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Things I have to get done today (2-Nov)

I really screwed the pooch yesterday. Had a good time with this girl I am dating, but at the same time, really hurt myself. I had a test to study for that I didn't study for, and I had things to do that I didn't get done. This is unacceptable. I am better than this. Things in life are going to happen, but I can't abandon my obligations. Tomorrow is a brand new day, though. Decided I am not gonna go to my accounting class, but this is THE very last time I miss it. I really screwed myself, and shouldnt be enabling myself by doing this, but this is seriously, positively, the last time. I just don't see any better alternatives other than sitting in class and not absorbing any of the information while I am studying for my test. There is a participation grade that I, again, am not gonna be around for, but it's better than failing the test. It's har to write this after the defeat I suffered yesterday, but I have to keep trying to get better. I am a sick person, and this is all I can do sometimes to keep from completely losing myself in my dissapointment. The day started an hour ago, but I am going to split this day up into things that I have to do before and after bedtime.

You know what? Fuck that shit.

Here's whats gonna happen. I am going to stay up, do everything I have to do, and go to bed when I feel satisfied. This day is going to be split up into two sections. Before I go to bed, and after I wake up. No more of this putting shit off and suffering stuff. Not gonna take it today. Nope.


Figure out what you are going to study tomorrow, and fill in any missing gaps in class notes.

Set alarm clock to 8:00


Study for test (4 hours)

Go to school

Go to all classes

Take test for Econ

Go to rehearsal

Talk to Kristin

Party with Jasmine

Go to bed at a decent hour


Make a new list. 




Welcome. I have been in PA for over 2 and learned many things, but the best was "showing up" the excert below says it really well: Hope you can learn to show up and not waste all the years I did.

"It's such a simplistic saying, but it
holds a lot of wisdom. We live in an escapist society. As soon as we
encounter hardship and challenge we look to flee from responsibility,
conflict, hard work, marriages, and jobs. We figure the grass must be
greener elsewhere. We fall back into thinking of ourselves before
others. We can flee to fantasy, new opportunities, drugs/sex/alcohol,
or any perceived fresh start. I won't argue that each can't play some
ameliorating role, but how about you just keep showing up? Of course
that is only half of the story, but it shows your desire to work on the
other half. You have the rest of your life in order to get the other
half right.

Recalling my college days, I was never a stellar student. I was the
typical "try to get the most from the least" type of student. But what I
had going in my favor was I showed up to all my classes. I paid
attention. Just by showing up at all my responsibilities, I had a
significant advantage over my peers.

Recalling my early work years, I would also say I wasn't the most
brilliant worker. But by showing up every day, with a willingness to
learn and do my part, I was always a benefit to any business at which I

In my marriage, it could certainly be argued that I have room to improve
as a husband. And yet, every day I show up for 'work'. I will gladly
face those challenges the rest of my life. Yes, I work too hard these
days. I spend too many hours at my computer. But I try to be
responsive any time when things arise. All I need is the communication
and I will try to accommodate it.

The challenge of 'showing up' exists for everyone  as much as it does for me.
Your kids don't need a specific agenda, they need you. Your wife
doesn't expect perfection, but that you show up and care. Your boss or
teacher may want the ideal, but they are more than happy to have someone
who shows up and does their part reliably.

I don't have all the answers for how you do the other half ideally, but I
can say that you will always be ahead of the game if you just show up
every day willing to give of yourself. The world will be more
forgiving when it can count on you. "

Thank you

Great words of wisdom. I love it. Thanks for sharing those. I'll probably read that three more times before the day is through. Motivating stuff!