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It's safe to say the timeblocking thing worked yesterday. Today I am gonna try it again. I have two social obligations, but I vow to do everything I need to do on thursday and friday morning to leave some study time for friday, saturday, and sunday. Won't be that much, but it will be nice to get a head's up on it. I will complete my accounting homework before I go to bed though. Guaranteed. 

(8-930) - ACCT HW 

(11-1) - Finish acct homework if not done.

(230 - 530) Finish as much of the economics homework as you can (And complete ACCT hw)

Those are three very easy and obtainable goals. If I finish them, I will be in good shape for tomorrow. My friend comes into town on Saturday, so I'm not gonna be doing much then, so tomorrow and Friday are crucial days.

Also, if ECON isn't done by the time I get home, I'm going to finish it before I go to sleep, so I have nothing to do but study tomorrow. That's all folks. 

EDIT: I have one last problem on my ACCT homework. Should be able to finishe it after my class no problem. This time blocking thing works pretty well. Might get everything done today. That would be huge. Also, I got the admin's note about adding comments to the daily thread. gonna start doing that. Please forgive my NOOBishness. :).


Late O'Clock

Since it's late, gonna go ahead and finish the rest of my ECON homework another day. Today was a fine day, though. Really proud of everything I did, and ready to rock and roll for tomorrow. In fact, starting another list right now. :).

gratz jake!

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Please post your daily update in the daily checkin thread, it's much less confusing for everyone that way.   We are happy to have you in the forum though, so please keep posting! 

I value my time and use it wisely - Journey