Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday December 6, 2011


Have a great proactive day!


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Findingaway check in

10.35 am Wednesday

Ok, I have wasted an hour this morning on researching an ongoing computer problem (on my NEW computer). This isn't what I planned to do, although it certainly needs to be addressed.

What I really need to do today:

Work: Plant ID, M field notes, MSC phone calls

Home: bike ride, Christmas gift order

Remember to use chat box if stuck.

Thank you all for being here.

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I have done today

1. Went to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Went to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

3. Went to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

4. Went to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

5. Took out trash and recycling

6. Ate brunch

7. Went to the 3 p.m. telephone DA meeting

Things I will do today

1. Take shower

2. Get dressed

3. Call my ride to go shopping

4. Do my numbers

5. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

6. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

7. Go to the 9:30 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

8. Go to the 11 p.m. telephone ACA meeting

9. Eat dinner

10. Eat snack

11. Clear chair

12. Pay bills

13. Put groceries away

Thanks for letting me share

Max Barraclough

Mind, Body, Spirit
- Meditate for 20 minutes
- Stretch, 70 pushups, 35 pull-ups, 10 pistols
- 1 pitcher of protein shake, vitamins, pill
- Brush twice

- Schedule cleaner
- Bid
- KRAM final
- e-mail LL
- empty fridge
- pick up shoes
- return KRAM book
- schedule cleaner
- toothbrush
- call Axel for bdy
- call Gabby for bday
- schedule haircut 

School / Work
Review KRAM exam

Post to daily check-in – 6
Meditate – 7
Brush twice – 5
Vitamins – 5
Pills - 2
Pull-ups – 4
Push-ups – 4
Pistols - 1

are pistols what I think they are?

a 1-leg kneebend?   I'd be in traction if I tried to do that!


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

kromer 1:30 CI

I feel like I'm getting a little off track...I have so much work to do, and I feel like I'm so overwhelmed that I'm not getting ANYTHING done.

OK, so for today:
*Talk to postdoc candidate
*Prep for and go to girls' group
*Look at R10 slides, take picts and put into presentation
*Post ambiguous picts
*Check on expts

*Do some basic analysis of stage-specific data...clustering image, list of 50 closest genes, earlier/later, RA-responsive genes, spermatid genes. Start putting into presentation


OK, this is a lot but I can do all (or most) of it if I'm efficient.  

Falcon CI Tuesday

Like Rexroth, I planned to be productive this morning, then woke up not feeling great.  Weird sore throat even though I don't feel sick.  And no mental energy this morning -- ended up going back to bed.  Oh, well.  Guess I needed the shut-down time.

Stuff I really must do today:

  • Call about credit card - DONE
  • Call for dentist appt. - DONE
  • Mail note to doctor - DONE
  • Order gift - DONE
  • Do some laundry - almost done
  • Make the soup - DONE
  • Tidy- mostly done

Stuff it would be really good to do today:

  • Package stuff to mail
  • Take packages to post office
  • Email group

O.k., here I go. . .


Journey 10:30

Working from home today, so I'll post my MITs here, as it really helps keep me accountable.

  • Gym
  • Planning
  • Change clothes 
  • RH - prepare for meeting
  • RH - meeting
  • RH - any tasks required after meeting    hard!  but I did my best
  • OS Cert - work on doc for at least half an hour
  • IRA update
  • A151
  • Review I.S. - at least half an hour
  • Quiet Time
  • Change vacation day
  • Add L. to Monday's agenda
  • Final decision on Christmas gifts for A, D&A, L, B, B, Em J, D
  • Order the stuff that I'm going to order online tonight
  • remind DH about his glasses

 See you later, alligators.


Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

Rexroth Check In 14.26

Woke very early and tum upset so could nto go to new 12 step meeting and feel very guilty about not going

Up prayer and reflection
Psychological work
Step work
Checked emails, posts and post
Talk with physiotherapist on phone and made appointment
Researched clothing (one of my issues) on the web
Washed up and tidied up
Did a bit of research on web and spent time looking round the web to no purpose

Write to psychologist
Write up psychology notes
Finish preparation for friendl's help with images and let him know I am ready
Reply to some emails and posts
Put dry clothes away
Write journal

Regards Rexroth

@ Rexroth

Unclutter the guilt from your head!

Maybe higherpower wanted you to do something else this morning.  Who knows?

fudoshin: Day 3 : 2:10am

Please do not leave advice or feedback.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


12/4 I started with this plan to avoid dating sites and stalking
anyone I've had an interest in pursuing on them, including people from
work.  And it's challenging.I shared in my other program channel about it in order to get inner peace, but I kept the obsession going about this person.  It's not good...and it's a total waste of my time and resources.  I wish I could turn it over, but I can't.  I think it's b/c I expended so much energy on the person, I somehow wanted to make the obsession worthwhile, even though I know at least on *some* level that it's not a happening thing.

I'm trying to do the things I need to do in order to get well.



Battle plan

Simply put, I have an accounting final that I have been too mentally exhausted to study for. I also absolutely HAVE to be productive tomorrow. Here's the battle plan

(8 - 1)

Study homework, and figure out how to complete everything.

(3 - 7)

Kristin's House

(8 - 1)

Come home, and finish up whatever you need to finish. Know what you are doing in the homework.

 (If you can't go to Kristin's house due to lack of productivity, don't go. She has seen you a lot recently, so there is no pressure. This is WAY more important.) 


It really, really, really 2would have helped me out if I had stuck to this plan. I did absolutely everything BUT do thgis. I even didn't go to Kristin's. specifically so I could get this done, just to end the night feeling very bitter and disappointed. I really, truly have to find a way not to do this to myself anymore. Procrastination has ruined this semester for me, and has ruined both today and tomorrow. I just couldn't find the drive to do it. I just want to quit. I feel like i've let myself, my friends that i should have hung out with today down because I am so addicted to this horrible disease sometimes. The only thing I can do to keep from going out of my mind with disappointment and despair is write another battle plan tomorrow. Thanks to my shortcomings today, tomorrow is going to be impossibly hard. I really am going to try to post things every day from here on. I go without posting, and I get into rotten, horrible thinking again.