Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, 26 Jan, 2:11 am.

Hello everybody. I'm in the part of the diagram where it says: "Is the deadline within six hours? Yes". Crap. Clam. Cramps.

For today:

- Finish that writing for Dio's sake!

- Schedule meeting with P by email.

- Go to meeting with P at 5 pm approx.

- After that, you'll be too tired to try to do anything but fall asleep until the morning after.


May confidence be within you, folks :).

wrkinprogrss: 01/26/11

Hi, everyone, and good wishes for today and tomorrow--thanks for being here! 

TODAY, I choose to act in ways that truly increase my physical and emotional well-being, and I choose to forego actions that provide temporary comfort but sabotage my well-being in other ways. (I did quite well with this, except for staying up late looking at a photo book.)

Done or Done Enough for Now on Thursday, 01/26/12:
run dishwasher
update /upload spreadsheet
10:25 meeting
check status library hold, pick up, submit new hold request
grocery shop
get something to eat
braid hair
draft status report in new format
email check-in buddy
draft new para & email to S
do a bit of research toward hopeful futures (I read one SFI article and watched a TED Talk)
prep & dance class
Qi Gong

Made Progress on Thursday, 01/26/12:
check in / bookend at P.A.
shop glasses frames (verified location and kind of stock of one store, but could not go in because they were not open when they said they would be)

Did Not Do on Thursday, 01/26/12:
do 5 bursts on other hi-pri job work
use balancer (but I did check and readjust my alignment multiple times during the day, without using the balancer)
bonus item: cook rice, b-rom, turkey sausage

Yesterday was not very

Yesterday was not very good, but I am confident that today will be better. I did accomplish somethings, as compared to nothing. But I had nothing done for my hubby when he came home from work, and I felt bad. :(


To Do List:

  • Shower and dress
  • Make bed
  • Fold clothes in dryer
  • Put new clothes in wash
  • Put bag in outside closet
  • Read and comment on Ms writing
  • Work for 3 hours on editing project in bursts
  • Make dinner for hubby
  • Clean up dinner
  • More laundry
  • Pack hubby's lunch
  • Work out with hubby
  • Go tanning


Still sick, but getting better.  A few days ago, got rid of the migraine triggering sleep aide, so those should be a serious thing of the past.  Will get a fridge thermometer so that I don't get this agin.

For today, my agenda will be the same as tomorrow, I will try to begin each of these things,and if I can't, I will be merciful with myself and not beat myself up.

1) An hour of piano practice

2) An hour of flute practice

3) Lining up all dates for admissions forms

4) Working on purpose statement


agnus ci

showing up, not much to say. J had another health crisis last night and i am beyond tired and fearful. this morning I was extremely unpleasant to a utilities worker who was in the unfortunate position of defending their stupid policy - the one that requires her to decline my request for a water credit of the $350 an undergroup leak cost us.  Her reason? I should have noticed that our monthly water bills were doubling, then quadrupling, and finally 10x normal.  Of course I didn't notice that, because of this d*$%* disease!  I thought I had neatly sidestepped my bill-o-phobia by setting up a fixed BillPay payment so I could avoid having to pay attention to the bills.  I was madder than hel* and let her know it. She thanked me for my sarcasm and wished me a blessed day, which made me feel like crap.  I can only hope she didn't recognize my name as the former well-known local church lady I once was. My behavior was certainly not a good example of the faith I profess. And you know what? I'm STILL mad as heck, not very ready to repent and certainly not ready to make amends.  I paid the damned bill to keep the water on while I go on an out-of-town trip and hope J is still alive when I get back tomorrow.  Now I just have to figure out what to do about the 3 other deadline projects that are due today, when I have to leave on a trip in 30 minutes and have not even packed. 

Thanks Agnus

Not as detrimental as water but I had the misfortune of waking up to a knock at the door and barking because a rental place came to collect there product that I failed to make payment on. I told them I would pay them this past Thursdayj but failed to meet my responsibility. Instead I tried to shift the responsibility to my girlfriend who said she would but didnot. Early this mornng they came to pick up there product and I made like it was her fault when I should taken care of it. I was able to take care of the bill buy making a payment and I apologized for lateness which will cost me extra. Thanks for sharing again

i hear ya, agnus

glad you can vent here. There's good people here for that. Yeah, you had a lot of cr*p on you today. I feel for ya. I respect your recognizing you're not the "church lady" you should be--we're all at that point at times. We're not perfect. Never will be. But i trust that this will pass and you will feel renewed soon.

You know what they say:

We can't do anything to make God love us any more.
We can't do anything to make God love us any less.

You're in my prayers.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Journey 11 am

Late checkin, but I was in the office on time-ish, I got here just a couple minutes past nine which is good.  

The past two days working from home haven't been that great - I had disruptions to my schedule with a vet appt and putting car in shop. . I didn't recover well enough from the disruptions.   I got some stuff done but could have done a lot better.   I'm back in the office today so hopefully I'll be focusing better.   Car is still in the shop so I'm driving the hooptie lol.

So far today I've done email, attended two meetings, and made my todo list for the rest of the day.   Let's see if I can get through my MITs today.  I didnt' get them all done yesterday or Tuesday. 


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

Innertruth 10:25 am check-in

Didn't do anything after work yesterday as I was totally exhausted and ladi on my couch watching TV. Standing on my feet all day wears me out.

Report into PA several times throughout day 

To dos for today:

  1. Check 3 emails and respond to important ones only - 10:30 - 11
  2. email blast for Pat, call city - 11:30 - 12
  3. email prospecting for new clients 12 to 1:30
  4. call Barb 1:30 - 2
  5. lunch - 2 - 2:30
  6. bank, drugstore, get cell phone fixed, produce store - 2:30 - 3:30
  7. more email prospecting - 3:30 - 5:30
  8. stretch and run - 5:30 - 6:30 pm
  9. newsletter - 6:30 - 9
  10. TV - 9 to 10
  11. produce codes - 10 - 11
  12. wash sweaters and dishes - 11 -12

Re-check in at 9:45 am.