the movie -- my thought for today is the importance in me beliving in myself.  Because Emerson was right when he said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

I was reading a book about Life Coaching by Steve Chandler and it talked about how sales training companies have made tons of money training sales teams to overcome "call reluctance." That there are sales people who don't meet their sales quota calls. Call reluctance sounds rather innocent but he says it becomes life reluctance, getting out of bed reluctance, and it's a slippery slope.  This author talks about the idea of overwhelming and crushing the reluctance and fear.  

This author Steve Chandler says there are 2 ways to fix this fear: one is internal and one is external.

(1) On the external, fix the fear by doing the thing I am afraid of over and over and over enough times that it's just easy and almost boring.

(2) On the internal, fix the fear by cleaning myself up internally and altering my beliefs so that my belief is different when I make the call, send the billing invoice or whatever other task I am fearing.  

For example, get myself in into an internal position of being excited about doing it so I can't wait to do it. If it's making a phone call offering a service or doing a task, I ask "Do I believe in it? Do I believe this call would serve the recipient of the call? Because if I believe that, why would I resist it? I am helping you or him or her.  I'm not reluctant to help you or offer you something really nice. For example, if I hadn't called you, you would have had no way of knowing about this information, opportunity or service.  

He thinks it is best to do both. So using phone calls as an example, let's say I have a goal of making 17 work/marketing/networking calls a day. The external way -- whether I am reluctant or not -- is I am going to put a big white sheet on my door with 17 boxes on it it and at every call, I going to put an X in one box and I will not leave the office until 17 calls are made. [People posting on PA is another way but the sheet on the door reminds me not to leave till it is done!]

Now this is NO LONGER a matter of reluctance; it's just something I am doing and there can be fear or no fear or nervousness, but I am doing it anyway. If I do that again tomorrow and the next day -- I'll notice the fear diminishes. That's the external way to break this thing.

The INTERNAL way is to sit with my coach and allow him to challenge my belief. He then helps me develop a stronger more useful belief, and together we keep strengthening my belief in what I am doing and dropping the negative aspect of what I believe I am doing, and the fear tends to go away that way too.

Using marketing calls as an example, why would someone hire me to do a project for them if I can't muster up the courage to call them and ask them to hire me or to sell a service? So with the internal work, I might want to get that handled before I move to the calling part. But if I wait for the internal to get fixed, I will miss out on what I need to do. So doing the combination of internal/external is a smart way to go.  

For me personally, I've had issues not with doing the work but in sending bills for my work. So I can challenge the belief, why would somehire hire me to do their work if I can't muster up the courage to send them a bill for the service after its' done? I want to be excited to send them a bill to show, here is all the work I've done for you and here is all the value you've gotten and I believe this work gave you value and it shows how I served you. I have been helping you and I'm not reluctant to show you the bill and ask to be paid for all the value I provided. Even if you think the bill is high or that I waited 4 months to send it out -- I know I gave you value. This is service.

If I were a waiter and I offered you dessert or coffee after dinner, I wouldn't have resistance to that. I offer it to you because you might like that. And so, I've been offering pure service -- my professional work -- and since you have already agreed to pay for it with a contract, I am just following up like getting a bill at a restaurant for dinner that includes the coffee and dessert. Now if you the customer got the bill for dinner 4 months later, you may not value it as much and wonder why it was late, but can't deny he got the value of the coffee and dessert. 

So as I work on my back bills to clients, I will focus on creating internal and external ways to conquer my fear and anxiety and "resistance." :)

That's it for today. Time to start on my external and internal ways of doing some tasks today.  

Have a great day everyone! 



kromer 10:50 CI

Man, hard time getting started today. Yuck, I've been feeling really unhappy and unfocused all week

OK, for today I need to:
*Do deacon reminders
*Do cm
*Read YC's paper (mostly done with this)
*Girls group notes
*Resuspend probes
*Photo 1 and start counting


Journey 10:30

I'm in the office today and I was on time-ish.   I'm still getting to my desk a few minutes after nine but I've been in the parking garage by nine all week - that counts, right?  I'm feeling pretty good because I've been working on this getting up earlier thing for years and finally making a little progress.   The secret is going to bed on time.  :rolleyes:   Why do I hate to go to sleep at night and then hate to get up in the morning?

Anyway, I've been to the gym, read email, made my todo list, and attended a meeting.  I have a conference call at 11 and then the afternoon is meeting free.  I will work on VMP Project most of the afternoon.


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

InnerTruth 10 am check-in

Good news! My rent cheque didn't bounce.

Bad news! My super is cloming in to inspect all the units in my building so I need to do a massive clean up so he can get though. Inside my front door is a depository of things I haven't put away. The place deons't have to be good enough for company. Just make sure I don't have dirty dishes lying around, the newspapers are thrown out and there's not too much junk on the floor.

To dos for Thursday

Keep time log and use chatbox to check in! 

10 - 11 -

Register for M&M

Check emails

Update elert content and send to PD

Thank TH

Expenses for vol org

11 - 1 - Wash dishes, recycle, put away groceries, clean up in front of door

1 - 2 - get cell phone fixed, go to bank, buy fruit

2 - 3 - lunch, wash more dishes

3 - 4 - put things away in linen closet

4 - 5 - clean kitchen and wash floor

5 - 6 - tidy bedroom

6 - 7 - tidy bathroom

7 - 7:30 - dinner

7:30 - 8 - more dishes and recycling

8 - revise to do list and post for rest of the day until midnight 

HighwaysSlave -- 9:01

1) Eat Breakfast

2) Shower, dress, and makeup

3) If time, do some practice before

4) Get to campus in time to warm up

5) Attend Lesson at 12:00

6) Attend Lesson at 1:15

7) Get lunch

8) type up Bellocq's work

9) email it to prof

10) break

11) during lessons, don't forget to ask about studio/weather

12) make sure I have 3 dollars for class

13) Make sure I get there in time to print up poems and Bellocq's work

14) Get to class 

Vic 2/2/12

Show up (done) basics, calender

Not in a good place but grateful to be here.(and so appreciate everyone here, in posts and in spirit)


"By appreciation, we make excellence

in others our own property."  -Voltaire 


clement ci

gets me goin: (Mandisa "Good Morning")

caught up reading here.

you guys are amazing! So blessed every day here. You are a great gift from God to me, i thank Him for you all.

Now i have some very serious recovery work to do in my one life. Heading to chat...

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails
Out to travel clinic for jab

x Rest as I feel a bit odd after the jab
x Study French
x Check talks at travel show and decide when to go
Email person about trip
Study camera
Friends benefit work and email him with info and info on film
x Write journal
Prayer and refection
Bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

I am very tired and have had several anxiety attacks today. I have written out the things that worry me and they are all very small yet seem very large. I am going to pray about them and then try to sleep.

I have not got that much done today.

Night Everyone and thanks for being here


Roundand checking in

The street lights are going out, and the sky is lighting up over London. 

[1] Project x: practice my 60 second pitch for weekend

[2] Work: Complete SL fix

[3] Create work items for other tasks

[4] Complete existing work items 

[5] Re-schedule Friday 

Probably won't have time for check-ins over the weekend. 48 hours of chaos and the chance to see my dream fly or die.

But I've got off to a sub-optimal start by booking Friday off but not putting it on my work calendar, or so it appears from the job-critical meeting with my currently overbooked boss that I absent-mindedly accepted.

Not very mindful.

The unexamined life is not worth living. The unlived life is not worth examining.

Roundand checking out

[1] Practiced my pitch, need to do more before this evening!

[2] Done

[3] Done

[4] Took them as far as I could and handed them over

[5] Done, thank goodness, and much less painful than I expected. 

The unexamined life is not worth living. The unlived life is not worth examining.

Good Luck Roundand!


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

Thanks Journey!

Just saw your good advice - I did in fact manage to do a fair bit of that, and the day went pretty well :) 

The unexamined life is not worth living. The unlived life is not worth examining.