Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Personal Stories of Recovery for PA Big Book - PLEASE SEND

Please send me - BY EMAIL - your personal stories of recovery for the Procrastinators Anonymous Big Book, which I am working on now. Your stories should take this traditional form:

1. What it was like: What your life was like before recovery in P.A., the problems you were having. Describe your bottom.

2. What happened: What brought you into P.A.? How did you find P.A.? What P.A. steps and tools did you use? What did the course of your recovery look like?

3. What's it like now: What is your life like now, since you've found recovery in P.A.? How is your life different now than it was before? What do you do different now than you did before?

The Big Book stories should be stories of experience, strength, and hope, so please only send me your story if you have experienced recovery in this fellowship.

Also, please send all stories to me in email. Do not post them here. You can reach me in email by using the Contact button at the top of the site, by clicking on my username and using the Contact tab, or by sending email to "pro" at this site's domain.

Sign your story with your forum username or whatever other name you would like to be used in the P.A. Big Book. This is an anonymous program so no last names will be used.



Adding this to my to-do list

Wanted to pipe up to let you know that it is late January and I've only NOW seen your September call for submissions.

I have much written in my archives, but I would never have thought there was a place for it.

I will look at it, and if I feel it would be helpful, I would be more than happy to contribute some select appropriate stuff to your project, knowing it was absolutely yours.


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

contributions to the PA Big Book must be BY EMAIL

To contribute to the PA Big Book, you must send me email.

Please DO NOT send me notes in the chatbox about things you want in the PA Big Book. I am in the chatbox to get work done, for my own recovery. It is not fair to me to expect me to derail my own recovery and drop what I'm doing to focus on something else because it's convenient for you to communicate with me when you see me. Please respect that I'm recovering in this program just like you, and I'm in the chatbox for my own recovery, there to work just like you, and it's wrong to try to derail me into doing something else.

Please DO NOT post to me in the forum about things you want in the PA Big Book. I don't generally read the forum. Also note that I don't always even see what's in the chatbox because though I'm in there all the time, I'm often working and not reading it.

The rule is this: To contribute to the Big Book, you must send me email. I WANT contributions from everybody - I want everybody's input. However, please respect that I'm a human being with things to do just like you, struggling to juggle all my tasks. So please send input as email so it's easy for me to gather and save, and I can manage it in my own time.

Thank you.

PA Big Book

Yes, it is an excellent idea.  I haven't been here long enough to have much of a story to tell.  What's your timeframe on this?

What an excellent idea

The idea of a big book is an excellent idea thank you pro. Would you give some more information please? How is it to be financed as publishing a book is expensive? Do you want an assingment of copyright for the contributions? How is the book to be sold and what is to happen to the profits or loss if any of either? Do you propose to edit contributions and if so will you give the contributor the right to chose to withdraw their contribution? How long would you like the article to be?

Regards Rexroth

PA big book questions and answers

I am going to write the PA Big Book, hopefully with input from you all, and publish it at my own expense. The authorship and copyright will be "PA World Services", a DBA of my company. The profits will go to me in support of this site. If there are financial losses from the book, they will be mine as well.

If people send me stories for inclusion (and so far, hardly anyone has), I will be the editor of these stories, and they will be included only if the contributor agrees to grant the copyright to PA World Services.

Frankly, at this point, it does not look like this book is going to have a "stories" section. I've received only two. One says nothing at all about the fellowship - instead ascribing recovery to having conversations with people at work. The other is very, very brief - not really a story at all.

Having just read your questions about copyright and withdrawing stories, I'm starting to think that perhaps this is just as well. Perhaps it's easier to not have a stories section. I'd rather just write it myself than deal legal arguments and people changing their minds. I can just tell my own story.

This site is run as half commercial, half 12-step because there is not a fully formed PA hierarchy. It still helps thousands of people. The PA Big Book is going to be the same. It's not going to be produced the way the AA Big Book was produced because PA doesn't have that infrastructure. But we need a Big Book.

I'm a professional writer (that's how I've made my living for many years), and I'm willing and able to write a very good PA Big Book that will help many people. I want input from everybody here, but in the end I will be the editor. I will take the financial risks, and if there are profits, they will be mine.

I submitted my story!

I'm certainly not perfect and I am certainly not a writer, but I submitted my story for Pro's book . . .now it's your turn.   


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

need stories of recovery!!

I really need people to send me stories of recovery for the Big Book. I know you have them. When newcomers post saying PLEASE help, PLEASE tell me this works, you post that it has helped you. But NO ONE has sent me a story. We need stories for the Big Book. My story alone is not enough. Please do this service.

re:PA big book!

That is super incredibly awesome!   I'll start working on my story today!  Not that I consider myself completely recovered but by any means but things are a hell of a lot better now than they were 2 or 3 years ago.


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

it is progress, not perfection!!

You don't have to be perfect to have a story to tell!! I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm going to write my story.

Thanks for writing yours!! I hope others jump in, too. The more stories the better. Stories really help people.